This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1230

Chapter 1230 Reaction of Two Women

Lynette’s unfriendly reply hurt Amelia since she was so concerned and worried about Amelia. Anyone would have felt the same way as Amelia did.

However, Amelia, as a mother, chose to put that aside and not argue with her daughter. “That’s good. I was so worried about you. I heard from the caregiver that you were screaming and smashing things in the room. On top of that, your room door was locked. I was so afraid that something had happened to you, and I immediately rushed over. I’m relieved that you are fine.” Amelia smiled as she patted her chest. However, Lynette just glanced at her without saying a word.

“Amelia, what exactly happened that made you act like that? Did someone bully you? You should tell me about it. I’ll help you out,” Amelia asked again.

Hearing that, Lynette scoffed, as if she had heard the biggest joke. “You’ll help me out? How are you going to do that? Toby and that woman, Sonia, are the ones who pissed me off! Do you dare to confront them?” Lynette looked at her mother with disdain, as if she was looking at a useless person. Amelia was lost for words after hearing that and merely kept quiet as words got stuck in her throat.

“Don’t simply make promises if you can’t keep them.” Lynette pushed her away and stood up.

“I didn’t know it was both of them.” Amelia looked at her dejectedly. If it was someone else, Amelia could have been able to help her. Lynette couldn’t be bothered to reply to her and started kicking at the mess on the ground. Noticing that she was doing that while barefooted, Amelia immediately tried to stop her. “Lynette, what are you doing? Don’t get yourself hurt.”

“You don’t have to care about me. I’ll take care of my own matters,” Lynette replied impatiently.

“How can I not care about you when I’m your mother? I know you’re mad at me and your father for not being able to help you out, but we can lend an ear when you’re feeling down. Please tell me what actually happened earlier. What have they done to make you so furious? Even though I won’t be much help, I can convey it to your Grandpa, and he will find a way around it.” Amelia pulled her to the side of the bed, and both of them sat on it.

Lynette, who was struggling to get up, suddenly stopped after hearing Amelia’s words. Seeing that, Amelia knew that she had said the right thing. She let go of Lynette’s arms and comforted her, saying, “Tell me about it, Lynette. Don’t keep everything to yourself, as it won’t be good for your mental health.” With that, Lynette turned to look at her and nodded before finally revealing the reason she was throwing a fit. Amelia sighed after finding out that Toby went to work with Sonia’s lipstick mark on his cheek.

Amelia could now understand why Lynette was so furious about it, as she knew how much Lynette loved Toby. She would be mad too if she saw the man whom she loved being kissed by another woman. On top of that, the lipstick mark was left on his face for everyone to see. She couldn’t stand how Sonia snatched Toby from Lynette and even left her lipstick mark on his face for Lynette to see. She felt sorry for Lynette as she looked at her and, at the same time, felt strong dislike and disgust toward Sonia for hurting her daughter.

“Sonia must have been the one who forced Toby into it,” Lynette suddenly blurted as she gritted her teeth.

“What?” Amelia was confused by her words.

The next moment, Lynette leaned in closer to her and spoke as her face contorted with anger. “I was saying that Sonia purposely left the lipstick mark on Toby’s face and forced him to go out in public with it and show it to me. I embarrassed her two days ago and revealed my feelings toward Toby in front of her, and now, she is getting back at me using this way as she tries to tell me that Toby belonged to her. She was the one who paid the paparazzi to take these pictures and post them online. What a b*tch!”

“Is that really so?” Amelia asked cautiously.

Hearing that, Lynette grimaced and uttered, “Then what do you think it is? She hadn’t done something like this before, and she’s doing it now after I had embarrassed her. She is purposely coming at me.”

Although Lynette’s rationale seemed off, Amelia chose to believe in her words. “She’s indeed a vicious woman.” She then clenched her fists and chided, “Even though we had embarrassed her before, we were victims of cyberbullying too, as our company’s share price had dropped because of her, and it hasn’t recovered. It’s a price that we had to pay, but she still thinks that it wasn’t enough and used such nasty tactics to come at us. She is so petty.”

“Not only she’s petty, she even stepped on Toby’s dignity,” Lynette fumed, gritting her teeth non-stop.

“You’re right. She’s having her way with him because she has a hold on him. If she had lost it, Toby would definitely give her a taste of her own medicine.” Amelia felt the same way too.

“I wasn’t talking about this.” Lynette looked at her with bloodshot eyes. “I was saying that doesn’t she know that given Toby’s status, he should maintain his reputation at all times? How could she let him walk around in public with the lipstick mark on his face? She’s doing it just to ruin the image that he had been building all this while. She had also made him into a laughingstock. It’s obvious that she doesn’t love him! She is just after his money!” Lynette was so furious that her body trembled as she spoke, and her face blushed red.

Noticing that, Amelia immediately patted her back to calm her down. “You’re right. That woman sure is conniving.”

“Oh, right!” Lynette suddenly recalled something and stared at her mother with her bloodshot eyes. “Didn’t you say that you’ll try to get your hands on the invitation for the banquet?”

“Yeah.” Amelia nodded.

“Did you manage to get it?”

“Of course, the man whom your Grandpa had saved back then happens to have the invitation. He willingly gave us the card, no questions asked.”

“That’s great! Sonia had done so many nasty things toward Toby that I’ll make sure to get Toby back from her tonight. I’ll get rid of the information that she had been holding against him and make sure that she paid for everything that she had done.” As she spoke, she got to her feet and exclaimed, “I’ll go look for Grandpa and have him move the plan forward instead of waiting till my banquet.”

She couldn’t wait any longer. With that, she dashed out of the room barefoot while ignoring her mother’s words. Amelia couldn’t do anything about it and put on a pair of slippers she found on the other side of the bed and followed behind her.

Not only was Lynette worked up about the trending news, Anya, who was lying in a private hospital ward, was triggered by it as well. However, compared to the hysterical Lynette, Anya’s reaction toward it was relatively calmer. However, the grimace and her fierce glare showed how triggered she was by it.

How could Toby walk in public with that thing on his face? Doesn’t he feel embarrassed? Anya bit her bottom lip as she tried to figure it out while staring at Toby’s picture from the tablet. However, the way she perceived the situation was different from Lynette’s. She didn’t think that Toby was threatened. She knew very well what kind of person he was. No one could force him into doing something that he refused to do. Even if that person had a hold on him, he would get that person killed to prevent that person from threatening him again. Thus, it seemed to her that he had done it willingly.

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