This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1229

Chapter 1229 The Hysterical Lynette

Of course, Rita was unaware of that, feeling relieved after hearing that Toby wasn’t mad at Sonia. After chatting for a while, Sonia asked her to take the signed documents out. Soon after that, Sonia leaned against her chair as she grabbed the mouse and started searching for the trending news of her and Toby that Rita just showed her online. Since she was reading it off Rita’s phone earlier, she didn’t want to hog Rita’s phone for too long, so she didn’t get to read the messages properly and just briefly browsed through them. Because she was done with her work, she could take her time to read the comments.

Meanwhile, at Fuller Group, Toby found out from Tom about the incident where he came to work with a lipstick mark on his face. It was captured by the paparazzi and uploaded online by them, which caused a frenzy.

When Tom noticed that the expressionless Toby was reading about it online as he sat in front of the computer, Tom asked nervously, “Should I get PR to take care of this?”

“There’s no need to.” Toby raised his gaze and looked at Tom.

“Are you sure?” Tom was startled by his answer.

“Yes. Just let it be. It’s nothing big.” Toby nodded. He would be out of his mind to ask PR to clarify it since it actually showed everyone how close he and Sonia were and how much Sonia truly cared about him. He was dying to let everyone see that. Moreover, He was especially pleased to receive well wishes from the netizens. Tom instantly felt relaxed after hearing what Toby said.

When Tom first found out about it, he worried that Toby would be furious since no one would be happy if their private life was displayed online. Thus, he purposely rushed over to tell Toby about it and cautiously asked whether they should get the staff from PR to clarify it. However, he never expected that not only Toby didn’t get mad, he didn’t request to take the news down but instead said that it was a small matter.

So, what had happened to President Fuller? Tom shrugged as he secretly thought Toby was a changed man after being in a relationship.

“Do you need me to send someone over to the paparazzi’s office to teach them a lesson?” Tom asked again.

“There’s no need to. They are smart people. If they had taken some other pictures, they would never have posted them directly on the Internet. Unlike their usual practice, they were quick to post it online this time round. This only showed that they were positive that they wouldn’t get into trouble because of it.”

“Why would that be?” Tom asked curiously.

“Because they knew that both Sonia and I loved each other a lot. If I was annoyed by them for posting the picture and asked them to take it down, I’d be sending a message to the world and telling everyone that I didn’t love Sonia. If not, I wouldn’t be rushing to clarify it or try to find trouble with the media. If I did that, it just showed that my feelings toward Sonia weren’t genuine,” Toby explained as he looked at Tom displeasedly.

“Oh, I see.” Tom nodded after hearing that

“You have been working with me for quite some time now, but the paparazzi could assess such a situation better than you do. Is it because you are still single?”

At that moment, Tom felt like his heart had been shot by an arrow that was being aimed at him, and it pained his heart.

“President Fuller, you shouldn’t be name-calling,” Tom said as he tried to squeeze out a smile.

What’s wrong with being single? Is it against the law?

“Was I name-calling?” Toby crossed his legs and looked at Tom coldly with a hint of contempt. “I was just speaking the truth. Aren’t you single?”

Hearing that, Tom was speechless, and he twitched his lips before making himself reply to Toby’s remarks. “Yes.”

“There you go. Since you are indeed single, then I wasn’t name-calling you. You’re probably too sensitive about it and feel ashamed for being single. If not, why would you be so worked up about my remarks?”

After hearing that, Tom didn’t know how to respond as what Toby said seemed valid.

“Alright, stop feeling embarrassed for being single. Go find some time to get yourself a girlfriend so that your understanding of these matters would be better than the paparazzi.” As Toby spoke, he waved his hand, signaling Tom to leave the room.

Noticing that, Tom turned around and walked toward the door while scolding Toby in his heart. Huh? What do you mean look for a girlfriend when I have the time? That’s easy for you to say! Do I even have time to look for a girlfriend? Did you give me time to do so? I’m so busy every day, and sometimes I have to wake up in the middle of the night just to work. And you were asking me to get myself a girlfriend.

Even if he managed to get a girlfriend, it wouldn’t be long before they broke up since no woman would be able to accept that her boyfriend had to work for eighteen hours per day and wouldn’t have time to go on dates. Which woman can take the humiliation of her boyfriend being called to work in the middle of the night while they were in the middle of something else? Because of this, he never thought of getting a girlfriend.

However, he should really start looking for a girlfriend soon so that Toby wouldn’t tease him for being a singleton. Of course, before he could do so, he should first delegate his work. He planned to complete Toby’s evaluation by next year and, after that, seek Toby’s permission to let him overlook one of the subsidiary companies. That was the only way that he could have time to get himself a girlfriend. On the other hand, both Sonia and Toby were pretty happy when they read about the comments, thinking it was an amazing feeling to have people rooting for them.

Meanwhile, in the Lore Residence, Lynette was throwing a fit and was smashing her computer on the ground. The keyboard, PC, and desktop had broken into pieces while their parts were scattered all over the ground.

Lynette, however, was sitting on the bed, and her face was contorted with rage as she was overwhelmed with jealousy. She slammed on the sheets incessantly while screaming hysterically, giving everyone goosebumps.

Just then, someone knocked on the door, and it was followed by Amelia’s voice of concern. “Lynette, what’s wrong?”

Hearing that, Lynette didn’t respond to her mother but continued hitting on the blanket while screaming. Her whole body was rocking back and forth as she was hitting with all her might. Her hair was messy, and it made her look like she was on the brink of going insane.

“Lynette, please open the door. You’re scaring me. Please open the door for me.” Amelia was so anxious that she cried when Lynette refused to open the door and was screaming nonstop. Lynette wouldn’t budge no matter how hard Amelia knocked on the door while asking her to open it. In the end, she had no choice but to get the maid over to open the door with a spare key. Upon stepping into the room, Amelia was startled by all the mess Lynette had caused.

Amelia immediately looked around and found Lynette sitting on the end of the bed. She was sitting there with a lowered gaze, and her face was covered by hair, making her look like a lunatic.

“Lynette.” Amelia avoided the mess on the ground and swiftly walked over before taking Lynette into her arms. “Lynette, are you alright? Were you the one who threw all these things on the ground? All these items are so heavy and bulky. Did you hurt yourself?”

As she spoke, she tried to check on Lynette’s condition, but Lynette pushed her hand away and responded, “I’m fine.”

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