This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1228

Chapter 1228 Won’t Get Mad

The question of why there were paparazzi around the Fuller Group could be easily explained as celebrities and the rich were darlings of the media. To put it bluntly, they were simply the source of their income as they depended on getting scoops about them to earn a living. As long as the paparazzi get a scoop, they wouldn’t have to worry about going hungry. Besides camping out around the Fuller Group, the paparazzi even did so around Paradigm Co..

It wasn’t the case for Paradigm Co. previously, given their situation. The media would probably only pay attention to them if they had gone bankrupt. Ever since Sonia reconciled with Toby, she had garnered the media’s attention. However, the paparazzi couldn’t get much news on them as all they did was get to work and get off work. If not, they would have been on the news 24/7. The content would be along the lines of Toby fetching her off work, sending her to work or both of them hugging outside of Paradigm Co….

Anyhow, when Toby’s and Sonia’s relationship was known by the public, both of them going to work and getting off work together wasn’t news anymore, as those were what normal couples would do. Even if news like that were posted online, it would just create more shippers for them, and that’s that. The media wouldn’t want to take pictures that wouldn’t bring them income.

Pictures of Toby and Sonia showing affection toward each other would be worth more in the beginning, but it would lose its allure after a while as only their shippers would read news like that. The other netizens wouldn’t be bothered by it, which meant that pictures of that nature weren’t worth much. The paparazzi rather put more effort into camping out and trying to get scoops on both of them being in an argument, Fuller Group facing financial difficulties, or Paradigm Co. going bankrupt.

Also, due to Toby’s status, the paparazzi might have had concerns about releasing the pictures even if they got an exclusive picture, fearing that they would offend him. One way to go around it was to contact Fuller Group’s PR department or Toby and sell the news to them. That way, the paparazzi could earn big bucks.

That was all the more reason for them to keep camping outside. The only thing was that they didn’t manage to get anything after stationing there for a few months. Even so, the paparazzi would still reach Fuller Group on time, hoping that they could get something good that would cause a buzz on the Internet. Sonia was actually impressed at their perseverance. It could be because the heavens were touched by their spirit of perseverance that it gave them the opportunity to get a shot of Toby with a lipstick mark on his cheek.

Although Sonia didn’t really read the news, she knew that the picture would cause a frenzy on the Internet since the image that Toby had had always been cool, and he had always put on a poker face. Because of that, the people in the business world nicknamed him the grim demon king. The impression that he gave others would be a well-dressed elite who always had a straight face. No one could ever imagine that he would walk around with a lipstick mark on his face.

This time around, the unimaginable had happened as he walked around with a lipstick mark on his face. Even though he was unaware of it, it had caused an unnecessary stir of excitement. It was almost impossible for them to capture a picture of Toby, which was completely different from what they had imagined, and it could possibly be the last time for it. Thus, the paparazzi had to grasp the opportunity and take a picture of it. The netizens were equally surprised when they saw a picture of the superior Toby walking around in public with his girlfriend’s lipstick mark on his face, like an average Joe.

Besides being surprised, they were excited to find out that the superior Toby wasn’t that much different from ordinary people. As Sonia read the comments section, she couldn’t help but laugh because a lot of netizens found him adorable. Their public display of affection was well-received by most people. Even though there were some nasty comments, most of them were positive ones, and some even praised them for being a fun couple. This was why Sonia was relieved that they were trending on the Internet for a cheeky reason.

“Chairman Reed, were you the one who left the lipstick mark on his face?” Rita took her phone from Sonia and asked with a smile.

Hearing that, Sonia let out a cough and replied, “Duh? It couldn’t be someone else, could it?”

“You’re right. I’m asking the obvious.” Rita laughed before saying, “Chairman Reed, it seems like the both of you were pretty open-minded since you let him leave the house with a lipstick mark on his face. It’s like you’re using this opportunity to tell the world that he’s yours.”

“Nah, I was just playing a prank on him and nothing else. I wouldn’t want to purposely announce that he is my boyfriend. If he truly belonged with me, then he wouldn’t cheat on me. If he doesn’t belong with me, there’s no point for me to announce to the world that we are together.” Following that, she put her hands out and explained, “As for the lipstick mark, I was just trying to embarrass him since he’s been picking on me. He didn’t even know when I planted the lipstick mark on his face.”

“Does it mean that President Fuller was unaware that there was something on his face before he was photographed?” Rita’s eyes lit up.

“That’s right. If he knew about it, this picture wouldn’t have existed.” Sonia nodded.

“I see.” Rita was surprised at the revelation. After that, she looked at Sonia concernedly and asked, “Chairman Reed, would President Fuller be mad at you? Although you didn’t mean it, he is still a man, and men are all about their reputation. Would he be mad at you since he was pictured with the lipstick mark on his face, which was your doing, and now everyone on the Internet is seeing it?”

“Initially, I was worried about this, but he didn’t seem mad about it and was actually pleased as he thought that I was announcing to everyone that we are together.” Sonia shook her head with a smile on her face.

Hearing that, Rita patted her chest. “Then, I’m relieved. President Fuller is such a generous man. If it was any other men, they would have made a big fuss about it, like my husband. If I dared to do that to him, he would flip.”

Rita pursed her lips and had a look of disdain in her eyes when she thought of her husband. This showed that there was a stark difference between the upbringing of men from wealthy families compared to normal families, as men from wealthy families had a better upbringing.

She sighed at the thought of it. “Let’s not talk about my husband. It just ruins my mood. Let’s talk about the paparazzi. How could they get so lucky and manage to get that picture? Even if they managed to snap that picture, aren’t they worried that President Fuller will be furious about it since they posted it without his consent?” She was actually impressed at how ballsy the media was.

“Toby wouldn’t be angry this time round. If this was about something else, then he might probably be.” Sonia chuckled.

Toby was dying to let the whole world know that both of them were a loving couple and the paparazzi were actually doing him a favor, so why would he be mad at them?

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