This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1227

Chapter 1227 Most Searched Because of Love

Hearing about Toby’s outlook on the matter, Sonia finally felt relaxed and at ease as she smiled at him. “In the beginning, I thought that you would be mad at me, so I was worried that you wouldn’t reply to my message earlier on.”

“Why would I?.” He shook his head and continued, “I wouldn’t give you the silent treatment.” How would I have the heart to do this to you, my love?

Moreover, a man who would rather give his loved one the silent treatment just meant that he was a coward who didn’t love his partner. Thus, he didn’t want to do that to her.

Previously when Sonia didn’t tell him anything and would rather get Charles’ help instead, it made him mad because he thought he meant nothing to her. Even so, he didn’t just give her the silent treatment but suggested talking about it. In short, if conflict were to happen between them, he hoped that they could resolve it by communicating with each other instead of giving each other the silent treatment as it would just make matters worse rather than solving the issue, so why bother?

“I’m sorry for thinking that you were a narrow-minded person.” She rubbed the tip of her nose apologetically.

Seeing that made him want to pinch her cheek, but alas, she wasn’t standing in front of him.

The disappointed Toby sighed before comforting her gently, explaining, “It’s alright. It’s normal for you to think that since we’ve yet to experience life together long enough. You couldn’t have known my reaction toward this matter. It’s understandable that you would think this way because I would do so too if I were in your position.”

“Mm.” She nodded with a smile.

At the same time, Toby’s eyes flickered as he put the phone closer to him and said seductively, “Since you like to leave lipstick marks on my face, I shall let you leave a few more when I get home tonight. What do you think?”

Hearing that, she stared at him wide-eyed and replied to him shyly yet angrily, “Don’t you dare think about it. Don’t think that I don’t know what you mean. Hmph! I’m busy so let’s end the call first.”

With that, she immediately ended the video call and placed the phone down before touching her face. It felt warm because she got shy after hearing what he had just said. He was clearly hinting that he wanted to sleep with her tonight. She sighed when she thought of how that was all he could think of every day. Isn’t he worried that he might overdo it and his body wouldn’t be able to take it anymore?

On the other hand, Toby was in a good mood and couldn’t help but chuckle when she saw how Sonia’s face was flushed red when she rushed to end the video call. His attractive laugh filled the whole room. He knew very well that she was startled by his words which was why she rushed to end the call. However, in actual fact, he didn’t have the intention of sleeping with her that night.

Not to mention that they were going to attend a banquet tonight. God knew what time the banquet would be over. By that time, they would be so exhausted that they wouldn’t be able to do anything else. Even if the banquet ended early and he wasn’t tired, he didn’t plan to do it as they had been doing it for two consecutive nights.

Although it wasn’t an issue for him, and he could still do it tonight, she couldn’t since a woman’s physical strength was always inferior to that of men, and he should be more considerate toward her. Instead, he merely wanted to tease her and see her cute reaction earlier when he said those words.

Of course, his thoughts were unknown to her, and she didn’t know that he was teasing her. She would be mad if she found out that he was just pulling her leg. After a while, she finally managed to calm herself down, and the uneasiness and shyness that she had been experiencing dissipated. Since her concern had been resolved, she could finally focus all her attention on work.

Soon, she was immersed in her work and started going through some urgent documents sent in by different departments. She was able to complete them smoothly since they weren’t complicated. After that, she dialed Rita’s extension number and asked for her.

Upon entering the room, Rita looked at her excitedly, which made her feel uncomfortable. She asked as she squeezed out a smile,”Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Chairman Reed, didn’t know that both you and President Reed are trending on the Internet again?” Rita grinned like a happy child.

“Huh?” Sonia was first surprised by it but then started looking nervous. “What did you just say? We are trending on the Internet again?”

“Yup.” Rita nodded.

“What is it about this time?” She clenched her fists nervously, as she was worried that someone was stirring things up behind them and tried to frame her and Toby for it.

Just as she was consumed by such thoughts, Rita once again smiled. “This time, it’s about how lovely of a couple you guys are!”

Hearing that, it took a while for Sonia to make sense of what she had just heard before answering, “Huh? What do you mean we’re trending on the Internet because we’re a lovely couple?”


Sonia’s lips twitched, and she was speechless about it. After calming herself down, she heaved a sigh of relief and said, “For a moment, I thought someone was trying to get at us. I almost got my wits scared out.”

“Chairman Reed, you’re overthinking.” Rita comforted her.

Sonia massaged her temples as she leaned against her chair and answered, “I can’t help it. President Fuller is so handsome and wealthy that a lot of women are attracted to him. Some of them even tried to make advances on him. I’m sure that you’re aware of the one from the Lore Family.”

“Even so, Chairman Reed, you’re an outstanding woman on par with President Fuller,” Rita replied with a smile. She stood with Sonia since she was a woman too. Moreover, she was willing to lie through her teeth even if Toby was, in fact, more outstanding than Sonia.

“After the incident with the Lore Family, I’m sure that even if some of them still harbored ulterior motives, none of them would dare to do anything, at least for now, ” Rita replied logically.

“You’re right. I guess I’m too paranoid about it.” Sonia took a sip of her coffee and let out a smile. She then continued, “Right, you mentioned that Toby and I are trending online because of love or something. What is it about?”

She had no idea what was happening as she recalled that both of them rarely acted all lovey-dovey in public. The only few times they did it was just online. Hearing that, Rita didn’t answer her immediately but took her phone out. After unlocking the screen, she passed it to Sonia, which made Sonia laugh upon seeing it.

“So it’s about this.” Sonia laughed when she saw Toby’s picture.

Although it was a blurry picture, the lipstick mark on Toby’s cheek was eye-catching. The picture seemed to be taken in secret while in a rush. From the picture, one could tell that Toby was almost at the main entrance of Fuller Group, and if the photographer had been a few seconds slow, they’d have missed the shot.

It could be the paparazzi who were camping outside Fuller Group that took the picture hastily upon noticing the lipstick mark. Initially, they weren’t interested in taking Toby’s picture when he got down from the car but immediately snapped a picture when they noticed the lipstick mark. Well, that was the reason why the paparazzi were camping there, hoping to get some big news.

Taking a picture of Toby entering Fuller Group was nothing out of the ordinary, and it would just grab his fans’ attention if they posted it online. It would not be big news. Moreover, Toby would most probably make them take it down if it was brought to his attention. Pictures like these weren’t worth much and might even offend Toby, so they’d rather not take such pictures.

However, it was a different story when there was a lipstick mark on his cheek. Not only would it be a hot topic, but they would also be able to fulfill their KPI. Thus, it was worth the risk, even if they might offend Toby.

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