This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1222

Chapter 1222 Sonia’s Mischief

At that moment, the duo exchanged gazes in silence as the atmosphere around them was filled with awkwardness. Meanwhile, Sonia couldn’t help but imagine a dramatic scene in which a flock of birds flew across their heads in a humorous manner.

“Ahem.” Sonia was the first among them to snap out of her trance as she faked a cough. “Well, I suppose that isn’t going to be a big deal either. At least, we both thought about the banquet a few hours before it’s too late. So, now that we’re aware of the occasion, we’re not going to miss it.

We’re going to be there and show the host our respect and support,” explained Sonia in an attempt to hide her embarrassment. After all, she saw the event as an opportunity for her to get to know the host, which was why she wanted to be there, otherwise she wouldn’t have spent so much time and money on a custom-made dress for herself.

Everything I’ve done so far is for me to gain the favor of the host’s wife even easier. The reason Sonia had that thought was because she wanted Paradigm Co. to have a counter in every company under the banquet’s host, which was why the occasion was so important to her.

Therefore, she found it ironic to nearly let such an important occasion slip her mind, thinking her forgetfulness could have mistakenly upset the host at the cost of Paradigm Co’s reputation. Fortunately, I remembered it at the last minute. At the thought of that, Sonia heaved a sigh of relief and said, “No way. I need to bring my dress along so that I can change in the office and set off from there later.”

“There’s no need for that.” Toby stopped her. “We’ll return to the company while you tell your secretary to fetch you your dress later. Once she arrives with your dress, she will wait for my make-up artist, who will give you a makeover downstairs at your company.”

Finding the man’s suggestion a good idea, Sonia nodded in agreement. “Yeah, that’s not a bad idea.” “Get in the car, then.” Toby jutted his chin at the lady.

Sonia responded with an affirmative hum, but just when she was about to enter the vehicle, something sprang to her mind. She then gazed at the man and asked, “By the way, what about your own suit? Is it ready?”

“Tom already got it for me from Sophia a few days ago.” The man chuckled. In fact, he didn’t just have his suit with him but had also gotten the wedding dress design from Sophia. Although he was happy with the designs, he was not satisfied with several details, so he sent them back to Sophia for further amendment.

I believe the amended design is going to be done in another two days. The moment the design is finished, they will proceed to make the wedding dress. When it’s done, it’ll be time for our wedding. Toby could not wait to see the moment in which Sonia was approaching him with that wedding dress on. She is going to look so pretty.

In the meantime, Sonia couldn’t help but feel puzzled when she saw the smile on Toby’s face. Thus, she waved her hand in front of him and asked, “Hello, are you okay? What’s on your mind?” she asked in confusion.

Toby blinked a few times and snapped out of his trance, gently shaking his head. “Oh, it’s nothing. Let’s get into the car now.” As soon as he finished his words, he immediately got into the car before Sonia did.

Sonia blinked repeatedly, trying to make sense of the man’s reaction. Why does this seem so strange to me? Is he hiding something from me? Despite the thought of that, she decided not to continue dwelling on her puzzlement and sat in the front passenger seat. As soon as she was seated, Toby, who was in the driver’s seat, leaned closer and extended his arm for the seatbelt beside her, rubbing her body with his.

As he fastened the seatbelt for Sonia, she remained still and watched the man in silence until he returned to his seat. It was then that she rolled her eyes upward and said, “Come on, Toby. You got into the car earlier than I did, but you didn’t even bother to buckle up. Were you waiting to fasten my seatbelt for me?”

In response to Sonia’s question, Toby wasn’t panicky at all. Instead, he admitted it with grace. “Of course.” “You didn’t have to act like a pervert, did you?” Sonia was amused yet helpless.

“What makes you think I was acting like one?” Toby responded by gazing at the lady innocently as if he had been framed for a crime he didn’t commit.

Nevertheless, Sonia knew Toby was putting on a show as she decided to silently watch how long he could keep up with his pretense. “How dare you ask me that question? What kind of gentleman rubs his body against a lady whom he’s trying to fasten the seatbelt for?

There was so much space for you to move your arms around, and you didn’t have to lean so close to me, but instead, you did. You even leaned against me with your body. Don’t think you can fool me because I know what’s on your mind.” Sonia stared at Toby with her piercing gaze as if she could read his mind.

Meanwhile, Toby was beginning to feel embarrassed despite his lack of shame. He then avoided her gaze by looking elsewhere guiltily. “N-No, I didn’t mean to do that. It was just an accident.”

“Hmph! Fine, if you won’t admit it.” Sonia waved her hand in an amused manner. “It’s not like I don’t know you for who you are. Now, drive.” Despite her slight frustration, she wasn’t going to berate the man for what he did. After all, she was used to Toby’s mischief, which she had somehow found a way to make peace with.

In the meantime, Toby realized he couldn’t talk his way out and decided to hit the road right away, rubbing his nose in a guilty manner. An hour later, they arrived at Paradigm Co., but Toby didn’t drive into the car park. Instead, he pulled up right outside the building.

Since everyone else in the company could recognize Toby’s car, they had gotten the space in front of the entrance cleared so that he could pull over conveniently. When his car came to a stop, Sonia unbuckled and looked at the man beside her. “Alright, I’ve got to go. See you tonight.”

“I’ll come over and pick you up in the evening.” Toby nodded in response.

Sonia replied, thinking Toby’s intention to attend the function with her was to cement her status among the socialites. Even though Toby had his own reason to attend the function, she reckoned they should not arrive separately, or it would lead to misleading rumors that might appear on the news the next day.

“Come upstairs right away when you’re here later. I may be busy with my makeover, so don’t bother calling me. I may not be available to pick up your call either.”

Sonia added before she got out of the car while Toby rubbed her head and replied affirmatively. “Alright, catch you later.” Sonia waved her hand at Toby, but the latter responded by grabbing her wrist without letting her go. “What’s wrong?” Sonia blinked.

Toby let go one hand from the steering and pointed at his cheek. In that instant, Sonia immediately understood what he meant, knowing he wanted her to kiss him. Thus, she shook her head helplessly and pecked the man’s cheek, leaving a hickey on it. While an expression of excitement flashed across the man’s face, she asked, “Satisfied?”

“Alright, you may go now.” Toby replied with an affirmative hum and finally let go of Sonia’s wrist. The next second, Sonia quickly sprang out of the car and scurried off like she was scared that the man would discover the hickey on his cheek and pull her back into the vehicle. If Toby knows that I intentionally left a hickey on his face, he might ‘punish’ me later.

In the meantime, Sonia gently closed the car door and waved at Toby through the window before she strode toward the entrance. At the same time, Toby, who was watching her inside the car, felt slightly confused to see Sonia running away hastily, curiously wondering why she was in such a hurry. What’s going on? Why does it seem to me as if she is running away because she did something wrong?

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