This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1221

Chapter 1221 Forgetting About the Date

On top of that, the fact that her bloating tummy was relieved became the biggest surprise to Sonia. Otherwise, it would not only be weird to have a swollen tummy, but create the misconception that she was with child. The thought of getting pregnant quelled the glint in her eyes.

Toby’s gentle gaze morphed into a concerned one when he noticed the nuance. “What’s the matter? Why are you down so suddenly?”

Her hand on her belly slightly curled as she forced a smile. “Nothing. I just thought of something. It’s not that important. We should be off to work now. It should be 10.00AM soon.”

Great. We’re late. However, the man shook his head suddenly. “It’s not 10.00AM.” “Is it not? Is it nine something?” Her eyes lit up. If so, it’s a relief that we won’t be that late to work.

Just as that thought flashed across her mind, Toby displayed his phone before her. When she was questioning what he meant by that, the phone screen brightened, only to reveal the hugely written time right in front of her eyes.

‘11.20AM’ She inhaled a sharp breath and was riveted on the spot. I must be seeing things. It has to be an illusion! How can it already be so late?!

It was only 8.30AM when she had breakfast after which she lay on the couch because of her swollen belly to receive a massage from Toby.

It didn’t feel that long, though. How is it already past 11.00AM? Did I travel through time? Or is the clock malfunctioning?

Sonia found it hard to believe that it was so late. Telling herself that she had seen it wrongly, she quickly rubbed her eyes to take a closer look at the time.

It showed the same numbers and there was no change. At that moment, she had to face the fact that the time had struck past 11.30AM no matter how much she wished to deny it.

Looking at her pouty lips on her downcast face, Toby kept his phone and the smile on his face deepened. “So, do you believe it now?”

She raised her gaze onto him while stretching a smile across her lips. “It’s already past 11.00AM. It’ll be lunchtime when we arrive.”

Half of the day had passed and yet, she did nothing. Toby nodded in agreement. “True.” “So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up.” After saying that, Sonia set her feet on the ground to rise from the couch.

Her rushing figure amused Toby, who held her hand to pull her back onto the couch. “There’s nothing to rush about. Since the time has passed, why don’t we have lunch before heading to the office? I’ve informed your secretary to rearrange your schedule. The important tasks will be put off until afternoon and the trivial matters are canceled.”

She blinked her eyes upon hearing that. “You settled everything for me? When?”

“When I was massaging your tummy. You were about to fall asleep, so you didn’t know.” He pointed at her phone atop the table.

Sonia cast her gaze at the pointed direction and was at a loss for words.

Can I even blame him for handling things on his own? But nothing will come good from that. We are late and we can’t turn back time, can we?

Thus, the man’s arrangement was for the best and the only person she could blame was herself. She should not have been so greedy and ate too much, which resulted in a bulging tummy and her difficulties in moving around. Otherwise, she would not be late for work.

Sighing, she finally gave in and agreed on his suggestion. She sat on the couch with a peace of mind before looking at him resentfully. “What’s for lunch?”

He stroked her hair and questioned back gently, “I’ll make you anything you want.”

“No!” Sonia made a cross with her arms instantly with a solemn expression. “You don’t have to do it. Leave it to me.”

“Why not?” Toby could not comprehend why she was so worked up by that. Is it because I’m bad at it? So, she doesn’t want me to cook?

While the questions ran in his head, she explained, “This all happened because you’re good at cooking. I’m afraid that the exact same thing will happen again. What if I eat too much and can’t leave for work? Work will pile up until tomorrow morning.”

It was not until he heard of her displeased complaint that the doubts vanished from his head as a soft chuckle escaped from his lips.

So, that was it. I was worried for nothing.

He kept smiling without uttering a word, so Sonia thought he did not believe it. Her cheeks puffed up as she added, “Be serious, Toby Fuller. I’m telling the truth. Anyways, you don’t have to cook for the rest of the day. I’ll do it.”

Then, she rose to her feet and headed to the kitchen to think about what she should make for lunch.

Due to her determination to make lunch, Toby figured that he should go along with her will as it would upset her otherwise.

Still, he did not stay in the living room like a master when she was in the kitchen concocting meals. While she was busy preparing the food, he was leaning against the doorframe of the kitchen and that gaze of his was so affectionate when he had his eyes zeroed in on her.

When she needed help, his body moved on its own accord without her behest. No one would expect less from that ideal man.

Meanwhile, Sonia’s cooking appeared to be not as good as Toby’s. The dishes she made were tasty, but the man’s cooking surpassed hers.

Had she not tried his cooking, she would be content with her cooking skills and might even be proud of it.

After all, Sonia was a fast learner when she first learned it. She applied for online cooking classes and the teachers showered her with compliments.

Now that she compared her dishes with Toby’s, that smidgen of pride dissipated. However, she could take advantage of the situation, albeit jealous. This was because she would not need to suffer from a bloating tummy as a result of overeating.

After comforting her little soul, she felt a little better now.

Once they finished lunch, Toby cleaned up the table before making a glass of pineapple juice for Sonia. When she downed it all, they left the house and headed toward the elevator.

The moment the elevator door closed, she heaved a deep breath all of the sudden.

“What’s wrong?” asked the man curiously.

She shook her head. “Nothing. I’m just happy that I finally stepped out of the house.”

A smiling Toby patted on her shoulder. Soon, the elevator door opened and they strode toward the car.

Just as she was about to get into the vehicle, she suddenly thought of something and her hand froze before the door handle. Lifting her head, she looked at Toby, who was entering the car. “Hold on.”

He withdrew his leg that had stepped into the car almost instantly. With a pair of dubious gaze on her, he questioned, What’s wrong?

“Is the mall’s party tonight?” inquired Sonia.

Many things happened during the past few days and she almost forgot about that. If it had not slipped into her mind for a fleeting second, she would have completely forgotten about it.

Toby was stunned momentarily at her question as his expression turned awkward. “Sounds like it.”

The corner of her lips twitched. “You don’t know either? Did you forget about it too?”

Staring at her quietly, he pursed his lips without giving her an answer, but that gaze said it all—he really forgot about it.

After all, that kind of party was not important to him, as it did not matter if he joined or not. Besides, he had no intention of going either. He agreed on going just to accompany her from the start.

Many days had passed since then and the topic of that party gradually slipped out of their minds.

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