This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1220

Chapter 1220 I’m Full

Toby stared sideways at Sonia as his gentle gaze trailed along from her forehead to her lips. In the end, he bent over to peck her on the lips. However, he could not control himself in the face of her unguarded self.

Who knew when such a chance would come by if he let her off this time? So, he should seize the chance when he still could.

Sonia did not expect the man to take advantage of her when she was just here to take some fresh air. She was completely baffled by the time she opened her eyes. It took her a while before she came back to her senses. “Toby Fuller, you—”

Just as she was going to tell him off, Toby stretched out his arm to primp her messy hair, which ruffled along the blowing wind.

The words stuck to her throat due to his caring and gentle action, leaving her speechless. This man knows what to do. He’s so gentle and keeps thinking about me. How can I bring myself to scold him?

Sonia took a deep breath helplessly before revealing a resigned smile as a sign of admitting defeat. She had no other options. He was being so gentle that she could not possibly not fall for him.

Of course, women tend to have a soft spot for such gentleness. “What did you wanna say? Go on.” He gazed at her while withdrawing his hand. The corner of her lips twitched. “Stop pretending, Toby Fuller. You did that on purpose.”

Toby tidied her hair on the knowledge that she disapproved of the kiss, luring her into his gentleness so as to dissipate her anger. That little trick of his would never go unnoticed. After all, it was not his first time either.

An ambiguous glint flashed in his eyes, but his gaze soon returned to serenity. As if he could not follow her, his eyes spoke of innocence as he looked at her. “What did I do? I don’t know a thing.”

She gave him an eye-roll. “Keep up with your acting, Toby Fuller. You aren’t going to admit it, are you?” “Nothing happened, though.” The man shook his head. She snorted. “I’m not buying that. I know you very well.”

The man chuckled. “Alright, let’s not talk about this. Let’s have breakfast. You said you wanted to have mushroom soup two days ago, so I made some for you this morning. Mind giving it a try?”

Sonia’s eyes sparkled at the mention of mushroom soup as she smiled and nodded. “Sure thing!”

“Let’s go.” Toby held her hand, leading her from the balcony to the living room. She linked onto his arm and followed along with joy.

Since he woke up early in the morning to make me soup, I’ll let him off this time. The sweet thought flashed in her mind.

The man’s cooking was not that of an ordinary cook, considering how the plain soup was rich in flavor. The smooth and lump-free soup would melt in one’s mouth, whereas the tender bites of mushroom pieces tempted one to have more.

Anyways, Sonia would not be able to make it with such textures on her own. “How is it?” Toby drank his coffee while his eyes fixated upon her.

Despite the food in her mouth, which made it inconvenient to speak at the moment, she gave him a thumbs-up as a feedback—she loved it!

Seeing how much she loved the soup, he smiled lightly and set down to his cup of coffee to dig in.

In actuality, he did not like mushroom soup, since he preferred it to be plain. However, since she loved it so much and acknowledged his cooking skills, he began to take a liking to mushroom soup.

Sonia definitely enjoyed the breakfast to her heart’s content. On usual days, she would only drink a bowl of soup and some sausages or a croissant for breakfast.

However, due to his fabulous cooking, which turned the simple soup into something delicious, she had two bowls of it along with other dishes until her stomach slightly bulged. She reached her limits and could not move from her chair. One single movement would make her feel uncomfortable.

The sight amused Toby, but his heart ached at the same time. After stroking her hair, he found and handed her two pills of digestive tablets.

Sonia took them and shoved them into her mouth. They tasted of pineapple, which was sweet and sour. One could definitely had it as sweets.

When she gulped down the tablets, he proffered a glass of water to her. “Here.”

Instead of refusing it, she took a sip of it before grumbling, “It’s all your fault.”

He blinked his eyes in a baffle. “Me? Why?”

Didn’t she enjoy it? What did I do wrong again?

Sonia placed the glass on the table after which she caressed her tummy and whined, “Of course, it’s because of how well you made the soup, or I wouldn’t have eaten so much. My stomach is gonna explode.”

Toby raised his brow before chuckling. “Alright, alright. It’s my fault. How about I give you a massage?”

She hummed in response, which totally surprised him. After all, to her, he was a sexually frustrated man who kept taking advantage of her.

Massaging her tummy meant physical intimation. She would reject the offer at the thought of his naughty hands losing their control after rubbing her stomach for a while.

Yet, to his surprise, she agreed to it!

Why didn’t she refuse?

In spite of the doubt, Toby kept the question to himself as she might regret it once he questioned her.

“I’ll carry you to the couch. It’ll be very convenient for me if you lie down.” He bent over to carry her. Obediently, Sonia spread out her arms and allowed him to do the favor.

She ate so much and was wearing thick clothes, hence the heavy weight. Still, the man carried her over to the couch with light and steady steps, as if she was a feather.

That masculine charm could win a woman’s heart readily.

Now that ‘wussification’ was prevalent in modern society, forget about carrying someone, being able to lift heavy stuff was enough to make others woo over you.

Thus, a masculine man like Toby was a rare kind.

Oblivious of Sonia’s thoughts, Toby settled her on the couch and sat next to her. He rested her head onto his lap so as to make her feel comfortable.

After that, he stretched his hands to her tummy and began massaging it. In a worry that he might hurt her, the circular movements on her bulging belly were slow and gentle.

The strength was just nice; she felt so comfortable that she closed her eyes to enjoy it to the fullest.

While her eyes were shut, a smile appeared across her lips to show how satisfied she was with his service.

Now that he had become her massage chair, Toby could not hold in the smile on his face.

This girl. I’m buckled down to stave off that bulging tummy of hers and yet, she’s taking me as a masseuse.

Despite that, he did it out of his will.

Geez. She never acts according to her words.

Later on, when Sonia was about to drift into dreamland because of how comfortable it was, the man stopped. She opened her eyes and blinked a few times. It was not until the drowsiness faded that she looked up at the man. “Done?”

“Done.” He nodded and pushed her back lightly in order to prop her up. “It has subsided and it doesn’t feel hard. It should be fine. Get up and tell me how you feel.”

She gazed down at her belly and focused on her body. Indeed, she did not feel sick about the bulging stomach anymore and she was elated. “Yeah. I’m completely fine!”

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