This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1219

Chapter 1219 A Comprehensive Safety Measures

Sonia kept urging Toby to leave because she was reluctant to let him help her with the clothes. As a regretful glint fleeted across his eyes, he stood up while staring at her before taking his leave. His back seemed so lonely and regretful that she found it hilarious.

“Pervert,” she murmured under her breath. Thinking about the man’s disappointed expression when he left, she could not help but burst into laughter.

If this were a few months back, she could never imagine Toby to be this expressive; he seemed just like an ordinary person right now. The emotionless, icy man with an expressionless face was long gone.

Without thinking much, she quickly lifted the blanket to put on her clothes after the man shut the door. Of course, she checked on herself from head to toe before wearing them.

Last night was another intense night. Nevermind the fatigueness and pain that hit her whole body as well as the sore private part, the hickeys on her body alone were enough to make one flush.

Looking at the puny and large marks left by the man, Sonia felt her face burning. It seemed like leaving his marks on her was his fetish since he kept doing it.

Had she not warned him to not do it on her neck—because it would be embarrassing—she was sure that he would not leave any part of her body unmarked.

Those marks elicited a helpless sigh from her. Sonia could still see the marks he left two days ago and yet there were new ones from last night. If this went on, Toby might bite the same old spots and they would never disappear.

Gotta figure a way to change that habit of his. I heard that it’s bad to leave these kinds of marks on the body since the capillaries might rupture… Okay. I’ve made up my mind. I’m gonna bring up this problem to him. He might change after knowing the facts. Or else!

She narrowed her alluring eyes as she sniggered coldly.

He better not blame me for hurting his member.

Meanwhile, Toby was sitting on the couch with his legs crossed elegantly in the living room. He suddenly felt the chill on his back while his fingers, which were holding a cup of coffee, trembled. A sense of doom dawned upon him.

What’s this? Why do I feel like someone’s setting me up?

Pursing his lips, he eventually set down the cup and trod to the balcony in which he looked over the area to look for any suspicious figure.

Toby’s hunch was mostly right, especially when he was at his current position, where his numerous enemies stayed. Many of them went against him before and he managed to extricate from danger many times, thanks to his guts.

Thus, the foreboding was not of ungrounded instincts, Toby believed. He was certain that someone was up to no good and he was the very target. The problem was—who would be the threat when he was at home?

There were only Sonia and him in the house. She was out of the question, so he wished to find some sort of clue downstairs by watching from the balcony.

His gaze landed onto a man, who was sitting on the flowerbed downstairs. The man’s looks and outfit seemed ordinary; no one would notice him if he was in a crowd.

Like any other normal person did, the man remained seated on the flowerbed with his head hanging low as he used his phone. Toby stared at him for a while before fishing out his phone to send a message.

Following that, the man raised his head and scrutinized the area. Realizing nothing out of ordinary, he lowered his head again and his fingers moved so quickly on the phone screen.

What happened next was the incessant ringing coming from his phone as colossal text messages were flooding him.

He perused every single one of it. Knowing that there was nothing wrong with the messages, he sighed in relief. He then lifted his head and locked his gaze onto Toby before shaking his head. Be it the man or the others on lookout, no one found any suspicious target.

Toby’s brows creased tightly. But how come? Was it a false alarm?

He trusted those bodyguards on the account that he personally picked them carefully. They received special training from the Fuller Family and there was nothing to doubt regarding their loyalty.

Plus, the Fuller Family had their weaknesses in hand, rendering betrayal impossible. Thus, Toby could take their words without a shadow of doubt.

Furthermore, under Toby’s orders, there were almost twenty bodyguards disguised as normal civilians in the vicinity of the Bayside Residence. They could resolve any potential danger to keep Sonia safe.

Knowing that Sonia would not go to his place that easily, he had made such arrangements earlier on. Otherwise, why would he allow her to stay in such a dangerous place? He even moved in!

After all, the count of peril around him outnumbered hers.

Without the bodyguards, his enemies would have taken it as an opportunity for revenge and seized the chance to pounce on him when he moved in. Peace would never be bestowed upon his stay here.

In fact, this was no joke.

When he first moved into Bayside Residence, those who kept an eye on his movements were excited to discover his new residence, as they assumed that it was now time for his downfall.

Therefore, many of them took the chance to eliminate him. Little did they know that Toby’s bodyguards were already on duty around the area, rendering their plans a total fiasco. They even swore on how calculative he was in a fit of pique.

All and still, he did not reveal anything about it to Sonia.

With the amount of times she was in danger, she would be so worried that she would blame herself for it before urging him to move out if Toby told her about it.

Needless to say, she would move out alongside him as well. However, it was a desperate measure under coercion, not out of her will.

Even right now, she had still not totally accepted the fact that she was living in Fuller Residence with Toby.

Those six years were a traumatic experience for Sonia, hence the difficulty to accept it. Frankly, she could not let go of the past and stay in his house at ease.

Besides, her mind would not be put at peace if she was forced to move out. Moreover, Toby would neither force her nor let her experience that kind of situation.

That was why he kept her in the dark.

While he was absorbed in his thoughts, light footsteps resounded behind him and a delicate figure hugged him from the back as the feminine scent wafted his nose. Then, a pair of slender arms wrapped around his waist.

Sonia rested her head against his back and asked coquettishly, “Something on your mind?”

Toby turned his head slightly. Although he could not see her, it did not stop the corner of his lips from curling upward. “Nothing. Just taking in the view. The weather’s nice today.”

She released him to stand next to him. Watching the scenery, she responded with a smile, “Yeah, it is. It’s rare to have the sun hanging on the sky in Seafield’s winter. Look at the big sun. Even the wind doesn’t feel cold as usual. I love it when it brushes across my cheeks.”

She then closed her eyes, feeling the cool zephyr caressing her cheeks.

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