This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1218

Chapter 1218 Similar Features

“Realize what?” Tom gulped before continuing, “Anya’s features closely resemble Miss Reed after going through plastic surgery.” As soon as Tom said that, Toby’s expression instantly darkened. “Close resemblance?”

“Yes.” Tom nodded. “I’m aware that you don’t generally pay attention to the opposite gender, President Fuller, so you might not have realized. However, I was quite curious about plastic surgery, so I paid close attention to Anya’s features before and found that her features did closely resemble Miss Reed.

Back then, I never suspected Anya’s motive for coming to Seafield, so I never brought this up to you. Now that we’ve come to the realization that Anya’s presence in Seafield could be because she was assigned by Connor to spy on you or seduce you, I then recalled this.

I suspect that Anya purposely went through plastic surgery and chose features similar to Miss Reed’s so that there’d be a higher chance of you being attracted to her. Therefore, her chances of winning your affections would increase subsequently.”

However, Anya and Connor clearly didn’t expect that President Fuller would only have eyes for Miss Reed and no one else. That’s why even though Anya has been in Seafield for quite some time now, President Fuller hasn’t taken a close look at her features. Anya and Connor would be enraged to find out! As Tom thought about this, he could not help laughing mockingly.

Meanwhile, Toby remained silent and he seemed to be considering Tom’s words about how Anya wanted to clone herself like his precious Sonia. Indeed, he had never taken a good look at that woman, so he had no idea exactly what she looked like. However, he did not doubt Tom’s words because Tom was not one to joke about something like this.

As Toby considered the situation, Tom brought up something else. “President Fuller, right now, I’m suspecting that Anya’s appearance in front of our car that night wasn’t by chance and she must’ve planned that.

Otherwise, how on earth could she possibly have appeared in front of our car at that exact timing? There were other cars there, but she somehow ended up hitting our car. I reckon that Connor must have made Anya to look like Miss Reed and then he sent her to Seafield to try to seduce you. She’s just a pawn to him.”

Toby pursed his lips and sneered coldly, “I don’t care what she’s after, but right now, we need to focus our investigation on finding out Anya’s true identity. It’d be best if we could get a photo of her before her plastic surgery.”

Instinctively, he felt that Anya was a complicated individual too and she might not entirely be just Connor’s pawn; she seemed to be hiding a different identity. As such, he had to find out exactly who this woman was, just in case.

“Sure.” Tom was not surprised by Toby’s instructions and he nodded instantly. “By the way, send me a photo of Anya after her surgery too,” Toby requested.

Tom knew what Toby intended to do. As soon as he hung up the phone, he instantly sent the photo to his boss. Previously, while investigating Anya, Tom had saved her photo on his phone and he had not gotten to delete it, so he could get good use out of it right now.

Toby walked away from the balcony and went back into the living room. He sat on the couch and poured himself a glass of water before checking out the photo that Tom had just sent over to him.

The woman in the photo looked fascinating, and although she had undergone plastic surgery, there was not a hint of knife on her face; her features looked very natural. There was not a single hint of stiffness or unnatural look on her features, as generally seen on those who underwent plastic surgery. Instead, she looked as if she had been born with that face. Evidently, the woman in the photo had spent a fortune on her surgery. Otherwise, how else could she have possibly gained such natural features from the surgery?

Of course, though, as soon as Toby found out that Anya had undergone plastic surgery, he had been curious as to how an ordinary woman like her could have that much money to spend on the surgery. Not only did she go through plastic surgery, but she also had surgery to increase her height. The cost of all these added up was definitely millions and more. After finding out that Anya was Connor’s illegitimate daughter, his suspicions were finally dispelled. However, it appeared that Connor was generous enough to be willing to spend that much money on plastic surgery for a woman who was not even related to him.

At that moment, he started to believe that Tom’s deductions were right. Anya must be Connor’s spy placed in Seafield and she had done plastic surgery in accordance with Little Leaf’s features to appear in front of him.

“Ha! You’ve underestimated me!” Toby deleted Anya’s photo. His handsome face was currently adorned with an icy cold sneer and a murderous look in his eyes.

Do they really think that I’m just like other men? Seduced by beauty?

Most men might twitch and go along as soon as a woman signaled with her fingers, but he was the contrary. His upbringing, values, pride, and the feelings he had for Sonia were ultimately the reason why he would never do anything to betray her.

He would be scornful of himself if he could be so easily seduced by any woman. Besides, someone like him would hardly be attracted to an imposter.

As such, that was why he said that Anya and Connor had underestimated him by assuming that he would behave according to most men and be unable to resist seduction from a woman. That was also why they had purposely created an imposter similar to Sonia in an aim to seduce him. They simply assumed that he would be attracted, but their laughable actions were just too foolishly naive in hindsight.

Nonetheless, Anya’s features were indeed similar to Sonia, so he did not feel too comfortable about that. He felt that Sonia would be disturbed by that too if she noticed, so he decided that it would be best for Anya to be disfigured.

Toby clutched his phone tightly and exuded an oppressive sense of indifference.

As soon as the initial rays of sunlight streamed through the French windows and hit Sonia’s eyes the next morning, her eyelids finally fluttered slightly and she showed signs of rousing. Shortly after that, her eyes started to roll beneath her eyelids after which she slowly opened them.

However, the rays were too glaring to her eyes. She had barely let in a slit into her sight when she was overpowered by the light, so instinctively, she was about to shut them again.

Before she could do so, a pale, slender hand reached out from the top of her head and gently shielded her eyes to form a shade against the sun’s rays. “It’s fine now. You can open your eyes.” His low and melodious voice rang out in her ears.

At that moment, Sonia opened her eyes wide and saw his palm right in front of her eyes. No wonder I felt darkness in front of me and it was no longer that glaring. It’s because he shielded me from the sunray with his hands.

“Good morning.” Sonia turned her head and glanced in the direction of the man next to her.

She was not sure when he woke up as he was currently dressed in a crisp suit, seated by the side of the bed while shielding her from the sun.

“Good morning.” Toby noticed that her eyes had finally gotten used to the surroundings, so he retracted his hand and handed over the set of clothes beside her. “I’ve selected your outfit for today. Try it on.”

She sat up in bed and took the clothes from him. “You’ve generally got good taste, so I’m sure that the outfit you’ve put together for me would be great.”

She placed the clothes on her lap, but she did not change into them immediately. Meanwhile, she stretched lazily and yawned. “What’s the time right now?”

“It’s 8.30AM.” Toby lifted his hand and took a look at his watch.

Sonia blinked in response. “No wonder it’s so bright out there. How long ago did you wake up?”

“I’ve been up for quite some time now. Come on and get changed. Breakfast’s ready. If you don’t wish to move a finger, I don’t mind helping you get changed.” As he spoke, his eyes went to the clothes on her lap and the eagerness in his eyes was evident.

Sonia chuckled at that and hastily tightened her grip on her clothes. “No, I can’t trust you and you might try something funny if you helped me. That’s alright. Go out now and don’t be in my way as I change. Just leave.” She waved her hands in the air repeatedly to shoo him out of the room.

She knew that if he helped her get changed, then it would be noon by the time she was done changing. After all, this despicable man would definitely take advantage of the situation on the pretext of helping her get changed.

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