This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1217

Chapter 1217 Seduction

Tom gulped incredulously and he could not quite believe his ears at all. Did President Fuller actually say that from now on, I don’t need to wait for his phone call and I can go to bed for anything else other than matters regarding Miss Reed or the company?! Gosh, is this for real?! Is this a dream? Since when did President Fuller become such a considerate person and start to show concern for me?

In the past, President Fuller would never be concerned at all about how long I had to wait for him or whether I was tired from the wait.

At times, even if Toby realized that Tom was exhausted, he would not be bothered about that either. In other words, Toby was akin to an unfeeling person.

President Fuller is considerate of my feelings. Gosh. I’m so touched by that. This is definitely Miss Reed’s efforts. Since President Fuller got together officially with Miss Reed, he started to change and show concern for his subordinates. I’m so grateful to Miss Reed.

Tom could not stem his excitement as he thought about the situation, but he maintained a calm front still. After all, he was a professional personal assistant and he would never allow himself to reveal any hint of emotion especially when he was discussing serious matters with his boss.

“Okay. I got it, President Fuller.” Tom nodded and adhered to Toby’s instructions.

Toby affirmed calmly and narrowed his eyes subsequently. “In regards to the information you sent me a couple of hours ago, how legitimate is it?”

Tom shifted his gold-rimmed glasses perched on his nose bridge. “President Fuller, I personally waited there for the DNA result to be produced, so it is definitely legitimate. Anya and Connor aren’t related biologically.”

In fact, Tom had been stunned into oblivion upon finding out the result. Even when Toby had instructed him to find a way to obtain DNA samples of the two individuals to run a DNA test on them back then, Tom was not as surprised as he was when the results came out. In fact, Tom had suspected back then that Anya and Connor might not have been related because Toby would not have asked him to investigate the matter if he was not certain about it. Tom had always trusted Toby, so it was likely that the duo were not related biologically if Toby had such suspicion.

As such, Tom had been mentally prepared for the result. Nonetheless, despite his mental preparation, the moment he saw the result, the shock he received was way beyond his expectations.

As soon as Tom recalled this, he took a deep breath before asking, “President Fuller, do you think that Connor is aware that Anya’s not his biological daughter?”

“What do you reckon?” Toby spoke nonchalantly.

Meanwhile, Tom maintained his silence. That was a stupid question. Connor definitely knows!

In fact, as soon as Tom asked that, he realized immediately that it was a very foolish question.

Connor was a cunning and schemeful individual. He was a ruthless man used to plotting against others without getting implicated and there was no way he would not have known whether he had a daughter or not.

If Anya had actually been an imposter claiming to be Connor’s daughter, there was no way he would let her get away with things.

After all, if she claimed to be Connor’s daughter when she actually was not, that would indicate that she was making a fool out of him by scheming against him. Someone as ruthless as Connor would definitely not let Anya get away with this.

Furthermore, the first thing one would do when someone came forward claiming relations with one was to get their DNA tested. As such, if Anya actually dared to fake herself as Connor’s daughter, then there was no way she would be able to pass the DNA test and remain living and well up to this day.

Right now, the results verified that the duo was not father-daughter, but Connor had actually gone and announced to the public that Anya was his own. The only way to explain that would be Connor feigning ignorance as he waited to see what her fake daughter was plotting against him.

Otherwise, this could all be Connor’s plot from the start and he sought out Anya to claim that she was his daughter. Perhaps, he had lied to her in an aim to achieve some of his specific goals.

At this point, Tom was much more inclined to go along with the second possibility.

After all, if Connor intended to find out the reason Anya faked her profile and claimed to be his daughter, then he would not have to send her all the way to Seafield. Instead, he could have just kept her at Westsanshire and assigned some men to keep an eye on her. Yet, could he have brought her all the way to Seafield just to keep a close eye on her? That would be ridiculous, though.

Connor was one who treasured his life and would never place someone with unknown intentions by his side. Who knew if he had kept someone, whose intention was to assassinate him? Therefore, if she was placed by his side, then he was basically courting death. Clearly, the first option did not make sense at all, so it was surely the second option.

He must have sought Anya and lied to her about her being his daughter. Perhaps, he might have been forthright to Anya with his request to pose as his daughter. As for the reason to do so…

Tom lowered his eyes and remained deep in thought. He thought of the feud between Connor and the Fuller Family, then he suddenly gasped. “President Fuller, I think Connor sought Anya out to pose as his daughter because his target is you.”

Toby lifted his brows slightly upon hearing Tom’s deduction. Frankly, he was not the least bit surprised at all. On the contrary, there was a calm look on Toby’s face. “Keep going.”

“Okay.” Tom nodded. “Consider this. Connor is usually based in Westsanshire and he has never stepped foot into Seaview for over thirty years.”

“Your information isn’t accurate. He came here three months ago.” Toby pursed his lips and corrected Tom.

At that instance, Tom was caught by surprise, but he swiftly caught on to Toby’s words and smacked his forehead in realization. “Yes, that’s right. I forgot that he was the one behind your car accident three months ago. He did come to Seaview then and stayed in an obscure motel. Although we managed to locate the motel he stayed at previously, he was gone the moment we arrived and we merely found a photo of Madam White left behind.”

Toby was convinced upon seeing that photo that the person who had orchestrated the accident was most likely the person who killed Old Master Fuller too. However, Toby could not confirm that Connor was the mastermind back then. Now that he could, he also naturally figured out the mastermind behind his accident. Both incidents were orchestrated by the same person—Connor.

“Keep going.” Toby moved his lips slightly and reminded Tom.

Tom affirmed and continued, “Connor has barely visited Seafield over the past thirty years. Besides, the Salzburg Family mainly deals in the jewelry and antique business, so they don’t have any business dealings with any of the corporations in Seafield. That’s why they don’t have any enemies in Seafield and their only enemy would be the Fullers.”

As soon as Tom mentioned this, he paused for a moment to find out Toby’s reaction.

However, Tom noticed that Toby remained silent for quite some time, so he piped up again, “That’s why Anya’s presence in Seafield would not be a coincidence. It’s very likely that Connor sent her here to scout the situation and to transmit information on the Fuller Family readily. Otherwise, why didn’t he just leave Anya in Westsanshire? After all, it’d be logical for his daughter to remain in Westsanshire by his side. Why would she suddenly appear in Seafield, then? That’s why Anya’s presence in Seafield must be because she was assigned to monitor the Fuller Family. However, there could be another possibility as well.”

“Just be frank.” Toby frowned impatiently.

At that moment, Tom shrank back as he knew that the suspenseful air he tried to create had triggered Toby’s displeasure, so he stopped wasting time and continued, “Anya could have been intentionally sent by Connor to approach you and dazzle you.”

Toby was dumbfounded by that revelation. “Do you mean by seduction?”

“Yes.” Tom nodded. “I must say that you’re quite attractive, President Fuller, but I reckon that not every woman would fall for you at the sight of you. Even if she did fall in love with you at first sight, it wouldn’t make sense for her to be so infatuated to the point where she didn’t even bother to find out about the extent of your relationship with Miss Reed and chose to take action against Miss Reed to clear the path for herself. That would be a very foolish move, so I reckon that Anya isn’t actually in love with you, President Fuller.

“Her infatuation is basically just an act that she created in order for her to have a valid reason to stay in Seafield and approach you. Moreover, right now, I suspect that she went through plastic surgery purely for this purpose. She used to be below average, so she went through some transformative plastic surgery to gain her current beauty. Besides that, President Fuller, didn’t you realize something?”

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