This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1216

Chapter 1216 Not Biologically Related

“No, I didn’t.” He shook his head. “I honestly just didn’t want to put you in a difficult position. Trust me.” He made her look into his eyes.

At that moment, Sonia noticed the serious look in his eyes and she found herself believing his words. However, she refused to admit it and merely snorted twice.

Subsequently, he headed toward the direction of the bedroom with her in his arms. Sonia’s body instantly stiffened. “Toby, I’m ordering you to stop right now!”

Evidently, he did not pay heed to her words and stopped. He continued to carry her toward the room. “I told you that the soup tonight triggered the effect of the soup this morning, so darling, I can’t stop.”

As soon as his words fell, he kicked the door before it was thrown open.

Sonia yelled out, “Toby, I don’t trust a single word of yours! This is just an excuse! I have never heard of the effects of tonic soup lingering in one’s body before it gets triggered by something else!”

He chuckled deeply. “Well, now you have. Anyway, I’m not going to let go.” “Toby!” Sonia hollered at him. However, this time, her hollers were soon muffled by the shut bedroom door.

That night, Sonia experienced his exceptional prowess similar to the night before and she ended up fast asleep in his arms out of exhaustion.

She tried several times to get him to stop as she could no longer withstand it. She did not want to continue any longer, but he claimed that there was no way of stopping as the effects of the soup lingered on, so he had to keep going. Ha. This is all bullsh*t. This is all just his excuse! Pfft!

Before Sonia fell asleep, she could not help but scoff at him. He really is the devil.

Despite her reaction, he refused to let her off the hook and the tryst did not end even as she fell asleep.

Half an hour later, he finally achieved satisfaction and stopped his actions before carrying her into the bathroom.

He placed her into the bath he had run earlier and took a quick shower under the shower unit.

Perhaps the water temperature in the bathtub was too comfortable, so despite her being fast asleep, she could not help revealing a contented smile on her lips. Her head lolled by the side of the bathtub and she fell into a deep sleep.

Toby shot a look at her and noticed her red face while fast asleep. There was a tender look that flashed across his eyes as he continued to shower.

Having placed Sonia into the bathtub as he showered, he needed not to worry at all about her sliding into the bathtub and choking on water because the bathtub was custom-made with the function of supporting the body. Even if one fell asleep, one would not slide deeper into the bathtub. That was also why Toby had no concerns at all about putting Sonia into the bathtub as he showered.

After he cleaned himself, he was in no hurry to help Sonia take a shower. Instead, he put on a bathrobe before striding out of the bathroom to head back to the bedroom.

He stood by the bed and bent down to remove all of the bedsheets and pillowcases before flinging them to the ground. Subsequently, he stood in front of the wardrobe and opened a drawer to retrieve some clean bedsheets and pillowcases from inside before making the bed.

After Toby did all that, he finally got up and collected the dirty linen on the ground before bringing them to the laundry room. Then, he put the dirty linen into the washing machine and put it to start. Finally, he went back into the bathroom and squatted next to the bathtub to clean Sonia up.

During the process, he was very patient and gentle in his ways. It felt as if he was handling a priceless treasure as he did everything gingerly to avoid hurting her.

Once he had done wiping Sonia down, he carried her back into the bedroom. By then, it was already 4.00AM.

He placed her gently onto the bed and tucked her under the blanket before finally finding the time to take a look at his phone.

As soon as he switched it on, a message popped out on his screen prominently. It was a message sent from Tom three hours ago—approximately around midnight.

Knowing Tom’s personality well, Toby knew that he would never text him so late at night unless it was an emergency. Clearly, he must have something major to report in the message.

Toby stood by the bedside and held a white towel in his hand as he dried his wet hair. At the same time, he held his phone in one hand and unlocked it.

The room was lit up dimly, so the sudden brightness from the phone screen seemed to appear rather glaring.

The brightness from the phone screen shone on his handsome face and there appeared to be a mysterious air that surrounded him under the dark surroundings. He looked more dazzling than ever.

Yet the next second, his expression took a sudden turn as there was a dark look in his eyes and his eyebrows became tightly furrowed.

That was because the content on the message said, ‘President Fuller, the DNA results are out. Anya and Connor aren’t biologically related.’

Earlier on during the day, Tom mentioned that he had obtained Connor’s DNA sample so he could run that against Anya’s to determine whether the two were biologically related. Right now, the results were out and they indicated that the two of them were, in fact, not blood-related at all.

As soon as Toby saw this result, it was clear that he was unfazed through his nonchalant expression. Frankly, he already knew the answer in his mind and deduced that the two were not biologically related from the start. Nonetheless, he had never verified that information until now.

Now that it was, he merely accepted the truth and did not bore any other feelings. After all, he had already sensed from the duo’s interaction at the police station that they could not possibly be related. If Anya was indeed Connor’s daughter, then it would not be possible for him to treat her so coldly. Similarly, it was ridiculous for Anya to be afraid of Connor as well.

Even if Anya was his illegitimate daughter, she was still his daughter and his only descendant after all. Despite Connor’s ruthlessness, it was impossible for him to behave so coldly toward his only descendant. As a result, Toby considered it and reckoned that the two were definitely not related. Indeed, the DNA results proved so.

Even so, Toby was not the least bit happy at all for his mother’s sake. Although Connor did not have an illegitimate daughter, he had still broken his vow to Jean and cheated on her behind her back. As such, regardless of whether Connor had an illegitimate daughter, he was still a despicable man.

The reason Toby wanted to confirm whether the two of them were related was not because of his mother, since it would be pointless and unnecessary.

Instead, he wanted to find out why Connor had Anya to act as his daughter and their motives behind that.

Toby pursed his thin lips and remained deep in thought for a moment before finally stepping out of the room light-footedly. He shut the door gently behind him and stepped out to the balcony in the living room. At that point, he dialed Tom’s number.

The phone rang for less than two seconds before Tom answered the call. It appeared that he was waiting for Toby’s call all night, so there was an obvious hint of weariness over the call. “President Fuller.”

This is great! President Fuller has finally seen the message and called me. Oh gosh. I’m so happy that I finally don’t have to wait any longer! Tom originally thought that he would have to lose sleep tonight since the chances were high for him to wait till dawn. Fortunately for me, I’m blessed and didn’t get subjected to too much torture. Yay!

On the other end of the line, Toby naturally heard the weary note and tiredness in Tom’s voice. After a moment of silence, Toby coughed and said, “I’m sorry for making you stay up for so long. From now on, you don’t have to wait for a call back unless something bad happens to the company or it’s anything related to Little Leaf. Next time, you can go to bed.”

As soon as Tom heard Toby’s calm words, he widened his eyes incredulously and was stunned in place. What’s going on? Is President Fuller possessed?

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