This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1214

Chapter 1214 Help Me Eat Some

“Although you’ve managed to irritate her, you’ll need to be careful from now on,” the man stated sternly. Looking up, Sonia looked at Toby. “You mean…”

“Her call wasn’t just to mock you. It’s also a declaration of war.” Toby peered through his eyes. Pursing her lips, Sonia repeated, “Declaration of war?”

The man nodded. “Since she was mocking you as soon as she got out, she was stating that she wasn’t going to move on from what happened to her. She will seek revenge.”

This made Sonia snort. “She still has the cheek to want to seek revenge from me? Each time, it was always her that picked a fight with me. Even though it was always her fault, she had never reflected on herself and thought that I shouldn’t have retaliated and treated her like that. Revenge against me? How utterly foolish.”

Toby only patted her shoulders. “Don’t drop your guard. She isn’t hard to deal with, but Connor, who is backing her, is.”

“I know. Don’t worry, I’ll be extra careful.” Sonia showed a comforting smile to Toby, hinting that he should not be too worried.

Yet, how could he not be? He just did not express it then.

Although in his mind, he had already decided to land Anya back into jail again.

With Connor down one person on his team, we’ll have one less enemy to worry about. In the future, it’ll be much easier to deal with him.

This was his first time actively dealing with a woman.

As a man, he had been taught not to hit a woman nor scheme against them, but this time, he would make an exception.

For Sonia’s safety and to better deal with Connor, he did not want to adhere to his strict principles. After all, such morals would only be weighing him down in this situation. The second reason was that he thought such a woman like Anya was not deserving of his respect and principles.

Toby hugged Sonia gently and secretly wore a cold gaze. Naturally, Sonia could not feel this, since the coldness was not directed at her. All she could feel was the warmth that the man was providing her.

Snuggling in his embrace, she was listening to his heartbeat, making her extremely calm.

It was then the electric stove beeped three times after which it stopped completely.

Sonia quickly withdrew herself from his embrace. “The time’s up. The soup should be ready now. I’ll go prepare two dishes for dinner.”

She was about to stand up when her shoulders were pressed down by Toby.

The man rose to his feet under her confused gaze. “What’s wrong?”

“You just sit down and dry your hair. I’ll go make the dishes.” Toby then caressed her somewhat wet hair before walking to the kitchen.

Sonia smiled while touching the spot where he touched and went to fetch the hair dryer.

When she finished drying her hair, Toby had already prepared dinner.

Walking up to the dining table, Sonia leaned over and took a sniff before giving the man a thumbs up. “Not bad, Toby. Your cooking is improving.”

“If one practices, they would definitely get better at it. Eat up.” Toby then gave her a pair of cutlery.

Sitting down, she saw the man was about to eat when she thought of something and stopped him. “Wait.”

The man’s action came to a pause and he looked at her. “Yes?”

“Don’t eat first. Try the soup.” She then took a bowl and started filling it with soup.

Seeing how happily she was filling the bowl with soup made Toby’s lips twitch.

Seems like I’ll have to drink the soup.

Putting the bowl down from his hands, he placed his hand on his forehead and smiled.

Nevermind. Since I can’t avoid it, I’ll just face it then.

Since he could also accept the weird concoctions that his grandma always made for him, this was also a sign of goodwill from Grace.

Sonia treats Mrs. Lane as her real mother, so naturally, I should treat her as my mother-in-law.

How dare a son-in-law defy his mother-in-law’s words?

What if she doesn’t permit me to marry her?

As he was thinking of this, a bowl of soup was soon placed in front of him by a pair of slender hands.

Looking at it, he saw that the brownish soup had some fried onions in it. It did look quite appetizing.

“Try it.” Sonia sat back down and propped her chin with her hands, gazing expectantly at the man.

Under her watchful gaze, Toby picked up the spoon and scooped a mouthful of soup before slowly drinking it without a change in expression.

“How is it?” Sonia could not tell if the soup was good or not, for the man’s expression was too calm.

She thought that it was tasty since the smell alone was enough to make her salivate after she finished bathing. This was why she thought that the taste should be nice.

Yet, she also knew that Toby had higher tastes for his food, so she did not know if the soup she thought was good was good enough for him.

Besides that, she was worried that the ingredients of the soup might leave a weird aftertaste.

After all, the gaminess of beef bone was much stronger than pork bone.

What if Toby smelled the gaminess and knew that the soup wasn’t cooked from pork bone but beef bone instead? Then, wouldn’t my lie be exposed?

At that moment, Toby caught the panicking woman’s actions as he smiled subtly. “Not bad. It tastes alright.”

“Really?” Sonia bit her lower lip and nervously asked, “Aren’t there any weird tastes like gaminess?”

Toby, who knew what she was worrying about, smiled even wider while he scooped some soup and placed it in front of Sonia. “Try it.”

Looking at the spoon, she opened her mouth.

Let’s try it, then.

If I don’t, I’ll never know if he’s lying or not. So, I should just try it to let myself be at ease.

The moment she drank the soup, her eyes lit up. “It’s so good!”

Her face lit up as she looked at the soup joyfully. “I never thought that it’d be this good!”

Originally, she was still worried that a bit of gaminess might remain. This was because when she first started cooking the soup, the gaminess seeped out from the bone and she failed to get rid of it no matter what.

Hence, she was worried that Toby might not eat it if he smelled how gamy it was.

She never thought that she had over-thought about it.

Seeing how Sonia looked like she had discovered some lost treasures while staring at the bowl of soup, Toby felt like his heart had been pierced, as she was so adorable that it made him unable to breathe.

How can she be so cute?

Gulping, Toby asked in a somewhat hoarse voice, “Do you want some?”

“Sure,” Sonia agreed without even thinking.

The man then took her empty bowl and was about to fill it with some soup when she grabbed his wrist. “Wait. I think I’ll pass.”

“Why?” The man frowned.

Pursing her lips, Sonia replied, “The soup was meant for you, so I won’t have it. You can go ahead.”

Although she stated that, her field of vision never left the bowl of soup.

Seeing how she did not mean what she said, Toby laughed. “How can I finish so much soup? Besides, Mrs. Lane won’t know if you have it, will she? So, how about you help me out here, hm?”

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