This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1213

Chapter 1213 The Mockery of Anya

It was then the person on the other side of the phone finally spoke, “Sonia!” It was a woman.

Although her voice was hoarse beyond belief and sounded more like a leaky vent, it was a woman indeed. Also, Sonia immediately recognized whose voice it belonged to.

It was Anya! “Anya?” Sonia stood up in shock. Toby peered at her with a dangerous look. Naturally, he was just as shocked as Sonia, for he did not expect she would call.

On the phone, Anya sat on the hospital bed, laughing maniacally. “Yes, it’s me. Didn’t expect this, did you?”

Sonia did not ask how she got her number, since it would seem pointless.

After all, she was Connor’s daughter, so it was a piece of cake to obtain her contact. This was why she did not bother to ask. Still, she was interested to know why she called.

“I certainly didn’t expect this. So? What do you want to tell me?”

Toby put his arm around her shoulder, somewhat hugging her while listening to the call together.

On the other side, Anya was clutching her phone very hard. Due to her hatred, she was grinding her teeth to dust. “Sonia, you didn’t think that I would get out, did you?”

Raising her eyebrows, Sonia replied, “Did you call me just to tell me that you got out?”

She then snorted. “If so, then I think you could’ve saved your breath. I knew how you got out. It was Toby and I who signed the documents for you to get released. So, isn’t it a bit ironic that you’re showing off to me?”

This made Anya freeze up, as she was caught speechless.

Obviously, she did not expect that Sonia knew about the fact that she got out. Even more than that, it was thanks to her that she regained her freedom!

She had thought it was due to Connor and Toby that she could get out, and that Toby did it behind Sonia’s back.

After all, she ruined her wedding dress, so she knew how much Sonia loathed her. She thought that Sonia would never let her see the light of day. This was why it never crossed her mind that Sonia had a hand in this because all she could think about was Toby.

Assuming that Sonia would not want her out, Anya naturally did not think that Sonia would have signed the document. So, her conclusion was that Toby had signed it behind her back.

With this on her mind, she called to mock Sonia, intending to sneer at her with the dialogue that went something like, So what if you’re with Toby? In the end, he’s still hiding something from you.

She thought that Sonia would be deeply hurt upon hearing this. If that happened, then all the suffering and pain she endured these ten few days would be repaid somewhat.

Yet, it was completely different than what she had thought, for Toby did not do this behind her back. Rather, they did it together. Here she was, foolishly thinking that Sonia was oblivious to this and that she got the chance to finally mock.

In the end, she was mocked by Sonia instead.

This was akin to being slapped on the face. Not only did her cheeks hurt, she felt humiliated as well. Freshly released from the police station, she got mocked by Sonia shortly after, making her feel like the stupidest person on earth.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she got; her breathing got ragged again, making Sonia a bit scared.

“Okay now, Anya, since you’ve finished showing off, I’ll congratulate you on being released. Now that you’re a free woman again, you should act like a changed person. I’ll hang up now.”

Then, she quickly hung up.

She did not want Anya to get overly angry during the call, otherwise, it would end up being her fault again.

This was something she did want to take the fall for.

Besides, Sonia did not know whether Anya did this purpose, for she always had a weak body. What if she intentionally called me to be angered, so I would be blamed?

No matter what, I don’t want to talk to her for too long.

Sonia was also satisfied that she managed to one up her.

Smiling, she set her phone down and turned around, ready to tell Toby. Yet, as soon as she tried to do so, her lips made contact with his.

Stunned, Sonia immediately reacted and wanted to jerk her head back. Otherwise, she would not make it. Unfortunately for her, though, she underestimated the man’s speed.

Just as she wanted to avoid the kiss, Toby instantly held the back of her head and cut her retreat short before deeply kissing her.

The moment she felt her lips pried apart by the man, Sonia rolled her eyes, thinking that she should have predicted this.

If I react too slowly, this b*stard would always find a chance to kiss me.

The facts proved her right.

Although she was correct, she still could not avoid it as Toby managed to catch her.

Sighing, Sonia did not push the man away. She knew that men were all dominating by nature and also really greedy.

If she was in a hurry to push him away, then not only would Toby not let her go, he would only kiss her until she was out of breath.

Yet, if she was to let him kiss herself freely, then he would let go in satisfaction after a short while.

As expected, it was just like what Sonia had thought. Until the guise of her not resisting, the man quickly got his fill and let go of her slowly.

Toby wiped his lips with his fingers while looking at the flushed woman with contentment on his face. “Honey, I didn’t think you would be so proactive.”

His words made Sonia roll her eyes in response. “I’m the proactive one? It was you that closed in first, causing me to… Anyway, it’s your fault. Who told you to lean so close to me?”

If she had known Toby would be so close, she would not have turned around immediately and let herself get taken advantage of.

The man laughed in a low tone. “I didn’t think you would turn around so suddenly, but I like it, though. Not bad.”

Of course, you like it.

Sonia rolled her eyes again before waving her hands. “Okay, okay, enough of this. Did you hear our conversations earlier?”

“A bit.” Toby folded his legs elegantly.

Sonia then smirked. “Anya thought that I didn’t know she was already free, so she wanted to show off to me, but it turned out that I knew about it. After she knew that I had a hand in it, she was caught speechless. Even though I could not see her expression, I could imagine how awful her face must be. If I wasn’t afraid of driving her to an early grave through anger—which would’ve implicated me—I wouldn’t have hung up so quickly. I would’ve angered her even more.”

Seeing how happy the woman was smiling, Toby touched her hair and smiled too.

He was just happy that she was happy.

“You did a good job,” the man stated gently.

Sonia leaned on his shoulder. “I didn’t think that Anya would be so arrogant and try to mock me as soon as she got out. In the end, she still lost to me. I think that in the foreseeable future, she will be haunted by this.”

She was truly smiling.

On the other hand, Toby, who was hugging her, had a cold expression.

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