This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1210

Chapter 1210 Grayson’s Photo

Toby crossed his legs elegantly as he put one of his arms sluggishly on the backrest of the couch. With his other hand holding the phone, he tapped open Tom’s message unhurriedly.

The content was simple with just one sentence. ‘President Fuller, this is the photo that Miss Reed wants to see. I’ve sent it to you. Please forward it to her.’

It had a ‘thank you’ sticker at the end, and above the sticker and text were two photos. As he studied the photos, he saw that they were photos of Grayson seeking medical treatment from a doctor in a hospital.

In the photos, Grayson’s mouth was seriously swollen as though they were two sausages. On top of that, he had a furious expression, which made him look extremely hilarious.

Seeing that, Toby knitted his brows together and closed the photo in slight disgust. After that, he tapped on the forward button and sent it to Sonia.

At this moment, Sonia’s phone was on the tea table in the living room, which was just in front of Toby.

After he sent them over, her phone vibrated right away, and the screen lit up as well.

When he saw that, only then did he turn off his phone and throw it onto the tea table. Then, he picked up the remote control to turn on the television and watched the news of the day.

At the same time, at the Lore Residence, Grayson was sitting on a couch as well. He had a well-folded towel in his hand and was using it to ice his mouth. He kept groaning in pain as he was doing that.

Amelia, who was sitting beside him, felt so bad for her husband when she saw him like this. Her eyes were red, and teardrops were rolling down her cheeks. “How are you feeling, honey? Does it hurt a lot?”

When Grayson heard that, he glared at her irritably. “What do you think? Will I groan like this if it’s not painful?”

Since his mouth was very swollen and he was in a lot of pain, he couldn’t part his mouth as he wished. So, he was slurring his words, which sounded quite hilarious.

After Amelia was scolded by Grayson, not only did she not feel sulky, she felt worse for him as more tears streamed down her face. “How can Toby be like this? How can he hit you like this? After all, you’re older than him. He’s really outrageous, treating you so mercilessly.”

Grayson nodded his head in agreement as his eyes were filled with resentment. “I know, right? I didn’t know that he’d hit me so hard. He dared to treat me like this just for a woman? This is such a humiliation to me!”

Since he was born, other than being beaten by his father when he was young, no one else had dared to lay a hand on him. Even when the Lore Family’s status last time was nothing like it was now, no one dared to hit him either.

Yet, Toby actually asked people to lay their hands on him and even slapped him silly. It was already far from just physical punishment, but more like humiliation. If this got out, how was he going to continue to stay in the circle in the future? How was he going to meet anyone?

At this moment, Amelia took over Grayson’s towel, which was pressed against his mouth. When she saw that the ice in the towel had already melted, she added some ice cubes into it while crying and folded it back confidently before gently putting it back on his lips.

Probably because the ice was newly added, the towel was much colder than it was earlier. As soon as it touched his mouth, he was shocked by the cold at once, and his body trembled a little.

This tremble made his swollen mouth rub against the towel. It hurt him so much that he jumped up and threw the towel at Amelia furiously. With an exasperated face, he bellowed, “What are you doing?! Can’t you be a little more careful? Do you think that I’m still not hurt enough, huh?”

Although her back was in pain from his actions, she didn’t dare resent him and wasn’t willing to do so either. She quickly picked up the towel and stood up before apologizing to him with her face covered in guilt. “I’m sorry, honey. I didn’t do it on purpose. Are you okay? Let me see…”

She reached out her hand to check him out, but he swatted her hand away in annoyance.

Slap. The back of her hand was red from Grayson’s slap.

Amelia’s annoyance started to grow deeper. She lowered her head and kept quiet as her resentment for Sonia grew inside her.

From her perspective, if it wasn’t for Sonia, her husband wouldn’t treat her this way.

If Sonia didn’t appear within Toby’s sight and didn’t use those dirty tricks to threaten him to get back with her, he would’ve already been Lynette’s. Their Lore Family and the Fuller Family would have the best relationship as in-laws. It would be nothing like now—Lynette couldn’t be in love and was depressed every day while the Lore Family was at the edge of bankruptcy because of Sonia, which made her husband vent his frustration and dissatisfaction out on her.

This is all Sonia’s fault. Amelia squeezed the towel in her hand as she thought about that with her face twisted with resentment.

Just then, two different sounds of footsteps resonated from the stairs in the house, along with a gravelly voice complaining, “What are you two shouting about?”

As soon as Grayson and Amelia heard Harry’s voice, their expressions turned serious, and they turned around in synchronization.

At this moment, Lynette was holding Harry on his arm with a lovable expression as he came down the stairs with a darkened face.

“Dad.” Grayson and Amelia quickly greeted Harry.

After Harry and Lynette came down the stairs, they walked slowly to the opposite side of the married couple and sat across from them.

The couple turned their bodies along with the two’s movements. In the end, they sat down after seeing Harry and Lynette do so.

“Dad, why have you come down?” Grayson asked with a wry smile on his swollen lips.

On the other hand, Amelia poured a cup of tea quietly at the side. “Have some tea, Dad.”

After Harry took over the teacup that she handed him and took a sip, only then did he scoff and say, “You two were so loud downstairs that I could hear you from upstairs. How can I not come down to see what is going on? Now, tell me. What were you two talking about?”

“Yeah, you guys were so loud down here that Grandpa and I couldn’t discuss things at ease. We thought that something happened to you two, so we rushed down to find out what happened.” Lynette pouted her mouth and looked at her parents across from her with a worried expression.

However, if they took a closer look, they would be able to see that other than her words and expression, which were showing her worry to them, her eyes were actually showing none. What was in her eyes was actually dissatisfaction. Especially after seeing Grayson’s lips and Amelia’s rubber-stamped expression, she secretly despised them deep down.

Although her parents pampered her and loved her so much that they could even give her the moon, she still looked down on them secretly.

The father that she wanted was a strong and fearless figure, and the mother she wished for was an elegant and gentle one. They were nothing like this couple in front of her; an idiotic father who would only embarrass her and a timid mother whom she was embarrassed to talk about. Having them as her parents was the biggest failure of her life.

Of course, even when that was what Lynette thought, she wouldn’t show it on her face. After all, she still needed her parents’ unconditional love for her, and she needed them to fight on the front lines for her so she could hide in the back and plan. She wouldn’t need to do anything with her own hands.

If she showed her dislike toward them, they would feel bothered even when they still treated her well. If that happened, when she wanted them to do something for her, they would consider many things first and not agree with her right away.

Grayson and Amelia knew nothing about what was in Lynette’s mind and thought that she was genuinely worried about them. They were so touched, and it warmed their hearts.

“Nothing happened. You’re just being paranoid, baby. Nothing happened to me and your mom. We just argued a little. Don’t worry about it,” Grayson said as he looked at Lynette and smiled stupidly.

Amelia quickly nodded as well and replied gently, “Yeah, Lynette. Your dad’s right. We’re fine.”

“That’s good to hear. Grandpa and I can finally let our guard down.” Lynette patted her chest and breathed out from her mouth, looking as though she was finally relaxed.

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