This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1205

Chapter 1205 Grayson Had a Swollen Lips

After pondering for a few seconds, Toby made his final decision and said, “I’ll give it to Emily.”

“Emily?” Sonia was stunned when she heard his words. Then, a woman’s face flashed across her mind, and she slapped her thigh in realization. “Is Emily the woman who danced with you at the banquet a few months ago? The one who is tall and looks like a foreigner,” she asked.

“Yes.” Toby nodded. “Her grandfather is my grandfather’s brother. Hence, their family is on good terms with my grandfather. When I was young, Emily took great care of me, so we both have a pretty good relationship. However, she stayed abroad as her mother was a foreigner. When my grandfather died, their family left and stayed with her mother. They only return when there are matters that they need to attend here.”

Listening to his words, Sonia understood what he meant. “I see… It’s also best if Emily has the jade since she is also from the Johann Family. With that, the jade will be in the righteous hand of the Johanns again.”

“That’s exactly how I plan it to be.” Toby nodded and looked at the phone that she was holding. “Tom, find time to talk to Emily about this and send the jade to her. I believe that Old Mr. Johann would be happy if he knew about this.”

Old Mr. Johann was the younger brother of Toby’s grandfather. He had stayed abroad for a long time and never came back. Thus, he and Toby weren’t exactly close, and they only knew about each other’s existence.

“Yes, President Fuller.” Tom nodded and obliged. Then, he closed the box and put it on the passenger seat.

At the same time, Toby raised one of his hands and rubbed his temples. “Is there anything else?” he asked faintly.

Initially, Tom was going to end the conversation, but he couldn’t help but laugh when he remembered something. “There’s another thing I must say. We were just saying that Mr. Lore had gone to the hospital to check his mouth early in the morning. I heard that his lips are severely swollen. At the very least, he wouldn’t be able to open his mouth widely and eat for a few days. He can only stay in the hospital and take nutrient solutions.”

“Is that so? Good job.” As Toby spoke, he smiled while a hint of satisfaction flashed across his eyes.

When Sonia heard their conversation, she suddenly realized something and squinted her eyes as she looked at Toby. “Judging by the meaning of your conversation, don’t tell me that you guys have done something to Mr. Lore?”

“Yes.” Toby did not intend to hide it and admitted it straightforwardly, indicating that they had indeed done something to Grayson.

Seeing his reaction, Sonia inhaled sharply and said, “You guys actually did it. I heard Tom say that Mr. Lore’s lips were swollen. Did you guys hire someone to slap him?”

“Bingo, Miss Reed. You are such a smart person for guessing it correctly right away.” On the other end of the phone, Tom gave Sonia a thumbs up and praised her without hesitation.

Hearing his words, Sonia twitched her lips and said, “Did you really do it?”

However, Toby didn’t reply to her and raised his chin as he spoke. “He was being rude to you. It is only fair for him to be taught a lesson for having such a foul mouth. After this, he would learn to speak on the proper occasion.” As he spoke, his expression was gloomy.

“That’s right, Miss Reed.” Tom nodded hastily and said, “You also know how awful his words were when you kicked him out of Paradigm Co., so how could President Fuller possibly hold back when he saw the video your employee posted online? When he saw the clip, he immediately asked me to tell them to teach him a lesson. I felt that he wouldn’t regret his decision if I simply punished him. Since he has a foul mouth, I asked someone to slap him, which it’s the origin of his misdoings. Other than feeling pain, he will understand why he was being beaten. With that, I believe that he will feel humiliated.”

When Sonia heard Tom’s explanation, she looked at Toby and felt fuzzy inside. “So you guys taught him a lesson because he caused me trouble at Paradigm Co. yesterday. Thank you, Toby,” said Sonia as she smiled, feeling touched.

Again, Toby reached out and ruffled her hair. Although he didn’t utter a word, his movements had once again told Sonia that he would not let her be wronged. Those who deceived her would be hearing from him.

When Toby retrieved his hand, Sonia rubbed her cheeks to calm herself down. After regaining her composure, she looked at Tom and asked, “Tom, do you have any pictures of Mr. Lore? I want to see how swollen his lips are.”

Hearing her words, Tom shook his head and said, “I’m sorry, Miss Reed. I don’t have any pictures of him now, but if you want to, I can ask someone to take it from the hospital’s surveillance camera and send it to you.”

“That’ll do. Thank you.” Sonia smiled and thanked him.

“You’re welcome, Miss Reed. It’s not a big deal.” Then, he looked at Toby, who was driving the car. “President Fuller, there isn’t anything left to say. However, I will go to the police station to prove that the letter of understanding had your approval,” he said.

After listening to his words, Toby hummed in response and said, “Go ahead.”

With that, the video call ended. When Sonia put the phone down, she said, “Did you ask your men to hide their identities when they beat him up? If not, won’t the Lore Family know that it was you who did it?”

“I didn’t do it in secret. I assume they already know it was me who had done it,” Toby replied while driving.

Hearing his words, Sonia sighed and said, “If that’s the case, your relationship with them can’t be fixed.”

“I wasn’t planning on easing our relationship. Secondly, I am telling them that I insisted on not fixing our relationship with this method,” Toby said softly.

Toby was faithful to his words. Before Grayson caused trouble for Sonia, he wanted to ignore the Lores. Now that he had hurt Grayson, he indicated that he didn’t want to ease up the tension in their relationship.

“Even still, I don’t think they will be willing to accept the truth. Even if you had beaten them, they would hate me more than you. After all, I am the reason Grayson got beaten up. Thus, they will still treat you fairly, wanting to fix the relationship. Otherwise, why didn’t they call and interrogate you when you had hurt someone from their family? They aren’t the ones to be quiet about it.” As Sonia spoke, she looked at Toby with a smile.

At that moment, Toby curled his lips in mockery and said, “Let them do whatever they want. Everything they do will be useless if I stand by my words. Also, ignore their thoughts about you. I won’t let them hurt you.”

Hearing his words, Sonia smiled and said, “I trust you.”

Soon, they arrived at Bayside Residence. After parking his car, Toby unfastened his seatbelt and left the car, walking to Sonia’s side of the vehicle. Then, he opened the door and reached out his hand to her. When Sonia saw it, she smiled and placed her hand in his. As Toby grabbed her hand, he caressed her hand gently before helping her out of the car. His actions were so gentlemanly.

After Sonia got out of the car, Toby didn’t release her hand immediately. Instead, he lowered his head and gently kissed the back of her hand. At that moment, those parking their cars nearby saw his actions. Immediately, it caused cheers and excitement among them.

Seeing that the neighbors were teasing them, Sonia felt awkward and embarrassed. Then, she quickly eyed Toby, urging him to let go of her. However, Toby didn’t feel the need to be embarrassed. Why would he be embarrassed, though? He didn’t even squirm when they were seen kissing, let alone that he only kissed her hand. So, he was still holding her hand tightly as he gave her a faint smile.

At that moment, one of the residents closest to them came out of his car. Then, he smiled and greeted Toby, saying, “When I heard that President Fuller was staying here, I was still skeptical about it. However, I know that it is true now since you are here. It’s a pleasure meeting you, President Fuller.”

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