The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 4022

Chapter 4022 Cryptical Forging Technique

Meanwhile, Levi remained at the Prime Association in Lightspring. He wanted to discuss the details of their collaboration and formalize the matter.

Out of respect to Levi, the chairman of the headquarters of the Prime Association sent his one and only daughter, Wilma Myers, to speak to Levi personally.

“Please excuse my father for not coming to see you in person, Mr. Garrison. His special identity is a double-edged sword. Any slightest action from him will attract unwanted attention, and it may also cause you unnecessary trouble,” explained Wilma.

Levi waved his hand and said, “It doesn’t matter. It’s the same going over the matter with you.” “Thank you for your understanding, Mr. Garrison,” Wilma replied in a soft voice.

Then, she smugly introduced the Prime Association in detail. Levi learned that the headquarters of the Prime Association was located in a big city, right at the heart of the northern region.

Kenfort was divided into five regions—East, West, South, North, and Central. With Lightspring situated along the borders of the northern region, it was comparatively less bustling.

Even though the North was a large region, the Central was the busiest and the most well-developed area.

The cultivators from Kenfort often regarded the Central as Central State. It was where Livingsfill, the headquarters of the Prime Association, was found.

“Mr. Garrison, my father’s intention is for you to be at the Prime Association headquarters in Livingsfill and take over the position of Vice Chairman.”

Although it sounded like a genuine invitation, Levi could not help but feel patronized.

“Ms. Myers, I have no plans to join the Prime Association,” he declined without hesitation.

Truth be told, Levi had long thought about it. He had no issue collaborating with the Prime Association, but he was not willing to be one of them and have his freedom controlled by others.

Instantly, a trace of anger gripped Wilma’s heart.

Had it not been for the Prime Association, Levi would have been destroyed by the alliance formed by the Cordierite Association! Why does he think he still owns a chance to stand here and talk big?

Wilma kept her cool despite feeling extremely upset.

She smiled and responded, “I won’t force this down your throat since you said no, Mr. Garrison.”

The Paladins from the Prime Association were present, and they continued to admonish Levi furiously.

“How ungrateful are you, Levi Garrison! The Prime Association suffered a significant loss for the sake of protecting you.”

“That’s right! We even offered you the position of Vice Chairman of the association! How could you be so insolent to reject it?”

“If it weren’t for the Prime Association, you would have been killed by the fighters from the Cordierite Association.”

The crowd expressed their dissatisfaction one after another, and their comments made Levi’s face darken.

Sylvan was well aware of Levi’s character, so he quickly appeased the others to diffuse the situation.

Yet, the Paladins continued to glare at Levi with resentment.

Wilma seized the opportunity to pose a million-dollar question. “I heard that no one could fathom your ever-so-cryptical forging technique, Mr. Garrison. I wonder if I have a chance to witness it.”

At that moment, the Paladins indicated their doubts about Levi’s capability and raised a ruckus to see it to believe it.

“No problem! If you can prepare the materials, I’ll demonstrate it live for all of you.” There was no hesitation in Levi’s voice.

Wilma was well prepared. She took out the resources brought along and requested Levi to forge a weapon.

“Mr. Garrison, will it be okay to have so many pairs of eyes staring at you?” Sylvan asked with a frown.

The forging technique is considered a secret. What if the confidential information got leaked? Not everyone here is loyal to the Prime Association.

Levi replied with a smile, “No matter how many people watch me do it, none of them can master my forging technique.”

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