The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 4021

Chapter 4021 Skull Mire

When Sylvan met up with Levi at Immortal Manor, he could sense the latter’s anger. “Don’t be angry, Mr. Garrison. I know you’re capable of fighting the Cordierite Association, but there’s no point crying over spilled milk since the negotiation has ended,” advised Sylvan patiently.

Then, he gave Levi a detailed update on the negotiation process. Finally, Levi understood what the Prime Association had done. They had paid a heavy price to resolve the issue.

The nine-star ley line used was equivalent to the dragon ley line. Rumor had it that it was more powerful than any spiritual ley lines and could absorb special strength from the stars in the sky.

Since the Prime Association had made a huge sacrifice, Levi thought it was best not to step on their toes. After all, they had done that for the sake of protecting him.

“I am not an unreasonable person. I will not let the Prime Association suffer a loss for no apparent reason. I shall return the favor by gifting you five sets of ultimate weapons. Henceforth, we’re partners. However, I must forewarn you not to cross the line and play any dirty tricks,” reminded Levi in a stern voice.

Delighted, Sylvan nodded eagerly. He knew well the grade and quality of the ultimate weapons mentioned by Levi.

Those weapons were exceptional. They were far better than the premium ultimate weapons identified by the major sects. As a matter of fact, the ones offered by Levi were a cut above.

“Rest assured that this won’t happen again, Mr. Garrison,” Sylvan promised.

Subsequently, Sylvan broke the good news to the headquarters, and the entire Prime Association was overwhelmed with excitement.

Although they had paid a hefty sum to make peace with the Cordierite Association, it was nothing compared to gaining Levi’s friendship.

With such a top-notch blacksmith on our team, we can easily access any premium ultimate weapons whenever, wherever!

Meanwhile, Albert was not very pleased with the outcome of the agreement made with the Prime Association.

After the battle at Dragon’s Grave Valley, Lightspring had lost exactly seventeen Peak class fighters. Another major consequence was the elder’s divinity getting a terrible hit.

The council members of the Cordierite Association also felt embarrassed about the high number of deaths and casualties among their members from various sects.

Their decision to accept compensation could be misinterpreted as being cruel for using human lives as a bargaining chip.

Because of that, the council members of the Cordierite Association held a combined meeting and concluded that they should hire an assassin to get rid of Levi.

They were determined not to let it slide.

After the meeting, Albert focused on selecting the assassin.

The Cordierite Association did not want to look for an assassin from nearby territories, as they were wary not to raise suspicion.

They went as far as ten thousand miles off the Sea of Stars to a restricted area called Skull Mire.

It was an eerie and mysterious swampy land that had devoured many fighters and spirit beasts alive. Dead bodies filled the whole stretch of boggy ground, and that was how the place got its name.

Rumor had it that the group of assassins who lived there for a long time had cultivated an exclusive technique that enabled them to survive the mire.

Many people were well aware of the existence of the assassins, but no one dared to challenge them. Any visitor to the mire would be looking for trouble because of the unique landscape and the danger it entailed.

Moreover, the assassins from Skull Mire had never failed any of their countless missions. They were revered by many in Kenfort for their impressive achievements.

The Cordierite Association offered a very attractive package that made the assassins from Skull Mire accept the task gladly.

At the same time, the Cordierite Association also engaged more than ten big-scale bounty hunters, including the powerful Eternity, Reaper, and Terminator.

Those formidable bounty hunters each owned a city.

There was a clear division of labor. The assassins were tasked to kill Levi off, whereas the bounty hunters were responsible for stealing the four premium ultimate weapons from Levi.

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