The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 4019

Chapter 4019 Wipe Out Astre Lune Sect

Over a hundred cloudships, ferrying more than a thousand expert fighters from various sects, rushed toward Astre Lune Sect like lightning.

Even though Quirina and the council members had received timely reports of the incoming assault, they still panicked like a farmer who saw a cloud of locusts in the sky.

“What in the world should we do, Lord Morell?” “We wouldn’t be able to get away even if we started running now. Have you not reached Lord Garrison yet?”

“Our sources reported that the fighters of the Prime Association are only heading our way because they turned Lightspring upside down and still couldn’t find any trace of Lord Garrison.”

“So Lord Garrison did go into hiding because he wasn’t confident about dealing with them?”

Immediately, the council members of Astre Lune Sect were thrown into disarray; their faces turned as grim as a graveyard.

Quirina was overwhelmed by the questions thrown at her. She was filled with anxiety and fear like the others.

Even though Quirina knew she had to keep her composure since she was the Acting Minister of the sect, the panic in her eyes clearly showed that she had failed to do so.

The fighters of the Prime Association were not doing any better, for their eyes, too, were filled with nothing but insecurity.

Although they had contacted Sylvan and received some inside information from him, they were also just warned of the imminent danger.

The fighters knew the council members of the Prime Association headquarters were hurrying over but not the exact arrival time.

They would be in danger if the fighters of the Cordierite Association decided to attack before the council members arrived.

“Let’s not panic. I believe Lord Garrison has already made all the necessary arrangements.” Quirina could tell how unconvincing her words were. Everybody became even more fearful instead of relieved.

Suddenly, they heard a voice and were all stunned.

“Listen up, allies of the robber. Come out and accept your death.”

It was not difficult to imagine how powerful the person who spoke was, for he made everyone freeze like statues.

Quirina was secretly impressed by the terrifying speed of the dragon-shaped cloudships since she did not expect her enemies to arrive so soon. She led several people to the main hall, only to see more than a hundred cloudships filled with fearsome fighters hovering in the air when they reached the top of the city wall.

“Get the robber to show himself now, or I’ll have Astre Lune Sect bathe in blood,” threatened Albert.

At that point, Quirina was so terrified that her body shook uncontrollably.

Even though she did not know Albert, she could tell that he was a council member of the Cordierite Association just by the way he talked.

“Mr. Fitzgerald, our fighters are on their way over to negotiate with you, so I’d like to ask you to keep your—” Before the speaking Prime Association fighter could finish his sentence, he saw a blinding light flash in front of his eyes before everything went dark.


The dead man fell to the ground.

“How annoying!” Albert snorted. “From this moment on, I’ll kill ten people every fifteen minutes until the robber shows himself.”

Upon hearing that, the people on the city wall all backed away instinctively, for none dared to call the man’s bluff.

Although the fighters of the Prime Association were furious, they had no choice but to suppress their emotions when facing such a powerful force.

Feeling as if they were knocking on death’s door, everyone was so tense that they did not even dare to breathe too loudly.

Fifteen minutes went by in the blink of an eye. Albert announced, “Since the robber doesn’t seem to care if you live or die, you can’t blame me for being cruel.”

“Somebody, kill the ten Astre Lune Sect council members next to that woman first,” ordered Albert as he pointed at Quirina.

“Yes, Sir!” With that, a figure dashed forward to close in on its target.

Quirina’s and the others’ pupils instantly shrank when they sensed the murderous intent of the figure.

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