The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 4018

Chapter 4018 A Coward

Many local fighters in Lightspring discussed among themselves when they saw the frightening sight of large cloudships zooming toward them. Then they all hurried to a hiding place far away.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! When the numerous dragon-shaped cloudships flew past them, the fighters of the Prime Association shook in their boots.

However, they dared not make a move without an order. On top of that, the Cordierite Association and their affiliated sects did not seem as if they were bold enough to initiate an attack.

Albert stood in the central control room of the cloudship spearheading the convoy, accompanied by elite fighters who served the Cordierite Association.

At that moment, they were all releasing their energy to search for Levi’s aura in Lightspring.

The fighters on the other cloudships were doing the same to comb for any trace of Levi.

Because of the amazing speed of the cloudships and the sheer number of them searching in unison, they did not take long to turn Lightspring completely upside down.

Still, they could not get hold of Levi.

“The robber isn’t in Lightspring,” concluded Albert.

After the dozens of cloudships returned to the camps outside Lightspring, Albert immediately addressed the fighters of other sects. “I think the robber went into hiding because he knew he wouldn’t stand a chance after discovering how powerful we are. I guess he isn’t that impressive after all!”

“You’re right. I heard he was as arrogant as a lion; he didn’t even take the Cordierite Association seriously. It’s funny how he turns out to be a coward!”

“We can’t blame the man entirely for his arrogance. After all, the force we sent before was limited, not to mention the support he got from the Prime Association. That was how he fought off our people.”

“I think the most the robber can take on is the combined power of three large sect fighters.”

“That’s right. If it weren’t for the Prime Association’s help, he probably wouldn’t have been a match for the ten-thousand-man Tenebrous Sky Division army.”

“He’s wise enough to know when he’s out of his depth. I, too, would go into hiding if I were in his shoes.”

The crowd roared with laughter when they heard that.

The members of these sects had been anxious since many of their fighters had returned with their tails between their legs.

However, they were later convinced that their enemy was not as terrifying as they thought. The robber is nothing in the face of our absolute power.

“What do we do next, Mr. Fitzgerald? Should we wipe the Prime Association out?” asked somebody respectfully.

After a moment of thought, Albert replied, “Our main goal now is to kill the robber. As for the Prime Association, there’s no need for direct conflict with them for the time being. Only after murdering the robber will we make them pay for siding with him. They’ll regret the day they made that decision. Since the robber’s not in Lightspring, we’ll head to Astre Lune Sect directly and obliterate that insignificant sect. I’m sure he’ll show himself by then.”

Everyone quickly nodded in agreement after listening to Albert.

“Mr. Fitzgerald, the leader of the Lightspring branch of Prime Association, Sylvan Webber, requests to meet. He said he wanted to discuss the condition for protecting the robber,” reported a subordinate suddenly.

Albert scoffed, “Does a branch leader of this little border city seriously think he’s worthy to speak to me? Tell Sylvan that they should at least send a council member of the Prime Association to talk to me if they want to negotiate. He’s not worthy. Brush that man off because we’re to set off immediately for Astre Lune Sect.”

Albert did not take Sylvan seriously at all, but that was not because he was arrogant. There was indeed a significant gap between their statuses.

Not only were Lightspring and Willowbank worlds apart, but the Cordierite Association was also much greater than the Prime Association.

It was only natural that Albert had a sense of superiority.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Following a wave of roaring sound, hundreds of dragon-shaped cloudships soared into the sky and zoomed toward Astre Lune Sect.

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