The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3997

Chapter 3997 Arcadia Is Here

The army consisted of fighters from Arcadia. They were instantly perplexed when they noticed Blithe Lord’s soldiers fleeing the area from a distance.

The vice sect leader of Arcadia furrowed his brows slightly. He had not received any information before coming here, so he thought he was the first one to reach Astre Lune Sect.

When Arcadia discovered that the robber possessed a top premium ultimate weapon, the sect coveted it and sought to reach Astre Lune Sect first in order to acquire it.

Arcadia’s obsession with ultimate weapons was far greater than that of the other sects due to their expertise in alchemy and weapon forging. “What’s going on here? Stop some of Blithe Lord’s men and ask them,” the vice sect leader of Arcadia ordered.

The apprentices of Arcadia received his order and attempted to stop Blithe Lord’s subordinates. To their surprise, Blithe Lord’s men refused to be stopped.

They were relentlessly killing anyone who got in their way as if they were being pursued by a far more terrifying monster. “Sir, it seems that someone is heading over here!”

“That guy is carrying a blade and a sword! He’s likely the robber we are looking for from the description!” “Is it really the robber? Lady Luck must be on our side. I’m definitely getting the reward from Cordierite Association.”

“There’s a spirit beast behind him. It looks like a Qilin!” Everyone discussed among themselves.

The vice sect leader of Arcadia was unfazed by this scene and immediately ordered, “Prepare for battle! We’re going to kill the robber!”

“Yes, sir!” Instantly, all the fighters were excited, as they were here to make their mark. Now that the opportunity was upon them, their excitement was through the roof.

The incoming man was Levi. He had no knowledge of Arcadia, but he treated them as enemies because they had come to attack Astre Lune Sect.

I’ll kill all of these enemies! Levi drew his sword, and an immense amount of sword energy was instantly released. The fighters from Arcadia were unfazed. Even if the robber is strong, we outnumber him.

Almost all of them had this same thought since Levi was only known for killing the seventeen fighters in Cordierite Association.

They started fighting against Levi due to their confidence in their numbers.

However, they were unpleasantly surprised the moment their energies collided with Levi’s.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

In the blink of an eye, the fighters’ weapons shattered into pieces. Levi’s sword energy pierced through the Arcadia fighters and killed them instantly.

Many of them died before they could even make a sound.

Thunder Qilin’s attack followed immediately. At that moment, the fighters suffered from a combination of thunder, fire, and frost attacks.

Many of them were either burned to a crisp, frozen into ice statues, or splintered into ashes before they could react.

Arcadia’s vice sect leader was taken aback because he had not expected his sect’s fighters to be unable to make a single move against Levi.

If Levi killed one or two of his men, he would consider it an act of carelessness on the part of his men. Many Arcadia fighters, however, lost their lives on the spot. This meant Levi’s strength far outweighed his imagination.

“Hundred Alchemical Gods Array!” the vice sect leader bellowed.

Ultimately, Arcadia was still one of the larger sects, and these fighters were all elites.

Although Levi caught them off guard, they quickly calmed down and assembled themselves to face the incoming enemy.

“Alchemical Gods? Let’s see how powerful your array is!”

Levi remained unperturbed, charging toward them with a blade and a sword in each hand. He entered Arcadia’s array and began slaughtering the fighters.

Countless Arcadia fighters lost their lives whenever his weapons swished through the air.

Upon seeing this scene, Arcadia’s vice sect leader gasped in shock. He did not expect the robber to have such horrifying strength.

No wonder Blithe Lord’s men were running for their lives… They must have been traumatized by him too. Wait, did I just use the word “too”?

The corners of the vice sect leader’s mouth twitched involuntarily.

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