The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3996

Chapter 3996 Too Dangerous To Face The Enemies Alone

Levi jumped down from the tall city tower without a sound before his figure disappeared in a flash. “Thunder, get back!”

With a loud shout, Thunder Qilin, who had almost slaughtered the group of spirit beasts, stopped and retreated in the opposite direction.

Levi’s figure flitted across the battlefield and charged straight into Blithe Lord’s troops. “He is coming! Retreat!” “Why should we be afraid of him when there are so many of us?”

“Blithe Lord lost because he had underestimated his opponent. We should all rise up and attack him together to avenge Blithe Lord.”

“Indeed. It should be as easy as pie to kill him with our numbers.” After a short period of panic, Blithe Lord’s army calmed down again.

After all, they were all experienced fighters. Many of them were also loyal subordinates of Blithe Lord. Of course, there were some opportunists who wanted to take the credit for beheading Levi to take the reign of Blithe Lord.

Although everyone was harboring different thoughts, they all had the same goal which was to kill Levi. Everyone held up their weapons, be it swords, guns, halberds, axes, or hooks, and charged directly in Levi’s direction.

Yet, they were met with a raging torrent of sword energy. As Dragon’s Grave and Thunder Slaughterer rattled and danced through the air, the sword energy intensified and formed a net that directly covered Blithe Lord’s army.

Everyone instinctively brandished their weapons to parry the attack. Unfortunately, their ordinary weapons were powerless against the premium ultimate weapons.

Although it wasn’t Levi’s all-out blow, the attack was a catastrophe for Blithe Lord’s army. In an instant, the weapons in their hands turned into ashes. Many of them failed to dodge and were ripped apart by the attack.

Many people were frozen into ice statues or burnt into ashes by the power of the two ultimate weapons. “You’re like King Canute trying to stop the tide!”

Levi’s cold voice rang out, sending shivers down Blithe Lord’s army’s spines. Clang! Clang! Clang!

Many lost their lives whenever the ultimate weapons swished through the air. Levi was like the Grim Reaper, brandishing his scythe to take the lives of Blithe Lord’s army.

From a distance, one could see Levi charge into Blithe Lord’s army, slaughtering his opponents and leaving bloody paths behind him.

Blithe Lord’s army tried their best to put up resistance at first, but soon they realized they were no match for Levi and all fled in defeat.

“It’s too late to flee now.”

Levi obviously didn’t intend to spare his enemies. He summoned Thunder Qilin and chased after them.

Stunned, Sylvan and the others shouted, trying futilely to stop Levi from pursuing his opponents. “Don’t go after them!”

Levi merely turned a deaf ear and continued his pursuit as Blithe Lord’s army fled in disorder.

“It’s too dangerous for him to face the enemy alone. No one knows where those other forces are. Hurry up and go help Mr. Garrison. We don’t want him to suffer any losses,” Sylvan immediately issued an order, and the elites of Prime Association rushed to help.

Quirina and the others wanted to charge forward too but were stopped by Sylvan.

“You guys can just stay here. If there are other forces attacking, I will need you to send the news as soon as possible.”

Quirina and other members of Astre Lune Sect agreed with Sylvan’s arrangement.

Naturally, they also knew that they would not be of much help when facing the allied forces of Cordierite Association.

They might even drag Levi down.

Meanwhile, the fleeing Blithe Lord’s army was hunted down and gradually decreased in numbers until they did not have enough personnel to activate the cloudship.

They originally wanted to use Cardinal Spear against Levi, but the man who got near was instantly frozen into an ice statue by the overwhelming iciness emanated by the weapon.

Seeing that, no one dared to covet Cardinal Spear anymore.

Levi and Thunder Qilin continued their pursuit before seeing another army approaching them from a distance.

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