The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3995

Chapter 3995 I Will Teach Them A Lesson

After a short moment of silence, a commotion erupted among the members of Astre Lune Sect and Prime Association. “Lord Garrison is truly astonishing. He killed Blithe Lord in one strike, the Blithe Lord who had destroyed several large sects!”

“A single blow managed to shake the entire Blithe Lord’s army to their core. Look at the helter-skelter; they are probably thinking of ways to escape.” “Does Levi really need our protection? He’s way too strong!”

“There are less than ten fighters who are stronger than Blithe Lord in the entire Prime Association. I can’t believe he took down Blithe Lord with only one shot.”

“It’s no wonder that the headquarters of Prime Association values him so much. From the looks of it, that spear is probably a top-notch premium ultimate weapon too.”

“If I had such a powerful premium ultimate weapon, I would definitely become a powerhouse of Prime Association.” All the chatter from the crowd naturally reached Levi’s ears.

In actuality, the four premium ultimate weapons, Dragon’s Grave, Thunder Slaughterer, Desfort, and Cardinal Spear, were actually imitations of the four divine tools of the Ecclesiastic Order.

It was just that they were forged using top-quality raw materials. Besides, they were forged and refined in the blaze of Earthfire, the draught of Arctic Lake, and the rumble of Heavenly Thunder.

Naturally, the forged premium ultimate weapons were far more powerful than an average one.

Upon wielding, it was found that the performance of the four ultimate weapons surpassed expectations. Dragon’s Grave and Thunder Slaughterer easily slaughtered the seventeen elites of the Cordierite Association.

It only took two arrows for Desfort to incapacitate Eclipse and the Eclipse Academy from thousands of miles away.

Also, the first strike of Cardinal Spear took the life of the elite fighter of the Cordierite Association, Blithe Lord, that day. Even Levi was quite pleased with such a terrifying record.

Levi’s forging technique has significantly exceeded my expectations. Sylvan exclaimed in amazement in his heart.

Levi had hidden the existence of the premium ultimate weapons so well that Sylvan didn’t even know that he had made so many.

Ever since Sylvan came to Astre Lune Sect and saw the four premium ultimate weapons, he had been wondering what kind of superb forging skills was needed for forging them.

The four premium ultimate weapons were not only different in form, but they also had different characteristics. This required a high level of craftsmanship so that all the ideas could be integrated seamlessly.

“Putting aside other factors, those four ultimate weapons are enough to prove the great value of Levi. It’s no surprise that Prime Association would do anything to protect him.”

Sylvan made up his mind and immediately passed the news to Prime Association.

All of the Prime Association’s high-ranking officials were stunned upon receiving the news.

Although Sylvan didn’t know exactly what grade those four ultimate weapons were, he knew that they were definitely ranked top on the list based on their performance.

Moreover, if other sects or associations were to know about the ultimate weapons and wanted to lure Levi over, their offers would undoubtedly be better than what Prime Association had to offer.

That was why Prime Association had to show a firm attitude, especially when the sects of Cordierite Association came at Levi.

After all, people would appreciate those who lent them a helping hand when they were in trouble.

Even if other larger sects found out about this in the future, Levi would still stand up for them as he would owe them a favor.

It was worth it to pay the price for these four top-level magic weapons, not to mention that Levi himself was a master blacksmith who forged the ultimate weapons.

After a brief discussion, the headquarters of Prime Association issued an order to have Levi’s life protected at all costs.

Even the headquarters started to send fighters over as reinforcements. They were clearly doing everything they could to support Levi.

Sylvan was also pleased with the answer as the Lightspring branch didn’t have to worry about fighting alone.

“You guys just need to stand aside and watch. Don’t come to help. I will teach them a lesson.”

Before he finished speaking, Levi leaped down from the tower with Dragon’s Grave and Thunder Slaughterer in his hands.

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