The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3994

Chapter 3994 Blithe Lord Is Dead

The next second, Blithe Lord saw a blinding bolt of light charging toward him. “Do you really think it’s possible to hurt me with a mediocre weapon like that? Dream on! Let me show you how powerful my ultimate weapon is.”

Blithe Lord let out a deafening bellow as he channeled his energy into his sword before hurling it at the bolt of light. Zing!

Dazzling sparks instantly exploded from the sword as its blade transformed into a massive energy storm and tore through the air toward the bolt of light.

Blithe Lord sneered, thinking that there was no way a distant attack could break through the energy storm barrier.

He intended to leverage the shockwave of the energy storm to strike and take down the King class spirit beast after blocking his opponent’s attack.

However, the next instant, the smile on his face stiffened. “How is this possible?”

The bolt of light had easily broken through the barrier created by the energy storm of the blade. At that moment, the air stilled and silence ensued.

At the same time, the atmosphere seemed to have solidified as a gust of frosty wind swirled past. Blithe Lord’s ultimate weapon was frozen and was then struck by the bolt of light and reduced to dust.

“This is bad!” Blithe Lord had an ominous feeling and his pupils contracted. He immediately started cultivating to activate an energy shield to protect himself.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! An energy with a thickness of hundred feet was instantly formed. Almost simultaneously, Levi’s Cardinal Spear hit the outermost layer of the energy shield, shattering it into pieces.

Crack! More importantly, the Cardinal Spear was still traveling at the same speed, unaffected by the obstruction of the energy shield.

“Shit!” Blithe Lord knew that things were not looking good and wanted to dodge to the side. However, it was all too late. In a flash, the Cardinal Spear pierced through his chest.

Even though Blithe Lord was wearing armor made with the finest materials, the spear had still easily penetrated his body.

The strong impact from the hit sent him flying backward at such a fast speed that only an afterimage of him could be seen in the sky.


Finally, Blithe Lord was nailed against the cloudship that was floating in mid-air.

The cloudship started shaking violently and only came to a halt after being knocked almost a thousand feet backward.

“T-This is impossible!”

Disbelief was written all over Blithe Lord’s face.

Immense lightning energy and cold energy filled the man’s body, charring his internal organs before freezing them.

Spurts of blood shot into the air in the shape of frozen red roses before landing on the ground.

Blithe Lord’s army was shocked beyond belief as they watched him get killed.

“Blithe Lord is dead! How is this possible?”

“What was that flying object? How can it possess such terrifying power?”

“Blithe Lord’s sword is one of the most powerful ultimate weapons around. I can’t believe it was destroyed so easily.”

“What do we do now? Are we going to continue to attack Astre Lune Sect?”

Blithe Lord’s army was at a loss after losing its leader.

No one from either Astre Lune Sect or the Prime Association spoke a word.

Levi stood with his hands behind his back, a serene expression on his face.

However, despite his calm appearance, adrenaline was pumping within him as he had just killed a Kenfort fighter effortlessly.

Overlooking Blithe Lord’s army whose morale had completely shattered and who were trembling in fear after their leader had been killed, Levi felt as if he was the ruler of Kenfort.

Levi was the God of War in the mundane world. However, as time went by, he had become unbeatable.

It was only when he arrived in Kenfort and met the fighters there that he felt excitement flowing through him again.

The feeling of having his competitive spirit ignited was indescribable, especially after he had long forgotten how it felt.

Kenfort fighters, get ready to beg for your lives. I’m coming for you! Levi exclaimed in his heart as a strong fighting intent flashed in his eyes.

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