The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3993

Chapter 3993 Cardinal Spear

While Blithe Lord and his men were still in shock, the Thunder Qilin started carrying out its massacre. The spirit beast growled ferociously as he leaped up and down, either spitting fire from its mouth, shooting lightning bolts from its back, or firing hailstones from its hoofs.

Blithe Lord’s army of spirit beasts was either turned into charred carcasses, burned to ashes, or frozen into ice statues. It was impossible for the army of spirit beasts to defend themselves against the Thunder Qilin’s attacks, let alone retaliate.

All color had completely drained from Blithe Lord’s face. His subordinates, who were behaving arrogantly just a while ago, gaped in shock.

While Blithe Lord and his men were panicking and falling into the depths of despair, the fighters from Astre Lune Sect and the Prime Association were fired up with excitement.

They were pleasantly surprised, as they had never imagined that the Thunder Qilin possessed such formidable combat prowess. After all, it was usually a prideful and pretentious creature.

Against the Thunder Qilin, the hundred over mighty beasts were completely powerless and were just like lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

What shocked everyone the most was the Thunder Qilin’s triple attack.

“If I’m not mistaken, the lightning bolts released by the Thunder Qilin had nine different colors!”

“Also, the flames that came out of its mouth were comparable to the energy unleashed by the fire-based spiritual ley line. It was so powerful that some of those beasts had instantly vaporized.”

“And those hailstones! It was so far away, but its cold energy made me feel as if I had fallen into an ice cave. No wonder those spirit beasts turned into ice statues in just a split second.”

“Given the Thunder Qilin’s immense powers, I’m afraid that even the combined efforts of top fighters from large sects would not be enough to defeat it.”

“Mr. Garrison is indeed something else. It’s unbelievable that he is able to keep this King class spirit beast under his wing.”

One could only imagine what torture Levi had subjected the Thunder Qilin to in order for it to be as tame as a kitten in front of the man.

“Oh no! It seems that Blithe Lord is going to fight the Thunder Qilin personally,” Sylvan suddenly exclaimed. Everyone looked in the direction where Sylvan was pointing.

With a sword in hand, Blithe Lord had jumped off the cloudship and was floating in mid-air. He was looking at the Thunder Qilin with a terrifying expression while exuding murderous intent.

Having noticed it earlier, Levi grabbed a spear from the selection of various premium ultimate weapons.

The crowd turned to look and saw that the spear had a silver shaft with electric arcs dancing around its pointed head and generating flames that were gradually rising.

Even though Levi had yet to unleash any attack, the spear gave off divine energy that enchanted anyone witnessing it. “As expected of a premium ultimate weapon!”

“I wonder how powerful this spear is.” “I’m sure it won’t be any weaker than Dragon’s Grave or Thunder Slaughterer.” Exclamations could be heard from the members of Astre Lune Sect.

A number of them had previously witnessed the prowess of Thunder Slaughterer, where countless top fighters of Eclipse had been killed by the weapon instantly.

Everyone from the Prime Association was mesmerized by the spear. Although they had seen their fair share of weapons, they had not encountered any premium ultimate weapon that was that impressive.

Sylvan was also in awe. The ultimate weapon that he had previously gotten from Levi paled in comparison to the spear.

“Looks like Levi’s forging technique is far more superior than I’ve imagined,” the man muttered emotionally.

His determination to protect Levi was further strengthened.

“This is the Cardinal Spear!”

It was named after The Cardinal Hall.

After introducing the weapon, Levi aimed it at Blithe Lord before throwing it forward.


An ear-piercing sound was heard as the spear cut through the air.

Lightning sparks were generated from the electric arcs surrounding the shaft of the spear. It only took a fraction of a second for the spear to reach Blithe Lord.

Meanwhile, right after Blithe Lord started cultivating in preparation for his battle with the Thunder Qilin, he suddenly sensed danger.

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