The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3992

Chapter 3992 Thunder Qilin Is Invincible

Blithe Lord’s one-horned draconic tiger beast was no exception as it dashed toward the walls. The instant the beast started running, Blithe Lord leaped and landed on the cloudship floating in the air.

More than a hundred spirit beasts charged forward madly, ominous lights in their eyes. They seemed eager to tear their enemies to shreds.

There were also flying spirit beasts, and they were soaring straight toward the crowd standing on the walls as they howled.

“Activate the defensive formations! The spirit beast army is attacking. This is Blithe Lord’s specialty. Under the influence of demonic music, those spirit beasts will become exceptionally bloodthirsty and aggressive. Not only that, but the spirit beasts’ power will also increase temporarily. Everyone, don’t let your guard down,” Sylvan and the fighters from the Prime Association reminded.

The Astre Lune Sect members’ anxiety instantly peaked when they heard that. They had no idea Blithe Lord’s spirit beasts would undergo such changes.

“No need to worry. Thunder can take care of these small fries,” Levi reassured lazily.

The crowd was shocked and confused. Because of their tense nerves, they didn’t give much thought to what “Thunder” was in that context.

The Thunder Qilin growled. It was unhappy that the crowd had forgotten about it—an important spirit beast.

Leisurely, the Thunder Qilin stood up and glanced at Levi as though it was asking Levi how much power it should unleash.

“Kill them all. Show them what a top-tier spirit beast is made of!” Levi encouraged.

The Thunder Qilin howled happily, delighted to gain a chance to show off.

“Go!” As Levi shouted again, it pounced forward and shot itself through the air like an arrow with a roar.

Its voice unleashed a powerful mental attack because it didn’t hold back, which caused almost everyone there to feel dizzy.

In the blink of an eye, the spirit beast army that was charging toward the walls suddenly stopped in their tracks like statues.

The lower-level spirit beasts prostrated themselves on the ground as though they were mortals kneeling before a deity.

The spirit beasts that had the worst experience were the aerial ones. They were about to attack from the sky when the Thunder Qilin’s roar attacked their brains.

The pressure of the mental attack was so immense that they couldn’t muster any thoughts of resistance.

They all dropped to the ground. The lucky ones had a few broken bones, while the unlucky ones fell straight down to hell.

The Thunder Qilin let out another roar, freezing the movements of the spirit beasts that had just returned to their senses.

Without giving its enemies any chance to catch a breath, it unleashed the lightning energy crackling on its skin.

Colorful, violent lightning bolts landed on the motionless spirit beasts.

More than thirty spirit beasts were burned to a crisp by the lightning energy. Then, their remains were blown away by the powerful energy shockwaves.

“Is that a King class spirit beast? Why does that robber have one? This is impossible! A King class spirit beast is about as powerful as ten Peak class fighters, yet it’s the robber’s pet?”

Blithe Lord’s subordinates gasped in shock.

Even Blithe Lord himself was flabbergasted. He thought he was impressive because he was capable of taming many high-level spirit beasts with his beast-taming technique.

However, his accomplishment paled in comparison to the robber’s capabilities.

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