The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3991

Chapter 3991 Spirit Beast Army

Blithe Lord was wearing an animal-skin robe as he stood on the back of a gigantic tiger-like spirit beast, which was positioned at the forefront of his army.

The spirit beast was the size of a fully matured elephant. Its huge tiger head was very intimidating, especially because it had an unusually sharp horn on its forehead.

“Listen to me, you robber! If you hand over your ultimate weapons, I shall spare you!” Blithe Lord made his voice sound as loud as thunder.

The spirit beasts roared at the same time as though they were hyping him up.

Ever since he learned of the premium ultimate weapons in the robber’s possession, he had traveled to Astre Lune Sect with his spirit beast army without stopping even once.

He swore to himself that he would get his hands on those weapons to raise his reputation in Willowbank and make nearby territories tremble before him.

Following behind his spirit beast army were vicious-looking cultivators. Each of them dressed differently and exuded a terrifying aura.

“I’ll give you fifteen minutes to consider your next move! If you still haven’t surrendered by then, I shall raze Astre Lune Sect to the ground!” Blithe Lord yelled again, which was accompanied by the howls of his spirit beasts and clamors of his other subordinates.

Levi, Sylvan, and the others arrived at the walls of the headquarters of Astre Lune Sect.

Aside from Levi, everyone else was either grimacing or glowering.

Blithe Lord was already at their doorsteps, yet the Prime Association reinforcements still hadn’t arrived.

“According to the rumors, Blithe Lord’s cultivation level has nearly reached perfection. He also has an army of mighty spirit beasts. It’s hard to gauge their strength.”

“He also took in a bunch of malevolent, vicious criminals. Most of them are bloodthirsty demons who committed heaps of evil acts in Kenfort.”

“Look at those creatures! I think more than half of them are high-level spirit beasts. Just those beasts alone are probably as powerful as the core combat force of a large sect.”

“Blithe Lord is personally directing his army, and he’s riding on the legendary one-horned draconic tiger beast. I heard it’s part of an ancient spirit beast bloodline and it’s as strong as a Peak class fighter.”

The crowd was discussing their enemy with each other. Upon listening to those words, many of them revealed a ghastly expression.

They couldn’t help but feel fearful as they watched the spirit beasts clattering their hooves and looking bloodthirsty.

The differently dressed demons’ faces contorted as well as they stared at the Astre Lune Sect members mockingly.

Quirina, who was the leader of the female members, was getting especially pale.

They had heard of the cruelty Blithe Lord’s subordinates were capable of before. Their male enemies would be killed, and the females would be sentenced to a fate worse than death.

With a grim tone, Sylvan said, “Blithe Lord’s strength is unfathomable, Mr. Garrison. And those spirit beasts are very difficult to deal with. We’ll use the Astre Lune Sect defensive formations to defend against them first.”

Levi responded with a silent smile as he faced the spirit beasts. There was a tinge of amusement in his relaxed countenance.

“Come out and accept your death, you robber! Everyone from Astre Lune Sect, listen up! Surrender now, and we may spare you. However, if you refuse, we’ll kill all the men and turn all the women into sex slaves!” Blithe Lord’s subordinate hollered arrogantly.

A sneer appeared on Blithe Lord’s face when he didn’t receive any response from Astre Lune Sect after waiting for a long while.

He pulled out the bone flute from his waist and started playing it.

As he played a melodious tune, the previously calm spirit beasts instantly became aggressive.

They struck the ground with even greater force and growled at an even louder volume. Their eyes had also reddened.

“Kill them!”

On Blithe Lord’s order, the spirit beasts sprinted toward the Astre Lune Sect walls like crazy.

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