The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3990

Chapter 3990 Blithe Lord Attacks

“You worry too much, Mr. Webber. There’s nothing the Cordierite Association can do even if I continue to stay here.” Levi grinned. I won’t leave Astre Lune Sect this easily. This is my best opportunity to bewilder the various factions in Kenfort after all! When I succeed, no one will dare to touch Astre Lune Sect again, and it’ll also speed up my process of gaining a foothold here. ”Besides, this is an outstanding opportunity to test out the many ultimate weapons I’ve forged. I’m not going to be intimidated by these small fries. They’re no different from trash.”

“Well…” Sylvan was suddenly at a loss. I have no idea how to persuade him. Honestly, I think he’s acting way too arrogant.

The other council members of the Prime Association also shook their heads, as they were of the same opinion as Sylvan.

Levi may be strong, but there’s no way he can win against the united forces the Cordierite Association has assembled.

Levi’s really not going to give up until it’s too late, huh?

When the Cordierite Association army arrives, he’ll regret his decision.

Levi is overestimating himself. The team of fighters who entered Dragon’s Grave Valley back then is only a hundredth of the total force marching toward us right now.

It’s impossible for a single person to face that many opponents. He’ll pay a heavy price for his arrogance.

The council members of the Prime Association really wanted to say those things out loud, but they didn’t have the guts to do so.

They were mostly still afraid, and they had to stay there with Levi because of the Prime Association’s stance.

How could they not be scared when they had to face an army hundreds of times greater than them? Every one of those fighters was frighteningly powerful. It was impossible for them to achieve victory in their current state.

Sylvan attempted to persuade Levi again, but the latter still firmly believed there was no need for any of them to escape to the Prime Association.

“Since you insist on staying here, Mr. Garrison, we, the Prime Association, shall stay here with you until the end. I’ll ask the headquarters to send us reinforcements right now.” He pulled out his communication device and contacted the Prime Association headquarters.

After receiving his request for aid to ensure Levi’s safety, the council members in the headquarters made their choice without hesitation.

They promptly dispatched eight hundred elites on cloudships to Astre Lune Sect.

The chairman of the headquarters even gave them an absolute order to bring Levi back by force if necessary.

Of course, that was just a part of the reinforcement the headquarters were dispatching. They also used magical herbs and divine tools as bargaining chips to recruit fighters to protect Levi.

They also employed the contacts they had accumulated over the years to the upcoming battlefield.

Similarly, Sylvan spent all forms of resources he had gathered over the years to enlist more allies.

It could be said that the Prime Association was going all out just to protect Levi.

The Lightspring branch and affiliated sects were also planning to fight the Cordierite Association army to death on the outskirts of Astre Lune Sect.

Meanwhile, the Cordierite Association united forces had pretty much arrived at their destination. They were all there to kill Levi to obtain the reward of his bounty.

Blithe Lord was the first to reach the perimeter of the Astre Lune Sect headquarters.

As the leader of the largest mercenary army in Willowbank, Blithe Lord had many capable men and plenty of powerful spirit beasts under his command.

That was because he had a unique skill to tame spirit beasts and turn them into loyal underlings.

His magnificent army of massive spirit beasts seemed eager to rip their enemies to shreds.

Blithe Lord led his army as he shouted, “Come out and die, you robber! Today, I shall reduce you to ash!”

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