The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3989

Chapter 3989 Retreat

Sylvan was still feeling worried after he told Levi the news that the Prime Association had intercepted. Although he had only interacted with Levi a couple of times, he had a strong feeling Levi was the type of person who would rarely, if ever, change his mind.

In fact, he was confident that Levi would further insist on facing the opposition head-on the more people told him to avoid the incoming danger or powerful enemies.

Without hesitation, Sylvan led the top-tier experts of the Prime Association Lightspring branch toward Astre Lune Sect in cloudships.

When they arrived at Astre Lune Sect, they saw Levi casually drinking coffee while crossing his legs. He didn’t look concerned about the upcoming battle at all.

“Why are you so calm right now, Mr. Garrison? The Cordierite Association army is on its way here. They’ll probably arrive today! Pardon my words, but you’ll die if you’re not prepared! Why aren’t you doing anything?” Sylvan panicked.

When he finished his sentence, the council members of Astre Lune Sect promptly shifted their attention to Levi.

They had all tried to urge Levi to come up with a plan, but their efforts were for naught. He simply went on with his day, every day, as though nothing bad was going on.

The spies frequently updated them about the Cordierite Association advancing army. According to their reports, it wouldn’t take long before that army arrived at their doorstep.

Even Eclipse would be razed to the ground if they had to face that almighty army.

That was why the council members of Astre Lune Sect were confounded by Levi’s inaction.

They weren’t sure if he had a surefire plan to save them all or if he was just calmly accepting his doom.

Nonchalantly, Levi shrugged. “Let’s have some coffee together, Mr. Webber. Our enemies haven’t arrived yet, have they?”

“Mr. Garrison, you—” Sylvan sighed and sat down. “According to our investigation, Gloria was the informant.”

“I see.” Levi nodded slightly.

His reaction shocked Sylvan. He’s not surprised?

“I’ve long figured it was her,” Levi said.

For the same reason as before, he believed Gloria deserved death, but he still wanted to let Floyd decide her fate.

When the realization dawned on Sylvan, he hastily changed the topic back to the army. “I’m not questioning your ability when I say this, Mr. Garrison, but the forces the Cordierite Association have gathered this time are too overwhelming.

Arcadia, Blithe Lord, Holy Spirit Academy, or any other dozen large sects far surpass Eclipse. To make matters worse, the Drakotigris Order has dispatched eight Titanium Warriors. They’re mighty, top-tier physical cultivators. I suggest you and everyone in Astre Lune Sect retreat to the headquarters of the Prime Association. That way, we might still stand a chance of fighting back.”

His tone was sincere because he genuinely didn’t want Levi to die. I made my stance on the matter clear when the leader of the investigation team from the Cordierite Association confronted me. If Levi died in the upcoming fight, I would’ve offended the Cordierite Association for nothing.

Not only that, but the Prime Association will also go down with him. I don’t want to end up losing more than I gain. However, as long as Levi and the others arrive at the Prime Association headquarters, they’ll be considered members of the association.

The Cordierite Association won’t launch a full-frontal assault rashly if Levi and the others are in the Prime Association headquarters territory. While the Cordierite Association’s current combined strength is greater than the Prime Association, and an all-out war will ultimately decimate the Prime Association, they’ll suffer immense losses, too.

When that happens, other associations on the same level as the Cordierite Association will take advantage of the situation to consume or even annex them.

That is a scenario I believe the Cordierite Association will definitely want to avoid. However, if Levi continues to stay here, then only death awaits him.

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