The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3988

Chapter 3988 Fight For A Single Cause

When the news reached Willowbank, Albert was enraged. He immediately sent numerous fighters to kill the robber and eliminate Astre Lune Sect.

The many factions in Willowbank started taking action, too, especially the affiliated sects of the Cordierite Association.

They, too, had learned of the premium ultimate weapons in the robber’s possession, and that they could obtain them if they killed him.

Also, should they succeed, they would receive the rewards the Cordierite Association was offering. They would be killing two birds with one stone.

An army of hundreds of top-tier fighters was sent out, with Blithe Lord, Sea of Stars Guild, and Arcadia as the leaders.

Arcadia had many complicated techniques as well as a bunch of stuff related to cultivation, such as cultivation tools and pills. Everything related to cultivation, they got it.

Blithe Lord was the leader of the largest mercenary army in Willowbank. They controlled all mercenary organizations in the area.

Sea of Stars Guild was the mightiest sect in Willowbank. They governed the Sea of Stars, which was rich in mineral resources.

The Tenebrous Sky Division from Willowbank sent ten thousand of their elites to join the fight. They were the guardians of Willowbank, responsible for protecting the island.

While the soldiers of the Tenebrous Sky Division weren’t as powerful as the fighters from top-tier sects, they were much more adroit at charging into battles.

That was especially the case because they possessed unique killing tactics and attack formations. Their combat prowess was terrifying when many of their soldiers were mobilized at the same time.

Even offensive sects dared not underestimate the united assault of the Tenebrous Sky Division.

That was just one group of factions heading toward Astre Lune Sect.

There were also Inkflame Court, Holy Spirit Academy, Drakotigris Order, Divine Blade Sect, Battle Tiger Tribe, and Titanus Order. Those six factions were equally powerful.

Because of that, the upcoming battle attracted even more attention from other factions.

“Even the Holy Spirit Academy, a deviant clan faction, is joining the fight. The Cordierite Association sure has a vast influence!”

“If Battle Tiger Tribe, a group of people with half spirit beast bloodline, is joining the fight, then it’s not that strange other sects are participating, too.”

“I can understand what you’re saying, but why is Titanus Order, a deviant sect, joining this battle as well? Are they not afraid of being targeted by the Titanium Gate of Drakotigris Order?”

“Those are two different matters. These factions are only partaking in the campaign to kill the robber to earn the generous reward the Cordierite Association is giving away.”

“That’s right. I bet they never thought they would one day fight alongside each other. Desperate times call for desperate measures.”

“This robber is causing way too big of a ruckus, especially considering the Titanium Gate of Drakotigris Order rarely goes on the offensive. It appears that the Cordierite Association has the physical cultivation technique or ultimate weapon they want.”

Everyone everywhere was talking about how influential the Cordierite Association was to be able to gather so many factions to fight for a single cause. They believed the robber was destined to fall during the upcoming fight.

Because aside from the most famous and powerful factions, there were even more small to medium sects partaking in the conflict.

At the same time, the Cordierite Association had dispatched an enormous amount of fighters to coordinate the war and ensure the death of the robber.

The factions marched toward Astre Lune Sect.

Sylvan panicked further when the Prime Association received the news.

I thought the Cordierite Association would need more time to locate Levi’s general location. After all, as long as those in the Prime Association who know about the truth keep their mouths shut, other sects will have an incredibly hard time learning about it. This means…

“Someone must’ve spilled the beans! Quickly, investigate what’s going on!” Sylvan ordered.

The Prime Association was pretty good at uncovering intel because they soon found out that the Empyrean of Eclipse was the one responsible for the information leak.

Based on the intel Levi had given him before their union, Sylvan had a solid idea of what Gloria was trying to do.

That woman is trying to make other people do her dirty deeds for her! I can’t just stand by and watch this matter unfolds anymore now that so many factions are going after Astre Lune Sect.

Without delay, he grabbed his communication device and told Levi about the situation.

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