The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3987

Chapter 3987 Gloria Spills The Beans

While many thoughts crossed Gloria’s mind, she was absolutely sure about one thing: to remove all the adverse consequences of her actions.

If people found out she had framed the robber for the attack on Void Sect, the sect leader and the powerful sect backing him up would kill her first.

“Many elites from the Cordierite Association are currently searching for the robber’s whereabouts, Gloria. Why don’t we use this situation to our advantage?” Heptino proposed abruptly.

Gloria nodded. “It seems that we’re of the same mind. In that case, I shall depart for Lightspring immediately. If anything happens here, tell me about it as soon as possible.”

“Don’t worry, Gloria! With me around, Void Sect will be fine. However, you must be careful on your journey!” Heptino said worriedly.

Waving her hand, Gloria assured, “Not to worry, Heptino. I may not be the strongest fighter in existence, but I’m still capable of protecting myself.”

After bidding Heptino goodbye, Gloria rushed toward Lightspring without stopping.

At that moment, Lightspring had become the center of attention. The Cordierite Association’s and the Prime Association’s might were extraordinary.

The battle between the two major associations naturally attracted the attention of many sects and fighters.

It was pretty easy for Gloria to find the Cordierite Association temporary base in Lightspring.

The base was directed by three black-robed elders. They were Peak class fighters of the Cordierite Association, and their strength was only second to their chairman, Albert.

“There’s a woman outside calling herself the Empyrean of Eclipse, and she’s asking for permission to speak with you, Elder Nister. She said she has important information regarding the robber,” an elite from the association informed.

Nister Darkworth, Krow Darkworth, and Benoit Darkworth, the three black-robed elders, exchanged glances with each other. They could see confusion and pleasant surprise in their comrades’ eyes.

“Let her in,” Nister said.

Moments later, the elite brought Gloria in.

“Greetings, esteemed elders of the Cordierite Association,” she greeted politely and humbly, which left a good impression on the Cordierite Association fighters.

At that moment, the atmosphere in the hall was grim. The three elders unleashed their overpowering auras to prevent Gloria from speaking nonsense.

“Tell us what you know about the robber quickly. If we sense any falsehood, you only have yourself to blame when we crush you,” Krow warned.

Politely, Gloria assured, “There’s no need for any of you to worry about that. Even if I have hundreds of guts stitched to my body, I still won’t dare to lie to any of you.”

“Very well. Tell us everything that you know!” Krow nodded with satisfaction.

Gloria informed them everything she knew, especially about the premium ultimate weapons in Levi’s possession.

As she expected, after the people there heard of those weapons, a look of greed flashed past their eyes.

Premium ultimate weapons were highly regarded by sects of all strengths, let alone the ultimate weapons that were likely behind the bizarre phenomenon at Dragon’s Grave Valley.

“You’re saying the robber is currently in Astre Lune Sect?” Benoit asked with a sullen face.

Gloria nodded. “The robber has taken over Astre Lune Sect, so the entire sect is now his accomplice.” Since I’ve decided to manipulate others to do my dirty work, I may as well utilize this opportunity to get rid of Astre Lune Sect.

“All right, then. You should leave first. Once I’ve confirmed this news, I’ll reward you handsomely.” Nister waved his hand.

Gloria left the hall and waited for the elders’ response. Of course, she wasn’t planning to leave the base. After all, it was safer for her to stay there, surrounded by fighters from the Cordierite Association, than in Eclipse.

Her framing of Void Sect’s murders on the robber was still a ticking time bomb. She had to be even more vigilant.

The three elders promptly sent someone to verify the information. Soon after, they received confirmation that Gloria was indeed telling the truth.

Immediately, Nister reported the situation to the Cordierite Association branch in Willowbank.

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