The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3986

Chapter 3986 Protection

Thud! Thud! Thud! Loud noises were heard from all around them before numerous fighters from the Prime Association flooded into the guest hall.

Slowly, Sylvan rose to his feet and spat coldly, “The Prime Association will be protecting this man. How dare you act so insolent here! Do you all wish to die that desperately?”

The moment he said that, the fighters of the Prime Association exuded murderous intent. The elder in a black robe glared at Sylvan. “Is that your personal stance or the Prime Association’s, Sylvan?”

Sylvan met his eyes and answered, “The Prime Association will protect this man. I suggest you leave our premises before I change my mind. Otherwise, don’t blame me for what happens next.”

“Very well! I hope you don’t regret the decision you made today.” The elder made to leave, but when he arrived at the entrance, he turned around abruptly. “The headquarters of the Cordierite Association has ordered us to kill anyone who gets in our way.”

He very much wanted to start a fight right then and there, but he was aware he stood no chance of winning against the Prime Association on their turf. I may need to retreat now, but I’ll remember this insult. I’ll storm this place after gathering our forces!

Sylvan let out a sigh as he watched the investigation team leave.

“There’s no way this matter can be resolved peacefully. The result of this conflict will determine whether the Prime Association can advance forward or not,” he muttered to himself.

Just as he expected, after the investigation team left Lightspring, fighters from Willowbank began to gather in the city.

There were plenty of fighters from the Cordierite Association, too. In a short amount of time, Lightspring was flooded with a tsunami of warriors.

Facing such overwhelming pressure, Sylvan had no choice but to ask the headquarters for help.

While the headquarters had also agreed to protect Levi, they were too far away to provide any meaningful aid.

According to the spies’ reports, the number of fighters from the Cordierite Association and their affiliated sects in Willowbank gathered in Lightspring was increasing exponentially.

The fighters in the Prime Association Lightspring branch would be severely disadvantaged if the situation continued in that trajectory.

In fact, if their enemies launched their assault, they could be wiped out.

Sylvan started to panic when he thought about that.

Meanwhile, Gloria received news of the Cordierite Association’s war against anyone associated with the robber. It instantly cheered her up.

After Eclipse and Eclipse Academy were attacked by Desfort’s arrows, she had been really ticked off, but she had nothing to take her anger out on.

The leader of Void Sect needed another month before he could return to his position, which meant that the sect couldn’t assemble an effective force against the robber in a short amount of time.

That revelation depressed Gloria even further.

“I wonder how powerful the Cordierite Association is.” She wasn’t confident because the robber’s strength was too frightening. If those two arrows can inflict this much damage from thousands of kilometers away, there’s no doubt he can cause a disaster if he uses the weapon at a shorter range.

“The combined strength of the Cordierite Association is actually a lot stronger than you may have expected, Gloria. Take their branch in Willowbank as an example. There are many sects in Willowbank alone. Even a sect like Eclipse can’t make its way there. To defeat the robber, even the headquarters of the Cordierite Association has sent their elites to contribute to the effort. Unquestionably, the robber will die,” Heptino said.

He had visited Willowbank during his search for more dragon ley lines. That was why he was aware of the Cordierite Association’s might.

Gloria thought, In that case, we need to use this prime opportunity. While the robber won’t proactively try to eradicate me, it’s only a matter of time before someone figures out I framed him for the murders of the Void Sect fighters. I need to plan ahead to make sure this doesn’t bite me in the ass.

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