The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3985

Chapter 3985 Investigation By The Cordierite Association

A group of people in long robes belonging to the Cordierite Association were marching toward the Prime Association branch in Lightspring.

Those people were a group of elites sent by the Cordierite Association, and they were given the responsibility of investigating the murder case in Dragon’s Grave Valley.

While the true ruler of the land was the Prime Association, the Cordierite Association had its own information channel.

The investigation team soon found a suspicious lead, which was that the robber had visited Lightspring before heading to Dragon’s Grave Valley.

Upon following the clues, the team noticed a connection between the robber and the Prime Association.

Sylvan wasn’t surprised by the investigation team’s visit. He knew well that the Cordierite Association had the ability.

Back then, when Levi almost started a fight on the Prime Association trading floor, there were many witnesses around.

As powerful as the Prime Association was, there was no way they could’ve shut everyone’s mouth about the incident. It was simply impossible.

“Greetings, friends from the Cordierite Association! Please excuse me for my lack of hospitality. May I ask why you are all here today?” Sylvan greeted first.

Regardless of how he felt about the visitors, he had to pretend to be welcoming. That was basically how everyone operated in Kenfort.

“Is this how the Prime Association treats their guests? Are you planning to make things clear here, Mr. Webber?” the leader of the investigation team asked, displeased.

While the Prime Association was in control of the area, the elder of the Cordierite Association, once an influential man, didn’t plan to show them any respect.

In fact, the entire team had an arrogant countenance. All of them looked down on Sylvan and the others.

Sylvan forced a fake smile and stifled his annoyance. “Come on in, my esteemed guests. Men, lead them to the guest table and serve them coffee.”

Upon entering the guest hall, the elder of the investigation team spoke candidly. “Mr. Webber, we’re here today to question you about the robber in Dragon’s Grave Valley. I hope you’ll tell us everything you know about him truthfully.”

Seeing that the elder did not beat around the bush, Sylvan cut to the chase as well. “I know plenty of details about the man you seek.”

“Oh? Tell us, who’s the robber?” The elder in a black robe was quite excited. He didn’t expect Sylvan to reveal it that easily.

Instead of answering the question, Sylvan changed the topic. “I’m planning to keep him alive. Will the Cordierite Association be willing to show me some respect?”

The elder stood up abruptly and barked, “Who do you think you are, Sylvan? You have some audacity to request the Cordierite Association to show you respect! Can you even accept it even if we do? Besides, that maniac killed seventeen of our best fighters! This debt must be paid in blood! I suggest you and your association don’t get involved in this matter. You won’t be able to bear the consequences.”

He was still looking down on Sylvan.

Following that, members of the investigation team began to chime in.

“Respect? Do you really think you deserve it? You are so ignorant and arrogant!”

“Hand us the robber right now! If you piss the Cordierite Association off too much, we will take your association down alongside the robber!”

“Just because we usually don’t cross paths with each other doesn’t mean the Prime Association is equal to the Cordierite Association.”

“The Prime Association still has a long way to go! Hand the robber over, or we’ll lay waste to this Lightspring branch.”

The team members grew all the more agitated as they spoke. In fact, they almost started cursing at Sylvan.

Sylvan smashed his cup to the ground, shattering it.

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