The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3984

Chapter 3984 Destroyed

Meanwhile, in the headquarters of Eclipse, ever since the members learned about the return of the robber, the council members, with Walden as their leader, had been preparing their defense against the robber’s attack.

The Sect Protection Formation was on standby twenty-four hours every day, and many of the sect’s mighty fighters had been summoned back.

The sect had also set up a mind-boggling amount of normal defensive formation all over the headquarters. Essentially, the entirety of Eclipse was armed to the teeth, ready to deal with any unexpected situation.

That day, the apprentices of Eclipse were reinforcing their sect’s defense as usual under the blue, cloudless sky.

Out of nowhere, the Sect Protection Formation shook intensely. It was warning the people that a frightening attack was incoming.

“It’s an enemy attack! Everyone, prepare for battle! Activate all defense formations! All disciples, enter your formation to defend against the enemy’s assault! Everyone, don’t panic! With the Sect Protection Formation guarding us, the robber can’t penetrate our—” Before that person could finish his sentence, a cracking sound was heard coming from the thick energy shield of the Sect Protection Formation.

Moments later, the energy shield shattered. The arrow, brimming with ungodly lightning energy, continued its flight downward until it reached the main hall of Eclipse.

At that moment, the council members were discussing their strategy to defend themselves in the hall. Sensing the danger heading in their direction, they reacted by using all of their techniques to shield themselves.

Unfortunately for them, the arrow was so powerful that its speed didn’t decrease even after piercing through the Sect Protection Formation. It continued to fly toward the council members’ defensive formations.


The sound of their defensive formations shattering rang in the hall. Those formations didn’t slow down the arrow even a little.

“Retreat!” Walden shouted and fled the building first.

The others didn’t have enough time to run away, so they had to combine their efforts to stay alive.

Ultimately, they underestimated the destructive capabilities of Desfort and were struck by the colossal power of Heavenly Thunder.

Nearly a hundred elders were burned to a crisp by the lightning energy of the arrow. Then, they were blown away by the gust of wind brought on by the insane amount of energy. They were quite literally reduced to ashes.

Even Walden, who escaped the direct impact of the attack, was still injured by the shockwave.

He tried to get the roiling blood in his body under control, but he failed and spat out mouthfuls of them.

Half of the main hall was destroyed by the raging energy storm. All that was left were miserable remnants of the building.

At the same time, the main hall of Eclipse Academy was getting hit by the same attack.

Their Peak class fighters were nearly exterminated.

However, most of the members in both organizations survived. While their council members were either dead or severely wounded, their foundation remained, which could be considered a miracle.

After the incident, Walden realized something he wasn’t willing to admit: the robber’s strength was far greater than he had imagined.

If he isn’t even interested in coming here and wiping us all out, this means the attacks are only meant to be warnings. This also means he won’t be attacking us again anytime soon.

With that thought, Gloria returned to Void Sect.

By that point, almost all members of Void Sect were her people. Even those who were previously loyal to the sect had been forced to obey her.

“From this day onward, I don’t want to hear any of you bring up my relationship with Primo. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being cruel,” Gloria threatened.

Now that Void Sect was under her complete control, she wanted to wipe away any traces of her relationship with Primo. From this day onward, I am Eclipse’s unmarried Empyrean.

Naturally, no one in Void Sect dared to disobey her. Even Heptino was very supportive of her idea.

Upon receiving a satisfactory result, Gloria no longer had any worries. Next, I need to start planning how to take control of Eclipse.

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