The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3983

Chapter 3983 Desfort

Levi was sitting in the middle of the conference hall of Astre Lune Sect, accompanied by the council members of the sect, who were all in high spirits.

The terrifying power displayed by Levi before had shocked everyone there to their cores. Everyone believed that, as long as they continued to follow Levi, they would no doubt be able to ascend to great heights.

That belief of theirs was further solidified when, a few days ago, members of the bounty hunter organization had ferried many ultimate weapons and magical herbs back to Astre Lune Sect. The operation was carried out under Cheriette and Thunder Qilin’s watch.

What excited the council members even more so was the ten most powerful ultimate weapons and other ultimate weapons of exceedingly rare quality.

With the ultimate weapons in their arsenal, Astre Lune Sect could unleash ten times their previous combat prowess at the most conservative estimation.

“Eclipse is such a bully, Master. How do you plan to deal with them? If need be, I’m willing to fight in the front lines.” Larissa was the first to speak.

Ever since she learned that Eclipse had chosen Gloria to become the new Empyrean, she had held a grudge against the sect.

Her confidence soared especially after she obtained an ultimate weapon. At that moment, she was eager to prove to Eclipse that she was doing even better than before.

Levi pondered for a moment before uttering, “They organized a combined assault on Dragon’s Grave Valley with the help of more than a hundred sects, then brought the war to Astre Lune Sect. I’ll never forgive them.”

“We just received news that Void Sect was defeated badly last night, Master. The vice sect leader, Primo, and many others have died in battle. A couple of Void Sect’s landmark buildings were also destroyed. However, the news claimed that… you were the one responsible, Master. They are clearly framing you for the destruction! Unfortunately, I don’t know which b*stard pinned this on you so as to direct the sect’s hatred toward you,” Cheriette exclaimed with righteous indignation.

Levi didn’t comment much, but he had a strong feeling Gloria was the one behind it. She’s the only one with the ability to pull this off, and she has the motive to do so. Besides, this trick feels too familiar. I’ve encountered many instances of the same trick in the mundane world before, and it fits her style. However, I don’t plan to look too deeply into this matter even if she’s the culprit. After all, I promised Floyd I’ll let him deal with Gloria, and I don’t plan to go against my word. But I still need to teach Eclipse an unforgettable lesson for what they have done.

He commanded in a deep voice, “Grab me my bow, Thunder.”

The Thunder Qilin replied with a howl. Moments later, it approached Levi pridefully with a big bow in its mouth.

“This bow is called Desfort. Today, it will be used to teach Eclipse a lesson!” Levi’s voice sounded frigid.

The bow was one of the ten strongest ultimate weapons Levi had crafted. Its name, Desfort, meant to destroy Kenfort.

The members of Astre Lune Sect fixed their scorching gaze on the exceptional bow, which had a layer of electricity blanketing its surface, forming an extremely powerful energy halo.

While the bowstring was thin, even the slightest pull would be enough to release an extremely terrifying energy.

Levi took out two Desfort arrows, which were made from the same material as the bow. Both were charged with powerful lightning energy.

“I’ll shoot one arrow toward the headquarters of Eclipse and another to Eclipse Academy. I hope they will remember their lessons fondly.” He drew the bow, expanding the energy pulsing within, and used his senses to pinpoint the general location of those two targets.

While both targets were thousands of kilometers away, top-tier ultimate weapons possessed overwhelming strength and spiritual resonance, which complemented his sensing ability well.

“Targets located!” He shifted the direction of the arrowheads and fired.

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