The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3982

Chapter 3982 A Mistake By Gloria

Roy was shocked, as its use was reserved only for emergencies. Prior to his departure, he had given Primo, Heptino, and Geraint one each.

He had made it clear that the devices were to only be used when the sect was facing an existential threat. “Did something untoward happen to Void Sect?”

Upon retrieving it, Roy was infuriated to see the message it contained: The sect has been destroyed, Lord Long. Please return immediately.

He was on the verge of losing his mind. Even though he had no idea as to what had happened, he knew Heptino wouldn’t joke on a topic like that.

Given Heptino’s serious demeanor, Roy was cognizant that reality was likely worse than he had imagined. “Damn it! Just when I’m so close to obtaining a premium ultimate weapon, the sect I have founded has been destroyed. This pisses me off!”

Despite his urge to grow wings and fly back to check, the ultimate weapon still needed one more month to be completed.

“Weapon Master, I’m willing to pay you more if you can finish my weapon as soon as possible.” The desperation in Roy’s tone couldn’t be anymore obvious.

Even the Weapon Master could tell that something grave had happened. In a grim voice, he replied, “Even if I work non-stop, it will still take twenty days. Any faster would compromise the quality of the weapon.”

“I understand.” Other than the twenty days required for the ultimate weapon to be completed, the journey back would require ten more days.

After giving the matter some thought, Roy replied: I’ll return in a month’s time with the premium ultimate weapon. The next morning, the disciples of Void Sect were still traumatized by the terrifying events of the night before.

The ground was strewn with bloody corpses, and all they could see were rubbles everywhere.

The magnificent buildings that had towered over the compound now lay in ruins, leaving nothing but sorrow in everyone’s hearts.

Meanwhile, Heptino had returned to take charge of the sect, for he was the lone survivor among the council members of Void Sect.

Of course, there were still many elders left, but their allegiances belonged to Gloria, and none of them was ranked higher than Heptino.

As news of Geraint’s death had begun to spread, it made the already solemn mood worse.

Fortunately, Heptino was well-respected within the sect—to a certain extent, more so than Primo—because of his outstanding capabilities in locating spiritual ley lines.

The reason was that cultivation resources meant everything in Kenfort.

At the same time, Gloria, feigning innocence, had rushed back to inquire about the incident. The first thing she did was see Heptino.

Gloria pretended to ask, “Heptino, are you all right? What in the world happened here? Who dared to attack our sect?”

The anxious look on Gloria’s face warmed Heptino’s heart. As if he had found someone to rely on, he almost burst into tears.

After all, Gloria had showed concern for him first.

“Gloria, the robber attacked us at night, killing Lord Earkenhait and Primo in battle,” Heptino said in a trembling voice.

Gloria began to swoon, but Heptino caught her in time.

“Gloria, are you okay? Please accept my condolences,” Heptino consoled her.

Gloria had phenomenal acting skills. She wore a look of sadness and anger.

“The robber killed Primo. I will not rest until I have my revenge.”

Gloria completed her act with an uncontrollable gush of tears, putting any top actress to shame.

“Heptino, now that we’ve lost more than half of the elites of the sect, it’s impossible to deal with that robber. Do you have any way of contacting Lord Long?”

That was what Gloria was truly concerned about.

Heaving a sigh, Heptino replied, “Lord Long just replied and said that he would be back a month later. He is currently waiting for a premium ultimate weapon to be forged.”

Even though Gloria’s face didn’t reveal any emotion, she was stricken with disappointment.

If the robber suddenly attacks within the month, there will be no way we can stop him!

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