The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3981

Chapter 3981 The Mysterious Sect Leader

Divine aura resembled nature itself in the city. Many cultivators were training and dancing in the air with their spirit beasts. The entire scene was like a painting that mirrored paradise.

The buildings in the ancient city, towering in height, were all shrouded in clouds because the city was already elevated thousands of meters above the surface. Underneath the illumination of the sun, they shone with a holy glow. Roar!

In the background, one could hear the cries of the flying spirit beasts, which sounded like a melody played by mother nature itself. It was so soothing that it could calm the frustrations of any cultivator.

The dragon and phoenix-shaped cloudships traversed in and out of the city, and many disciples from different sects were busy transporting high-grade magical herbs.

Once in a while, a miraculous phenomenon could be seen within the buildings, triggering a surge in the river waters that formed the perfect complementing response.

Every time such a phenomenon occurred, it was indicative of someone successfully forging a premium ultimate weapon, creating a ground-breaking elixir, or achieving great success in their cultivation training.

Yet no one batted an eyelid at the phenomenon. It was as if they had all grown used to it.

In the southern part of Sky City, a long-haired-middle-aged man was standing in the middle of a flaming inferno.

He was wearing a rainbow-colored robe with a Qilin embroidered on the sash tied around his waist. His long hair was draped on his shoulders to complete his unbridled air.

Even though his well-built frame was surrounded by the raging fires, the bubbling lava didn’t seem to bother him at all.

However, upon closer examination, the sea of flames wasn’t really an inferno. Instead, it was a high-grade fire-based spiritual ley line.

As for the bubbling lava, they were the energy essence produced by the fire element.

Compared to the energy essence produced by the water element flowing out from Sky City, the energy essence that culminated in the inferno was much purer.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The sounds of metal clanging against each other could be heard. An old man, dressed in silver armor, was busy forging a sword with a giant hammer.

“Lord Long, why do you let yourself suffer in this raging inferno every day? I’ll need at least one more month to complete this premium ultimate weapon.”

The old man’s throaty voice rang out.

After letting out a gentle sigh, Roy Long explained, “Weapon Master, I’m sure you’re aware of how much this ultimate weapon means to me.”

The old man was a blacksmith whose forging technique was unparalleled in Sky City.

Due to how obsessed he was with forging techniques and the high standards he possessed when it came to producing ultimate weapons, he was consequently styled as the Weapon Master.

“Don’t worry, Lord Long. Since I’ve made you a promise, I’ll deliver you an ultimate weapon you’ll be satisfied with. Once Void Sect gains an ultimate weapon powerful enough to destroy other sects, its strength will be significantly increased and it will elevate the sect to greater heights,” the Weapon Master declared confidently.

Just as he spoke, the Weapon Master increased the pace at which he wielded the hammer. As the scorching lava continued to bubble, it would occasionally splash against the blade of the sword.

Roy continued to stare intently at the ultimate weapon.

It was made out of the best materials he had painstakingly accumulated. He had made significant sacrifices and pulled a great many strings in order to get the Weapon Master to personally forge it for him.

Roy had originally come from an extremely powerful faction. However, he was sidelined by them because of his limited talent.

Leaving his sect in frustration, he decided to prove his own worth by establishing Void Sect.

All this while, Void Sect was unable to join the ranks of large sects, as it lacked an ultimate weapon capable of destroying other sects. As time went by, Roy became obsessed with overcoming the obstacle.

He left Void Sect and traveled to various restricted areas to accumulate the materials required to forge the weapon.

In other words, the ultimate weapon the Weapon Master was holding carried all of Roy’s dreams: to elevate Void Sect to the next level and prove his capabilities to the sect he came from.

It was at that moment that the magical device in Roy’s pocket began to vibrate strongly.

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