The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3980

Chapter 3980 Sky City

At the restricted area of Void Sect, Heptino was scanning the surroundings warily. It wasn’t until he was certain that the robber was nowhere in sight that he heaved a sigh of relief.

Nonetheless, he didn’t show himself and continued to hide in the bushes. His concerns were finally eased when he found no suspicious auras after probing outside.

After all, the power of the robber he had previously encountered had exceeded his wildest imagination. “I wonder how Lord Earkenhait and the others are doing.”

The anxious Heptino went back the way he came from. Before long, he noticed a figure lying on the ground from afar. Gripped by a sense of dread, he rushed forward, only to be greeted by Santino’s corpse.

As he raised his head to look around, he discovered another headless corpse somewhere in the southeast. No sooner had he taken two steps toward it than something tripped his leg.

He looked down and was greeted by the terrifying sight of Primo’s head, causing him to recoil in horror. “Primo!” Heptino exclaimed.

However, he was surprised to find that he wasn’t as devastated deep down as he had expected himself to be.

Little did he know that ever since he had been manipulated by Gloria, serious cracks had long appeared in his friendship with Primo.

“Did Lord Earkenhait suffer the same fate too?”

He began to grow exceptionally nervous, and soon, he discovered Geraint’s body nearby, just as he feared.

“Am I the only one left among the council members of Void Sect?”

While Heptino was feeling a little sorrowful, raging flames could be seen in the direction of the headquarters of Void Sect.

It was followed by intermittent explosions that caused Heptino’s heart to sink.

“The robber is really cruel. He truly intends to wipe Void Sect out from the face of this Earth!”

Instead of going back, Heptino pulled out a piece of purple jade from his breast pocket.

It was a magical device left to him by the sect leader for communication in times of emergency.

Since he possessed the strongest technical skills within Void Sect, the sect leader held him and the talented Primo in high regard.

However, Gloria didn’t give Primo the opportunity to send the message.

Heptino subsequently used the magical device to call for help: The sect has been destroyed, Lord Long. Please return immediately.

Unknown to Heptino, the sect leader was currently in an ancient city, looking for someone to forge an ultimate weapon.

In the core area of Kenfort, there was a magnificent-looking city floating in mid-air.

Sky City was surrounded by clouds with countless cloudships traveling in and around it. These cloudships, taking the shapes of dragons and phoenixes, exuded an air of grandeur and nobility.

From Sky City, multiple rivers flowed off it and intersected at a point right below the city.

From afar, it looked like a spiraling galaxy that gave off a sense of spirituality.

If one were to examine them closely, the rivers flowing from Sky City did not contain ordinary water at all. Instead, they were filled with the divine liquid that flowed through spiritual ley lines.

The liquid shimmered with a golden hue. They generated energy waves the moment they crashed down into the rivers below.

The energy of a dragon ley line was usually found in solid form. The different states of energy were indicative of their varying levels of purity.

Levi had used his basic technique to convert the energy from solid to liquid when he absorbed the energy from the dragon ley line, then transformed it into the gaseous form which he breathed in.

As the river currents continued to rage, they formed a massive circulation system together with Sky City, causing it to look as if it was surrounded by a divine aura.

The city itself was filled with expansive boulevards lined with huge and luxurious buildings that put those in Willowbank to shame.

Its streets were filled with people, spirit beasts, and cloudships. Walk into a random shop and one could easily find all sorts of magical herbs on sale.

The buildings were all decorated with statues that were, at worst, made from top-grade dragon ley line ores.

If one were to walk to the center of the city, one could see pure spiritual energy floating in the air. There were also crane-like spirit beasts swirling in the sky, making the entire city feel like paradise.

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