The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3979

Chapter 3979 Massacre

“Gloria, is there no room for negotiation? Don’t forget that I’ve always treated you well during your time in Void Sect. Even your entry into Eclipse was made possible by me. As long as you let me go, I’ll definitely do whatever you say.”

Geraint was stricken by panic, as he could clearly feel the murderous intent Gloria exuded. Seeing that Primo’s and Santino’s lives were not spared, Geraint lost any desire he had to preserve his dignity when it came to begging for his life.

Gloria smiled and replied, “Lord Earkenhait, the way you treated me is precisely the reason I’ve allowed you to live such a long time.”

Although Geraint was overwhelmed by despair, his desire to survive had him concentrate on all the aura within his body before he thrust his sword abruptly at Gloria.

Unfortunately, with Gloria one step ahead of him, Geraint’s outstretched hand came to a sudden stop in mid-air.

The next moment, a bloody cut appeared on his neck before his corpse collapsed heavily onto the ground.

Gloria didn’t linger when the deed was done. Turning around, she rushed toward the headquarters of Void Sect.

Since she had decided to use the leader of Void Sect and the powerful faction behind him to deal with the robber, it was necessary to create drastic conditions to force their hand. Just killing the core council members wasn’t enough.

She had heard that Void Sect was founded upon the sect leader’s blood, sweat, and tears. It was considered his crowning achievement to prove himself to the powerful faction. To unleash the sect leader’s unbridled rage, she had to destroy Void Sect’s very foundation.

By the time Gloria returned to the meeting hall, Void Sect was already in utter chaos.

The entrance was littered with broken limbs. Many of the elders had been killed on the spot, whereas the vice sect leader and a few Empyreans had gone missing.

With no one at the helm, everything was simply chaotic.

“I have killed Geraint, Primo, and the others in the restricted area. For helping perpetuate evil, I’m going to kill all of you as a warning.”

Pretending to speak like Levi again, Gloria struck fear into the hearts of the Void Sect members.

Without giving them any opportunity to react, Gloria charged into the crowd. Just like a fearsome predator, she began her relentless massacre.

As her aides had already withdrawn from the scene, she could kill everyone without holding back.

With her sword dancing in the air, everyone she passed by was slashed without mercy.

In the beginning, the members of Void Sect resisted because of the confidence they had in their numbers.

However, with the passage of time, the tremendous difference in strength became apparent to them.



Following the agonized screams that filled the air, the wavering members of Void Sect began to flee in every direction.

Having no intention of pursuing them, Gloria swung her sword relentlessly at the main buildings in front of her.

The energy from her sword consequently destroyed many of the landmark buildings.

The main building of the headquarters of Void Sect collapsed to the ground after an earth-shattering explosion.

That was the result of the bomb Gloria had instructed Wade and Xylas to plant beforehand.

Once it was detonated, its explosive power was similar to a strike unleashed by an extremely powerful fighter.


The main building was reduced to nothing but rubble.

Floating in mid-air, Gloria wore a smirk on her face as she watched the members of Void Sect escape in a panic.

“I heard that your sect leader is powerful. Remember to convey this message to him. The next time I return, it will be his funeral,” Gloria roared, her voice thundering through every corner of the headquarters of Void Sect.

The surviving members of Void Sect heard her loud and clear. The level of fear within them was simply unprecedented.

After destroying a few more main buildings within the compound, Gloria finally left under the terrified gazes of those present.

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