The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3978

Chapter 3978 Death Of Primo

Geraint and the others were instantly bewildered. Even though the ordinary-looking face didn’t look familiar, they could recognize the voice. More importantly, the woman had admitted that she was Gloria.

The three of them, utterly confused, couldn’t figure out why Gloria would disguise herself as the robber to massacre the council members of Void Sect. “Gloria… Why are you doing this?” Primo questioned in a hoarse voice, his mind brimming with questions.

Gloria let out a sigh and explained in resignation, “That’s because this is the only way I can think of to use your deaths to deal with the robber.”

“Using our deaths to deal with the robber?” Geraint and his companions dwelled upon her answer, and the meaning behind her words quickly came to them.

“Are you planning to annihilate Void Sect to trick the sect leader and the powers behind him to annihilate the robber?” Geraint spoke with a trembling voice as he stared intently at Gloria.

Gloria replied with a smile, “I expected no less from the vice sect leader to be able to see through my plan in such a short time. As your reward, I’ll give you a quick death.”

Geraint and the others were dumbfounded. If Gloria was speaking the truth, certain death was what awaited them.

“Gloria, as a married couple, why must it end this way between us? As long as you spare my life, I’m willing to go along with your plan. We’ll definitely be able to convince the sect leader to make a move. I’m sure you know that the sect leader holds me in high regard and will usually heed my advice. Keeping me alive has untold advantages,” Primo begged.

Gloria let out a snort and retorted, “Married couple? I’m amazed that you’re not ashamed to even say it. If it wasn’t because I was in a hurry to establish a foothold in Void Sect, there’s no way I would have given myself to you. I can’t believe Void Sect is so weak that it isn’t even worthy of being a stepping stone of mine. Now that I’m way stronger than you are, you’re not qualified to be my ally. But you were right about one thing. It’s precisely because the sect leader holds you in high regard that he will be outraged by your death.”

“You… I…”

Primo couldn’t think of anything to counter her with. He had never expected the greatest advantage he had enjoyed within the sect was now the main reason for him to be killed.

Gloria sneered, “Say goodbye to the world, Primo! As your wife, I’m going to give you a quick death. What do you think about that?”

Just as Primo attempted to say something, all he saw was a blinding flash of light before eternal darkness covered his eyes.

He was decapitated, and his body slumped lifelessly onto the ground.

As his head rolled up to Gloria’s feet, his wide-opened eyes were filled with hatred and fear.

Leaning downward slowly, Gloria reached out with her left hand to his eyes. “Rest in peace, Darling!”

Geraint and Santino were horrified by what they had just witnessed.

Given that Gloria was ruthless enough to kill the man who shared her bed, they couldn’t see any hope of survival.

“Gloria—no, no, no. Lord Gloria, our relationship is a lot more ordinary. Don’t forget that we were allies back in the mundane world. I’m willing to be a humble servant as long as you spare my—”

Before the word “life” rolled off his tongue, he was slayed by Gloria’s sword.

“What a joke. Even without your help back then, I would still have overcome the obstacles. Besides, even with your help, we were almost killed by Levi still. You’re nothing but a piece of trash. Lord Earkenhait, it’s your turn to die now.”

Gloria walked up to Geraint, her sword exuding a cold aura underneath the dim moonlight.

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