The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3952

Chapter 3952 Gloria Became An Empyrean

The female Paladins were instantly enraged because they were all star-studded figures in their respective sects. They had never been so humiliated before. “Take her down!” one of them yelled before the rest unleashed their techniques again.

If their combined attack earlier was meant to probe their enemy’s strength, then what they were doing at that moment was launching a full-frontal assault to defeat their opponent.

In spite of the chief elder of Eclipse’s statement that killing was forbidden, the female Paladins couldn’t care less anymore.

Even if they couldn’t kill Gloria, they wanted to cripple her at least. Their latest combined attack was multiple times stronger than the previous one.

“Your full-powered assault is pathetic!” Gloria remained unwavering as she continued to absorb their attack.

After devouring two dragon ley lines, her body developed resistance against normal energy, preventing it from causing harm to her. However, it also meant she wouldn’t be able to grow stronger by absorbing it.

Additionally, she had grasped another path to her power, which was the ability to absorb the energy that she devoured selectively.

Through the usage of the devourer’s absorption and neutralization ability, she was able to reduce the burden her body had to deal with when devouring.

For example, in her current battle, she chose to use the devourer’s neutralization ability to make only a tiny amount of the attacking energy her own.

Ever since she devoured the strength of the dragon ley lines, she developed a very keen eye for energy.

At the moment, the energy the female Paladins released wasn’t something Gloria desired because an attack like that was different from direct power devouring.

Once again, she easily negated the combined attack of the female Paladins as they stared at her in shock.

Their energy had no effect at all, as though it was a rock sinking unceremoniously into the ocean.

Shock, helplessness, and fear swirled in their minds as they lost their will to fight.

“Again!” Gloria grinned.

The female Paladins couldn’t help but take a few steps backward as they failed to hide their fear from appearing on their faces.

“In that case, it’s my turn to attack.” In an instant, Gloria disappeared from her spot.

After losing their will to fight and a massive amount of energy to the two combined attacks, the female Paladins were powerless to defend themselves from her cruel assault or retaliate.

One by one, they were knocked off the stage. However, she was still clearly merciful as she didn’t severely injure the female Paladins.

By doing so, she made many sects owe her a favor, which would benefit her in the future when she expanded her influence.

Frankly, the sects that the female Paladins belonged to did appreciate her mercy and were willing to repay their gratitude to her several times more than she expected.

The many elders of Eclipse were shocked. They didn’t expect her to bulldoze through all of her opponents and achieve victory.

It seems like Eclipse has found a diamond in the rough! That was what went through the minds of the many Eclipse’s high-rank officials at that moment.

“Gloria from Void Sect wins! She’ll become the new Empyrean of Eclipse!” the chief elder announced.

Gloria felt a powerful sense of accomplishment as she watched the crowd congratulating her and the high-rank officials of Void Sect cheering in joy. I finally have a place in Kenfort. Even Void Sect will have to look up to me now. After this, I’m going to utilize Eclipse’s cultivation resources to improve my strength. Once I reach a truly powerful cultivation level, I’ll be able to ask Heptino to lead me into Dragon’s Grave Valley to uncover the super-spiritual ley line inside that’s even more powerful than a dragon ley line. Once I absorb that super-spiritual ley line, even large-scale sects like Eclipse will have to bow before me.

At that moment, she was looking forward to her bright future, feeling incredible.

At the same time, she felt as though she could see the various factions she used to admire trembling before her feet.

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