The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3951

Chapter 3951 Empyrean Selection

The elder of Eclipse promptly replied, “Of course. I don’t think they’ll have any objections to that.” “I don’t have any objections.”

“Me too.” “I hope this insolent woman doesn’t regret later.” All female Paladins there were the best from their own sects. Thus, it was only natural that they were prideful.

There was no way they could keep quiet when Gloria was looking down on them. “Since both parties agreed, let the match begin!” the elder announced the resumption of the selection.

Gloria leaped onto the stage and gestured at the contestants provokingly. “We must work together and give it our all to defeat her.”

“That’s right. If we hold back and fail, our reputation will be destroyed.” “We must not allow Gloria to put up a haughty act despite having an advantage.”

The female Paladins swiftly reached the same conclusion, which was to put aside their personal motives and defeat Gloria with all they got.

The high-rank officials in Void Sect were slightly worried. Even Geraint thought Gloria was being too reckless. If she failed, then the much effort they spent before would be for naught.

“Attack!” It was unclear who shouted, but all the female Paladins attacked together nonetheless. A wave of sword and fist energy gathered together, forming something akin to an inescapable web, and flew toward Gloria.

While some of the female Paladins had spent a lot of their energy during previous matches, they all carried recovery pills on them.

Hence, even though they couldn’t return to peak condition, they could still at least recover seventy to eighty percent of their full strength.

Thus, the energy they released in unison was extremely powerful.

“That combined attack isn’t that impressive at all!” Gloria casually used the devouring technique to face her enemies’ attacks instead of dodging them.

“Is Gloria crazy? Even if her cultivation level is high, it’s not guaranteed she’ll gain the upper hand if she faces the attacks head-on.”

“Indeed! In fact, some of them are more or less as powerful as her!”

“She’s an excellent budding cultivator, but she lacks discipline.”

The elders of Eclipse conversed among themselves, and they were pretty confident Gloria wouldn’t get the last laugh.

However, the chief elder soon realized there was an anomaly. “Quick, look at the energy of the combined attack! It looks like it’s being absorbed!”

The crowd turned their sights in the direction the chief elder was pointing at and saw the combat energy sent out by the female Paladins getting absorbed by a powerful force.

It was rapidly sucked into an energy vortex Gloria created.

“She’s actually devouring the energy in the middle of combat?”

The elders all took in a deep breath when they saw that.

Everyone was aware that absorbing spiritual energy from the environment required absolute silence. That was why people in solitary training forbade anyone from disrupting them.

However, what Gloria was doing was clearly going against standard cultivation rules. The crowd wondered, Isn’t she afraid of losing control?

None of the Empyrean contestants would hold back. Even if they couldn’t kill Gloria, as long as they could severely injure her, they would’ve achieved their goal.

“Thank you all for your offerings. It would be disrespectful for me to decline them, so I won’t.” Gloria’s voice rang out as she unleashed the extreme devouring technique.

The energy of the combined attack launched by the female Paladins was instantly extracted by her and absorbed into her body.

While the energy wouldn’t increase her strength substantially, it did flush her enemies’ combined attack down the drain.

“How is this possible?”

“She’s actually devouring energy in combat?”

“Our techniques are different, and some are even completely incompatible with each other, yet she’s still devouring them all the same. Isn’t she afraid of things getting out of control?”

Disbelief was scribbled all over the female Paladins’ faces.

Gloria teased, “Keep on attacking me! Or are you telling me this is the best you have?”

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