The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3949

Chapter 3949 Major Discovery Of Heptino

In the forest at the outermost area of Dragon’s Grave Valley, a couple of figures were whizzing across the air at lightning speed.

They turned out to be Gloria and Heptino. In the end, both of them came to a halt before the hills.

“Gloria, this place is where the latest dragon ley line is discovered. I’ll keep an eye out for trouble outside so that you can devour the energy of the dragon ley line without any worries,” said Heptino, seemingly fishing for compliments.

After listening to his words, Gloria put on a sympathetic visage. “Thanks for all that you do to help bring my cultivation to a higher level, Heptino.”

“Why would you say that, Gloria? I’ll always do your bidding without any hesitation, even if it means going through hell and high water.” What Heptino had said was from the depths of his heart.

The next second, Gloria gave him a light smack on the forehead. “You silly boy! You know I couldn’t bear to see you putting yourself in harm’s way.”

The latter blushed at her words. It was a moment of unprecedented kindness and love for him, which only served to encourage him to do just about anything for Gloria.


Out of the blue, Gloria sensed an overwhelming surge of aura coming from the southeast.

Heptino, too, felt the same sensation. They both shifted their lines of sight toward the source, only to find that the core area of Dragon’s Grave Valley was once again gleaming with a multitude of colors.

Looking from afar, one might conclude that the horizon was like a painting of nirvana. With Heavenly Thunder rumbling and electric arcs dancing all over the area, it was as if mythical creatures were soaring through the sky.


Lightning flashed as a deafening clap of thunder reverberated through the air. It was like the sky was going to tear apart.

In an instant, brilliant rainbow rays appeared and cast over the land.

“Is this… a miraculous phenomenon? I knew it. My hunch was right all along,” murmured Heptino to himself.

Gloria was equally shocked by the miraculous phenomenon before her eyes. Simultaneously, she also caught on to the hidden meaning in Heptino’s words.

She couldn’t help but ask, “What do you mean, Heptino? What sort of hunch?”

Heptino hadn’t the slightest intention to hide it from her. “Actually, Gloria, the last time I was here, I somehow sensed that there was a unique spiritual ley line somewhere in Dragon’s Grave Valley,” he truthfully revealed.

“A unique spiritual ley line, you say?”

Puzzlement filled Gloria on that note. As far as she knew, dragon ley lines had always been the ultimate spiritual ley line. She couldn’t comprehend how special that particular spiritual ley line could be.

Heptino then elucidated, “I can’t really explain it, but this spiritual ley line is much more potent than any dragon ley line, and I think it’s probably in the ground underneath the core area. Even so, the energy discharged by Heavenly Thunder at the core area of Dragon’s Grave Valley is way too lethal. Even robbers who were equipped with great cultivation had lost their lives there. There’s no way I can ever get close to it.”

“Are you sure that it’s stronger than dragon ley lines?” Gloria was thoroughly amazed.

Given that she could already benefit a lot from devouring the energy of a dragon ley line, she couldn’t imagine how far she would progress once she got her hands on the spiritual ley line that was far above dragon ley lines.

Heptino nodded. “I wasn’t certain before, but seeing the miraculous phenomenon a minute ago, that sensation of mine has become vivid. I suppose this underground spiritual ley line must have a terrifying power that’s several folds of that of any large dragon ley line, especially when it emanates a scorching aura like that. It’s got to be the purest of all. It’s just that I couldn’t go near it because of how weak I am!”

Heptino was brimming with disappointment as he spoke. He even felt sorry for being unable to fetch Gloria that spiritual ley line.

A sigh escaped from Gloria’s lips upon hearing his remarks. “There’s nothing we can do about it. Not even those robbers could’ve fended off Heavenly Thunder, let alone the two of us. Don’t dwell on it, Heptino. Since Heavenly Thunder is so deadly, it’ll serve as protection for the spiritual ley line, don’t you think?”

Gloria paused momentarily before adding, “For now, I’m going to focus on getting the spot of the new Empyrean of Eclipse. When that happens, I’ll then have access to an abundance of resources to improve my cultivation. And once my cultivation level reaches new heights, I’ll head to the core area of Dragon’s Grave Valley to find that super-spiritual ley line.”

At that point in time, the only thing that mattered to her was winning the Empyrean selection trial. Never would she want to mess anything up.

“I suppose you do have a point there, Gloria. All right, then. I’ll be on the lookout around the periphery,” stated Heptino in a deep voice.

Gloria bobbed her head in acknowledgment. “Okay.”

After the exchange, she poured all her attention on devouring the dragon ley line.

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