The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3948

Chapter 3948 Stalling For Time

Larissa could clearly sense that the sender of the message was getting more and more anxious. “Who’s Albert?” asked Cheriette with curiosity.

Most of Cheriette’s time was spent cultivating within the sect. Any news of the outside world was given to her by the elders of the sect.

Thus, Cheriette knew about Cordierite Association but knew nothing of its leader.

“As far as I know, Albert Fitzgerald is the Chairman of Cordierite Association,” replied Larissa gravely. “The Willowbank branch is ranked second in the whole organization. This means that Albert Fitzgerald has immense power. A mere fart from this man is able to affect the decision-making process and turn things around.”

Cheriette turned pale with shock. Albert Fitzgerald is not someone to be trifled with!

Now that Levi had completely massacred the elites of Cordierite Association, this created a very big problem. As things stood, there was going to be no room for negotiations. “Lord Garrison, how do we respond?”

Cheriette turned to look right at Levi. “Tell them that everyone’s dead,” said Levi indifferently. “So what if it’s Cordierite Association? I’ll just kill them again if they choose to take revenge.”

Larissa and Cheriette’s hearts sank. While it was true that Levi had the skills to combat them, Cordierite Association was still a goliath entity in the area.

Even Prime Association was no match for them, especially when it came to combat force.

Cordierite Association consolidated power due to sheer strength. In the early stages of its development, they had resorted to plenty of underhanded tricks like murder and extortion.

With the expansion of Cordierite Association, they then turned to more “righteous” forms of business.

It was precisely due to Cordierite Association’s reputation for brute strength in the early stages that many of the most vicious and powerful casual cultivators in Kenworth joined them.

Moreover, the number of new recruits kept snowballing. They have thus become a very important part of Cordierite Association’s vast combat reserves.

In particular, the Willowbank branch was especially powerful. Its garrison ranked among the best within the major branches of Cordierite Association.

Levi had so far only managed to kill off a third of their men.

Such a flippantly belligerent response from Levi was therefore deemed worrisome.

“Master, you still need to forge Boots of Hermes and cannot be disturbed. Why don’t I try stalling them first? When you’re done forging what you need, we can tell them the truth. What do you think, Master?” asked Larissa cautiously.

Levi briefly fell silent before finally approving Larissa’s proposal.

“Thank you for your approval, Master.”

Larissa immediately boarded the cloudship with the communication device in her hand. One could not send out messages without it being paired with the cloudship. However, incoming messages could be received.

Fortunately, Larissa had utilized the cloudship before. Since there was nothing to block the reception, the transmission of messages was conducted very smoothly.

She informed them that the situation in Dragon’s Grave Valley was quite complicated. Due to the sheer number of magical herbs to be gathered, they were going to be a few days late.

Cordierite Association had initially been ready to send a team to investigate. After hearing the news, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Even Albert felt that his worries were misplaced this time around.

With Gavin leading the troops, combined with their combat prowess, they can easily handle themselves in a fight against any unknown sects. Thus, it was unlikely for a whole garrison to be wiped out.

I understand why complications may arise. All these secret areas have strange and complicated attributes that allow for these magical herbs to manifest.

Uncovering these mysteries will take time. A month, a few years, who know?

Having thought of this, Albert and the other Cordierite Association council members did not let their thoughts dwell on the matter. As such, they were going to wait patiently for Gavin to return with his hands full of treasures.

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