The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3947

Chapter 3947 Cordierite Association Woes

At Cordierite Association, Albert and the other council members were waiting anxiously for news. Gavin had brought a garrison to Dragon’s Grave Valley three days ago. If there were no complications, he should have returned by now.

Even if a hiccup had occurred, they should have heard from Gavin. After all, Gavin had a communication device on him.

As such, Albert took the initiative to ask for feedback on the situation. However, the receiver remained silent. Till now, nobody had heard back from Gavin.

The air in the conference hall was tense. With a grave expression, Albert looked at the other council members seated around him. “What do you all think?”

Many of the council members did not seem disheartened. In fact, they rattled out some relevant deductions.

“You needn’t be too worried, Mr. Fitzgerald. Dragon’s Grave Valley may be a remote place, but it’s still a hidden realm. It’s likely that Mr. Finnegan has not been able to reach us.”

“He speaks sense. Given how the area is plagued by Heavenly Thunder, maybe it has caused an unstable magnetic field that jams their communication devices.”

“Who knows? Mr. Finnegan may very well return tomorrow!” Albert nodded, but the responses did nothing to assuage his anxiety.

“We’ll wait for news, then!” Since everyone felt this way, Albert thought that he could not let himself be seen like this. He was a leader, and leaders had to be calm.

However, seven days had since passed. Gavin had yet to send any word back. This made the council members anxious, in spite of their high spirits from before.

When something went wrong, there had to be bad things afoot. Nobody could deny the wisdom in these old sayings.

“Mr. Fitzgerald, Mr. Finnegan has got a team of seventeen fighters, all of whom are top of their class. Even if they encounter a large sect, they can defeat their enemies easily!”

“Even if they were ambushed, I’m sure that Mr. Finnegan can escape unscathed. Logically speaking, they should not have encountered any problems!”

“Indeed! It is the territory of Prime Association, but even if the Lightspring branch sends out their strongest, they’re no match for our fighters.”

Everyone expressed their opinions. Even though they were anxious, they found it hard to believe that anything could pose a threat to a team led by Gavin himself.

Albert frowned hard. The situation vexed him as well. “You mean that the threat originated from Dragon’s Grave Valley? Has anyone else entered the valley?” asked Albert grimly.

Everyone present shook their heads. They were the council members of Cordierite Association, after all. Why would they pay attention to such a remote area like Dragon’s Grave Valley?

“Mr. Fitzgerald, the biggest threat in the valley is Heavenly Thunder, but Mr. Finnegan is traveling in Thunder Cloudship!”

“That’s also true. Thunder Cloudship has a strong anti-thunder shield. I don’t think Heavenly Thunder will pose a threat to them.”

“Mr. Finnegan has also stocked up on thunder-proof equipment. They can definitely defend themselves!”

“Why don’t we send in a team to investigate?”

Albert rubbed the center of his furrowed brows while signaling for everyone to remain quiet. Very quickly, silence befell the hall.

“If we don’t hear from Mr. Finnegan by tomorrow, I’ll personally lead a team to investigate,” declared Albert loudly. He had made the final decision.

“We hear and obey!” said everyone in unison.

Seeing that everyone was making preparations, Alfred whipped out a communication device and sent another message to Gavin.

Meanwhile, Larissa was counting the number of magical herbs stashed away on the cloudship when she was distracted by a faint buzzing.

Turning around to look, she realized that the copper emitter was the source of the noise.

“What’s going on?” asked Cheriette. Even she had sensed that something was off.

Larissa picked up the communication device and noticed that a message had appeared.

Albert: What’s the situation at the site? I need a status update right away.

Albert: Did we encounter problems?

Albert: Are you still alive? I need details!

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