The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3946

Chapter 3946 Boots Of Hermes

Floyd fell silent after hearing that, knowing that Levi spoke the truth. Heavenly Thunder seemed to strike more frequently in the core area. Any injuries sustained there were going to be lethal.

Using the cloudship as a form of protection, Floyd was previously able to enter the core area without any problems. With Floyd’s cultivation level, he would have been blasted to smithereens ages ago.

“How about this? This cloudship bears a number of anti-thunder divine tools. Take some from the armory. It should aid you on your journey. You may also keep some of the magical herbs. If you constantly devour power, you will end up at the bottom of the pit.”

Levi paused before continuing, “The magical herbs are also purer in consistency. You’ll see less resistance from the body if you consume them.”

As such, Floyd did not refuse Levi’s kindness this time. “Well, Master, I’ll be off now.”

Floyd turned around to leave immediately after. As soon as he set foot outside of Levi’s radius, he was swiftly bombarded by Heavenly Thunder.

He hastily used the anti-thunder divine tool to mitigate the constant strikes. Very soon, Floyd disappeared from Levi’s line of sight.


At lightning speed, Floyd moved to dodge the strikes of thunder. The destructive pressure and ringing in his ears from each strike sent chills down his spine.

It was not until he left the core area that the frequency of Heavenly Thunder strikes dropped significantly.

“I should be able to deal with Heavenly Thunder in the non-core area,” muttered Floyd to himself.

He then tossed aside the divine tools and herbs that Levi had given him.

“Master, I must rely on my own strength to take revenge. However, I appreciate your kindness.”

Floyd was a man with a one-track mind. Before this, he was determined to use the cloudship to breach the core area. Now, he had used a divine tool belonging to Cordierite Association to leave it.

It was up to one’s skills to survive being pelted by Heavenly Thunder in the non-core area. If one was struck, they likely deserved it.


Dark clouds gathered as flashes of Heavenly Thunder filled the air. It was obvious that the thunder had begun to gather where Floyd stood.

“I can’t stay here!”

Without hesitating any further, Floyd made a mad dash toward the outer core of Dragon’s Grave Valley.

Meanwhile, it came as no surprise to Levi to see Floyd depart in this manner.

After all, Floyd had always been like this.

Since the Gloria incident, Floyd had become even more paranoid. There was no saving him now.

“Let him be,” murmured Levi faintly.

Next, Levi began a careful inspection of the cloudship, trying to understand the mechanics and the structure of the aircraft.

Levi had been curious about the cloudship since he first laid eyes on it. This was a good opportunity for him to take a closer look.

Suddenly, inspiration struck Levi. If he understood the flight mechanics of the cloudship, Levi could then craft Boots of Hermes.

“Speed is the key factor in crafting Boots of Hermes. It can play a very important role whether you are fighting head-on or fleeing from battle,” murmured Levi thoughtfully, stroking his chin.

Boots of Hermes could be crafted from Subdivine Bones. Any supplementary materials could be found aboard the cloudship.

Without straying from the original plan, Boots of Hermes could also be crafted in batches.

This tool was going to greatly enhance the combat prowess of the core personnel who used it.

“Speed ​​and strength are the essential attributes of combat prowess, after all. Mastery of the two will be ideal,” said Levi to himself.

At the same time, Prime Association had not found any traces of Cordierite Association cloudship. It was as if the vessel had vanished into thin air.

The scouts posted along the periphery had yet to discover any clues.

Naturally, they did not think of Dragon’s Grave Valley as a possible site. After all, based on past scenarios, it was unlikely that Cordierite Association would be interested in such a small place.

Furthermore, the team transporting cultivation resources for Cordierite Association had never passed through Dragon’s Grave Valley. As such, the entourage did not even think of investigating the place.

When this piece of news reached Sylvan’s ears, he immediately issued orders to track the cloudship’s whereabouts and report any findings to him.

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