The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3945

Chapter 3945 On Your Own

Floyd spared a cursory glance at the corpses that littered the surrounding area before noting that Levi was indeed fine. Immediately, Floyd’s heart was filled with excitement and confusion.

It was difficult for Floyd to accept the news of Levi’s death as proclaimed by the Eclipse sect leader.

However, as he saw the ominous clouds of Heavenly Thunder gathering at the core of the Dragon’s Grave Valley, Floyd sensed that Levi was in danger.

Floyd was insistent on breaching the core area to find out the truth for himself, despite not expecting Levi to survive. “Come now. Were you hoping something would happen to me?” asked Levi in jest.

Levi had guessed why Floyd was here. He also deduced that Floyd showed up to see things for himself.

In fact, this was one of the sole reasons why Levi chose not to kill Floyd, even after what the latter had done was revealed.

Floyd’s affection and loyalty toward his master ran deep. All of the treacherous things that happened were the result of Gloria’s orchestrations. “O-Of course not!” stammered Floyd in denial.

Levi’s kindness toward Floyd made feelings of regret pool in his heart. The latter felt that he was unable to face Levi after all that had happened.

“Stand over here, lest you be struck by Heavenly Thunder.” Levi then extended an arm toward Floyd. Floyd quickly approached Levi. When he realized Heavenly Thunder was not attacking Levi and the others, Floyd became quite puzzled.

The thunder seemed to strike other places, deliberately avoiding the area Levi was in. It was as if the thunder feared Levi.

“Master, what happened here?” asked Floyd as he pointed at the many corpses that lay haphazardly on the ground. Levi briefly recounted all that had happened.

As Levi spoke, Floyd became even more shocked. He had not expected Levi to wrestle control of Heavenly Thunder and merge the area with it.

Floyd then looked around and realized that plenty of magical herbs littered Arctic Lake, where many premium ultimate weapons were forged.

This meant that the strange vision from before was triggered by the premium ultimate weapons. “Congratulations on your cultivation, Master,” said Floyd sincerely.

Having spent so long at Kenfort, Floyd was more aware of the cruelty that happened here and why absolute power was so important.

Prior to this, Levi had made enemies everywhere. Floyd was genuinely concerned about the former’s safety, but now he could relax a little.

If Levi could so easily lay waste to the elites of Cordierite Association, how could ordinary people stand a chance against him?

I daresay that there are few in Kenfort who would pose a threat to Levi. This made Floyd quite happy for Levi.

“What do you plan to do next, Floyd?” asked Levi in a deep voice. “Why don’t you stick with me?”

Although Levi had a resigned attitude toward Floyd, he was still worried about his once-favored pupil.

As it stood, Floyd was currently obsessed with cultivation and devouring power. He could be driven to madness if this continued.

On top of that, Floyd was going to be targeted by multiple sects. If Floyd remained with Levi, the latter could try and pull him away from the edge of that dangerous slope.

“Don’t worry about me, Master. The path forward is mine to take.”

Floyd refused Levi quite simply. After all, his main purpose in coming here was to see if Levi was safe.

Now that he could see that Levi was indeed safe and sound, he saw no reason to linger.

As for the feud with Gloria, Floyd was going to take care of it personally.

“Master, if there is nothing else, I will depart,” said Floyd decisively.

Levi let out a gentle sigh and replied, “Very well. Since you’ve made your decision, I won’t keep you. However, it will be difficult for you to leave Dragon’s Grave Valley on your own. Without the cloudship shielding you, I doubt you can withstand the constant bombardment from Heavenly Thunder.”

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