The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3944

Chapter 3944 He Is Here

In the face of Levi’s crushing attacks, the opponents were helpless and unable to fight back. “Retreat!”

As Levi issued the command, Dragon’s Grave and Thunder Slaughterer flew back into his palms. “Not bad! Not bad at all!” Levi was delighted at the combat prowess of both the ultimate weapons.

In the earlier fight, Levi did not harness too much power while battling the elite fighters of Cordierite Association. Instead, he primarily relied on his ultimate weapons when he made his moves.

This would explain why the Kenfort sects are pursuing premium ultimate weapons. These weapons are able to enhance combat prowess when one’s own cultivation is lacking. Even as I’m fighting against others, I can conserve energy thanks to these weapons.

Levi deduced that if he had to take on so many fighters of Cordierite Association at once, he would have needed to spend twice the amount of energy, even if that was no big deal to him.

“You two! Stop daydreaming and check out the loot these guys have brought with them,” said Levi as he waved a hand at the two women.

Cheriette and Larissa could feel their bodies stir as if they’d been jolted out of a dreamlike state.

Levi’s powerful combat prowess had once again refreshed their memories.

After all, he had just taken on a group of seventeen people whose power could easily rival that of the sect leader of Eclipse.

Yet, they had perished in such a short amount of time!

On top of that, Levi had not even exerted that much energy!

The two women gulped as they shared wide-eyed glances with each other.

One could clearly see the awe in their faces.

When the three of them boarded the cloudship, they saw many magical herbs and weapons for both offensive and defensive purposes.

Levi walked around and pointed out each weapon he saw in the armory. “Solar Shield, Flaming Crossbow, Cloud Spear… This equipment is decent enough to be on par with ultimate weapons. Look, there are also a number of pills. It seems like they spent a lot of resources combing through Dragon’s Grave Valley.”

Larissa mentally took note of all the loot on board. In the past, she would have definitely considered these items to be priceless treasures.

However, seeing Levi’s forging technique and ultimate weapons made all those ultimate weapons pale in comparison.

“Someone is approaching!”

Levi arched a brow. Immediately, Cheriette and Larissa were on high alert. They instinctively thought that Cordierite Association had sent over reinforcements.

The three of them then turned to face the southeast, and they saw a burly figure approaching them. He seemed to walk in a zig-zag motion, continuously avoiding Heavenly Thunder that rained from the sky.


Heavenly Thunder continued to fall, creating potholes around the burly figure.

It was not until the figure approached the cloudship that the thunder soon began to calm.

The two women immediately realized that it was Floyd.

What’s he doing here?

Confusion arose in the hearts of the two women.

They had no idea that Floyd put his life at risk to enter Dragon’s Grave Valley out of concern for Levi’s safety.

Floyd had noticed a key detail when he encountered the cloudship in the past. The cloudship was capable of attracting all the energy from Heavenly Thunder and earth ley line deposits in the area.

It was also due to this that Floyd followed the cloudship at lightning speed.

Because the dual energy deposits slowed down the cloudship, Floyd was able to rush over as soon as he could.

On top of that, Floyd had been trying to conceal his tracks to avoid being discovered by Cordierite Association. This slowed him down considerably.

As Floyd managed a more coordinated pace with the cloudship, he was able to avoid detection by Cordierite Association.

Otherwise, it would have been impossible for Floyd to follow the aircraft in secret for so long without blowing his cover.

However, the last leg of the journey was slightly more difficult. The cloudship was swept away, and Floyd had to endure the constant bombardment of Heavenly Thunder. When this happened, he could only slow down and duck whenever necessary.

“Master, you’re okay?” asked Floyd, clearly surprised.

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