The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3943

Chapter 3943 Wiped Out

Instantly, the surviving fighters of Cordierite Association lost their will to fight, and their hearts sank.

Levi’s powers were beyond what they had ever seen, and they knew that there was no point in them carrying on the fight as they were completely not the man’s match.

Refusing to accept reality, Gavin said, “Sir, please calm down. Let’s talk things through peacefully. No matter what conditions you have, I will try my best to fulfill them.”

The other elites of Cordierite Association looked toward Levi with a glimpse of hope in their eyes.

That was their only chance to live.

“If we switched positions, would you let me live?” Levi questioned back.

Gavin found himself at a loss for words. Deep down inside his heart, he knew that he would not do that. He understood very well that the root of a problem had to be tackled to prevent the same problem from resurging.

“Mr. Finnegan, we might still stand a chance to survive if we give it our all.”

“If we are going to die anyway, we might as well put up a good last fight.”

“You guys hold him back. I’ll go take those two women as hostages,” Gavin said telepathically to the others, who were encouraged at once.

They were confident that their plan would work.

“Let’s attack!”

Following Gavin’s command, the other elites of Cordierite Association launched themselves at Levi.

Almost simultaneously, Gavin charged toward Cheriette and Larissa.

The two groups were in sync with their actions, and it seemed like a foolproof plan. Gavin was feeling positive that they would succeed.

“What a puny trick!”

Levi let out a derisive snort before drawing out his sword.

Thunder roared in the background, and lightning flashed continuously across the sky, instantly blocking Gavin’s attack.

The leader of the group felt a numbing sensation in his body as he was held back by the pressure caused by the sword energy that was released.

As for the others, their combined attack was blocked by an energy whirlwind created by Dragon’s Grave.

Two of Cordierite Association’s fighters were unable to dodge in time and were sucked into the whirlwind, instantly turning into two clouds of bloody mist.

The other elites also suffered different degrees of injuries. Levi’s casual attack had once again thrown his opponents into despair.

“D*mn it!” Gavin cursed in disbelief as he wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth.

His seventeen-man team had been reduced to just five of them. Moreover, all five of them were injured.

“Run! We should escape in five different directions!” Gavin instructed the others telepathically.

Without hesitation, the rest of the fighters activated their spiritual energy and tried to escape.

“It’s too late to think of escaping now!”

As soon as Levi said that, a surge of sword energy shot out from Dragon’s Grave before Heavenly Thunder shot downward from the sky.

The fighters of Cordierite Association who were running away were all hit by Heavenly Thunder and were reduced to powder almost instantly.

If they were not injured, they might have been able to defend themselves against Heavenly Thunder.

However, given that they were all suffering from internal injuries, their death was inevitable.

When Gavin saw the scene before him, his heart sank.

However, before he could analyze the situation further, he felt a strong gush of wind charging at him from behind.

“Sh*t!” Gavin cursed under his breath.

Instinctively, he activated an energy shield to protect himself.

The energy emanating from Gavin’s body started to spread out into the surroundings in an attempt to resist the immense wave of energy that was sweeping toward him.


The energy shield shattered the second Thunder Slaughterer came into contact with it.

After penetrating the energy shield, Thunder Slaughterer pierced through Gavin’s body without slowing down.


A split second later, the blood that spilled out of Gavin’s body turned into a cloud of red mist due to the scorching heat from Thunder Slaughterer’s Earthfire.

Shock and terror were written all over Gavin’s face. Moments later, the man collapsed on the ground and turned into a ball of fire before burning to ashes.

With that, all seventeen elites of Cordierite Association were wiped out.

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