The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3941

Chapter 3941 What A Shame

Levi’s words were nothing but a blatant provocation. Consequently, Gavin’s expression grew solemn as he clearly recognized the challenge to his authority.

“How dare you!” Gavin snapped. “It looks like you have to suffer before you learn your lesson!” “Mr. Finnegan, why are you wasting time talking to him? Go ahead and kill him already.”

“You b*stard! How dare you disrespect Cordierite Association? Do you think that I won’t kill you just because you’re a blacksmith?”

“Mr. Finnegan, just give the order. Once we eliminate these insects, the magical herbs and premium ultimate weapons will be ours!”

The members of Cordierite Association—overwhelmed with excitement—didn’t see Levi as a threat at all.

It was then that Larissa whispered, “Master, these are the elites of Cordierite Association. We had better not aggravate them.”

“That’s right, Lord Garrison. Cordierite Association is way more powerful than Prime Association. They’re not someone we can afford to offend.”

Cheriette, too, was filled with anxiety, for Levi had already made plenty of enemies.

Firstly, it was Void Sect, followed by Eclipse Academy and Eclipse itself.

If he were to get on the nerves of Cordierite Association, too, wouldn’t it threaten our lives in Kenfort going forward? After all, regardless of how strong Levi is, he’s still just one man!

The smiling Levi reassured them, “Do these men look like they come in peace? Anyway, say no more. I know what must be done.”

Faced with Levi’s resoluteness, Cheriette and Larissa didn’t dare remonstrate further, for they knew how obstinate he could be.

Once a decision was made, there just was no going back for him.

“Young man, I’ll give you one last chance. If—”

“There’s no if, and I don’t need you to give me a chance.” Levi cut Gavin off.

“All this while, I fought for my own opportunities and never had to rely on a nobody to give them to me.”

Did this b*stard just call me a nobody? His insolence is unforgivable!

As the corners of his lips began to twitch, Gavin could feel the rage swelling rapidly within him.

“Beat this impudent fool to a pulp but keep him alive. As for the girls, kill them. It will serve as a lesson to him,” Gavin barked.

His orders caused Cheriette and Larissa to stagger back in fear amidst the drastic change in their expressions.

Nonetheless, the relaxed Levi remarked, “Now that Dragon’s Grave and Thunder Slaughterer have just been forged, I coincidentally need to baptize them with the blood of elite warriors. Even though you’re not up to the standard I’m looking for; I’ll have to make do. After all, the blade and the sword aren’t picky about their food. So, stop wasting time, and come at me all at once!”

While speaking, Levi waved his hand to summon Dragon’s Grave and Thunder Slaughterer. Obeying his orders unconditionally, both weapons flew straight into his hands.

“Stand back, all of you. I alone will be enough!”

No sooner had the voice rang out than a fighter of Cordierite Association dashed forward.

With a quick flick of his hand, a blade emerged with a howl as it bore down upon Levi’s head.

Despite Gavin ordering Levi to be spared, the attacker figured that it was prudent to have the former killed. The sudden murderous intent was triggered by Levi’s brazen response.

As the blade cut through the air at lightning speed, it appeared right before Levi’s head in a flash.

In spite of that, Levi stood his ground without moving a muscle, as if he was oblivious to the impending attack.

“With that little skill, what gave him the gall to behave with such impunity? Does he really think a blacksmith’s life is worth a lot?”

“Elder Ragsdill is already brimming with murderous intent. What a shame that it’s too late to stop him.”

“It doesn’t matter. Cordierite Association has taken in a lucrative haul in the form of the four premium ultimate weapons.”

With the crowd debating in the background, Gavin felt that it was a shame for Levi to be cut down just like that.

“I’m sorry we have to lose such a skillful blacksmith this way.”

Yet, what happened next utterly shocked Gavin before he could finish lamenting.

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