The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3940

Chapter 3940 I Prefer The Hard Way

Boom! A thunderous rumble rang out the moment the cloudship slammed onto the ground, a result of the gravitational pull of the earth ley line.

Nonetheless, the members of Cordierite Association weren’t bothered at all, for all they cared about was the magical herbs and premium ultimate weapons.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Subsequently, an enthusiastic few had already appeared in front of the pile of magical herbs in a flash, keenly examining the treasures upfront.

Upon validating the type and quality of the herbs, everyone was elated as their faces lit up with joy.

“Look at the huge volume of magical herbs here! They easily outnumber everything we have in the Cordierite Association’s vault.”

“After examining this high-grade Divine Bone, I have lost interest in the piece I saw yesterday.”

“I didn’t expect a desolate place like this to be overflowing with such treasures.”

“I’m more interested in the two premium ultimate weapons. Not only can they control the phenomena of the heavens and the earth, but they are also capable of nourishing their wielders with the power of nature! If I were to brandish them in battle, no one in Kenfort would be able to stand in my way.”

“Stop blowing your own trumpet. At the very least, you’ll still need my help. Hahaha!”

At that moment, members of Cordierite Association—ignoring Levi’s presence—behaved as if they owned everything there.

On top of that, they even saw the latter as someone who had no choice but to serve them.

As for the two young girls, their cultivation level was too low to be of any use. Nonetheless, their pretty faces rendered them perfect for the role of female attendants.

Meanwhile, the sudden appearance of the large group brought terror to Cheriette’s eyes.

Larissa, who wasn’t much stronger than Cheriette, could clearly sense that the weakest among the intruders could still stand toe to toe with her sect leader.

In fact, she couldn’t even start to grasp how truly powerful their leader—an old man in a black robe—was. Despite his unassuming appearance, every move he made gave off a suffocating pressure.

“There are seventeen intruders who are more powerful than the sect leader of Eclipse. Moreover, all of them carry weapons of the ultimate class. This group can easily annihilate any large sect and eradicate Eclipse with just a flick of their fingers. Is Master capable of resisting them?”

As panic set in, Larissa couldn’t help but look in Levi’s direction. However, all she saw was him fully focused on forging the premium ultimate weapons.

It was as if he was oblivious to the arrival of their uninvited guests.

Unexpectedly, Gavin wasn’t in a hurry to interrupt. He even ordered his men to maintain their silence for the time being.

In his eyes, Levi had reached the crucial stage of forging the weapon. If the latter’s process was disrupted, it might result in the weapon’s destruction.

A short while later, upon Levi’s completion of the bow and spear, the heavens and the earth shook once more.

Amidst the bolts of Heavenly Thunder and raging Earthfire, a divine glow illuminated the area as if it was paying homage to the newly forged premium ultimate weapons.

As the spear and bow resonated with the blade and sword, Heavenly Thunder and earth energy within Arctic Lake began to rage again.

When the members of Cordierite Association realized the caliber of the weapons had greatly exceeded their expectations, shock and ecstasy descended upon their faces.

Given that the weapons’ birth alone was capable of triggering such a natural phenomenon, wielding them personally would give one a stronger sensation.

“Sir, the forging technique you possessed has no equal. May I ask if you’re willing to join Cordierite Association? Don’t worry. As long as you’re willing to forge ultimate weapons for us, your efforts will be well rewarded.”

Hidden underneath Gavin’s amiable tone was a veiled threat to comply.

“What if I refuse?” Levi retorted with a smile.

Gavin was briefly stunned, for he hadn’t expected such a response from Levi. As a matter of fact, he could even detect the mocking tone within Levi’s words.

“Let me remind you to know your place. Not everyone can afford to bear the consequences of making the wrong choice,” Gavin remarked insidiously.

Brows raised, Levi answered, “Coincidentally, I enjoy going against the odds, so what are you going to do about it?”

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